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That washes Thailand - title: what sea or ocean on the island of Phuket?

kakoe more na Phukete?

Every year choose Thailand for your vacation millions of tourists. A few of them, for the first time going to this exotic country, knows what the sea in Phuket or Samui, but each well aware of the exotic beauty of the island beaches.

The first large flows of tourists began to explore the resorts of the country in the early 80-ies of the last century. During this period, Thailand began to seriously develop its tourism industry.

Thai swimming pools

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Search for need Thailand near Cambodia and Laos. It is bordered by these countries in the East. Geographically the map is South-West of Indochina and the Northern part of the Malay Peninsula. The coast of the country is washed by several seas and oceans.

Enough to move from one part of Thailand to another in order to get to another water element.

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Water what oceans wash over the Thailand?

The warm climate allows you to relax in it all year round. The main water basins, washing the Thai coast are the Indian and Pacific oceans, but rather their secondary pools - the Andaman sea (West) and the Gulf of Thailand (East). Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Going to Thailand you must decide what you want from a vacation.

The Gulf of Thailand is part of South China sea, entering the Pacific. It washes the shores of Thailand on the East. In this part of resorts: Koh Samui, Pattaya, Hua hin, Ko Tao, Ko Chang, Ko Samet.

okeanskie vody, omyvaushie stranu

According to experts, the best place for snorkeling is the Gulf of Thailand. It is clear water compared to other resorts on the Thai coast. Lack of water is their high salinity. It is much higher than in the Andaman sea.

There are complaints to the Gulf of Thailand and on the amount of trashthat the monsoons blow in the Bay. Purity, for example, in Pattaya is supported mainly in the beach area. Especially clean beaches and sea in this region of the country located on the island of Koh Tao. Its banks are covered with white sand, and the sea is turquoise. This part of the Thai coast is great for families with children.

On Koh Tao a comfortable sloping entrance to the sea and local scenery are just asking to get into the camera lens.

On what sea is the island of Phuket?

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Lovers of underwater caves and coral reefs in Thailand choose sea under the name "Andaman". Here is a Thai resorts of Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta. A special treasure of the Andaman sea - the Similan Islands.

The sea enters the Indian ocean. The sand of its beaches has a light milky shade, he has an amazing ability not to overheat in the scorching sun. Is the sea between the two peninsulas — the Indochinese and Mallaka. He has an impressive depth, there are strong underwater currents and internal waves.

Coast of the popular island

Beach vacation on the island of Phuket is one of the best in Thailand. The resorts on the island - one of the most expensive in the country. For the value they are second only to Hua hin.

The most popular places in Phuket - the beach area of Patong, Karon and Kata.

The best beaches

Island beaches can be divided into Eastern and Western. The monsoon in low season cause on the West coast strong waves, so tourists prefer the East coast. Among the best beaches of the island include:

  • Karon. The beach is rated the best beaches in the world. Travel companies send in this part of the island most of the tourists. The length of the beach is 3.3 km away. the Quartz sand covering the beach, has a light yellow color. The beach is not sheltered from the wind, so in low season it is possible to watch large waves;
  • Patong. Thea popular beach on the island. Has a very convenient entrance to the sea. Here there are daily tides, resulting in the formation of shallows. The sandy beach is 4 km away. It has a exit to the open ocean;
  • populyarnye plyazhi

  • Kata. Popular with couples with children. The beach is 2 km away. It has convenient entrance to the sea and well-developed infrastructure;
  • Kamala. Very clean beach, covered with fine sand. Has a length of 2 km and is surrounded by palm trees. Gentle entry into the sea is very comfortable for children. Beach infrastructure is well developed. All the necessary facilities you can rent in the rental, open on the beach. Near the beach there are cafes, restaurants and hotels;
  • Surin. Loungers in the form of mats. The coastline is covered with yellow sand. On the beach there is a cafe. It is not very crowded. Here you can always find a scenic area for privacy;
  • Nai Harn. The beach is considered one of the best in Phuket. The length of the beach just 700 metres away. He was selected to for the annual Royal regatta;
  • Freedom. The most beautiful beach of Phuket. Located in the Bay, protecting the shore from the wind. Access to Freedom is not so simple, it is in a remote place. The coastline covered with white sand;
  • Mai Khao. A local celebrity. This is the long and desolate beach of the island, located near the international airport. The coastline of the beach is 11 km;
  • Nai Yang. Uncrowded beach, located 5 minutes from the airport. The length of the beach 3 km away. there is never big waves;
  • Knighton. Beach with good infrastructure. Surrounded by beautiful nature and expensive hotels;
  • Bang Tao. Better known as Laguna. Near the beach, built a large number of villas and hotel complexes.
  • The Bang Tao beach, well developed infrastructure, a high concentration of restaurants, bars and entertainment centers.



Tourists going to Phuket, there is a perception that the island can only sunbathe and try the local cuisine in Thai restaurants and cafes. In fact it is not. Next to the Phuket has many Islands, where the preserved wild nature. They can get as a part of the city, of which there are arranged a large number.

Not inferior to the entertainment of the wild Islands visiting the local zoo. Fishing lovers should visit the island of Racha. Here you can catch not only tuna, but also a Barracuda with a shark.

Among the most popular tours in Phuket:

  1. trip around the island;
  2. visit the aquarium and the butterfly garden;
  3. ride in a traditional Thai village or on the island of James bond.

Very popular with tourists is the excursion to the island of Phi Phi. It was carried out the shooting of the famous film with Leonardo DiCaprio "the Beach". Great place to stay is the amusement Park "FantaSea". In it there is something to do for adults and children. The Park is decorated in the spirit of the fabulous Oriental world.

Among the popular Phuket entertainment: Safari, diving, Bang jumping, snorkeling and underwater motorcycles.

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A little bit about the seasonality

sezonnaya informaciya

Summer weather in Phuket, the understanding of the Russians, is on the island all year round. The temperature here rarely drops below 25 degrees.

The rainy season

Low season in Phuket is considered to be the period from April to October. It is characterized by a significant number of outliers on the Isle of precipitation. At this time, on the island's beaches can be posted red flags. They warn tourists that swimming on the beaches is prohibited. This is a great time for surfing.

In the period from June to August (which coincides with the rainy season) on the West coast of the island ruled by big waves, it attracts a large number of surfers.

High season

The high season lasts from November to March. Peak season is in December-January. At this time on the beaches of Phuket lies the biggest burden.

Booming sales in the winter and shopping centers. Holidaymakers on the island tourists are actively buying Christmas gifts.

This period also is ideal for practicing snorkeling and diving, as the Andaman sea is calm and transparent.

See in this video, what size reach of the waves at Kata Noi beach in the offseason:

src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/HpZmfcNXdO4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>