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Map of Thailand Khao Lak: weather, excursions, beaches, hotels, Islands, photos

Kao Lak v Tailande

Lovers of a relaxing holiday are looking for a quiet secluded place where no one will bother you. Is there still places like this in Thailand? Undoubtedly, in popular tourist country there is still uncharted terrain.

One such place is the resort called Khao Lak. Thailand attracts millions of visitors from all over the world, bringing in high season the most popular resorts filled with tourists. But at Khao Lak it is possible to spend a vacation among the healing of the soul of silence.

Khao Lak on the map of Thailand

kurort na karte

The name "Khao Lak" wore a small villagelocated on the Gulf coast. As soon as this place started to develop tourism, the name was extended to several villages.

The convenient location has allowed the settlements to become a single resort.

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The resort is located at a distance of a hundred kilometers from Phuket island, Western Peninsula of Malacca. On the map of Khao Lak can be found on the shores of the Andaman sea, the town stretches along the water at twenty kilometers.

On the other hand, the settlement is surrounded by hills, forests and majestic mountains. The city belongs to the province of Phang nga, which is in the Eastern region adjacent to the area of Krabi.

General information

obshie svedeniya

The coastline stretches for ten kilometers. In most shops, hotels and other establishments located in the area between the shoreline and highway. The sound of passing cars does not interfere with the tourist as the area removed from the road. The area of the national Park is one hundred fifty square kilometers. The resort is home to sixteen and a half thousand people.

In 2004, when Thailand was struck by a devastating tsunami, Khao Lak was the most affected region. Killed four thousand people, and the city in ruins.

At the time Khao Lak has recovered, but residents have not forgotten about the terrible event. Everywhere mounted posters and signs with information about the correct action in the event of a repeat disaster. Improved the warning system of the impending threat. The memory of the victims observed the creation of the Museum.

Travelers come to the delight of the local natural beauty. The settlement looks very noble and pure. Prices in Khao Lak are average, they can be compared with prices in Krabi, however, food and camp out more than in the popular resorts of Phuket and Samui.

Climate and weather

High mountains obstruct the view of Khao Lak from ocean waters, the climate is warm in the settlement. The holiday season begins in November and ends in may. In the midst of the rest is dry and warm weather, temperature kept at around twenty-eight degrees.

The feeling of sultry baked there, because tourists are constantly blowing on the breeze.

klimaticheskie usloviya

In the period from may to October, the resort is unsuitable for guests. At this time:

  • shed heavy rains;
  • the sea raging storms;
  • the settlement overcomes intense heatcombined with high humidity;
  • do not conduct popular toursthat are tied to the season.

Seasoned travelers who appreciate tranquility and privacy, on the contrary choose to stay this time. Prices for accommodation in good hotels below, for a walk do not meet crowds of other vacationers. If the hotel has a comfortable swimming pool, Spa, and the room has air conditioning, you can relax on vacation, not paying attention to the rainy weather.

How to get there?

Easier to get into a settlement with Phuket. The airport is removed for fifty miles. On Phuketthere are direct flights from the Russian Federation. From the airport to Khao Lak reached by taxi, bus or use the Shuttle service.

Plane tickets you can watch right now, using this form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

If you decide to call a taxi, be prepared to shell out a tidy sum. The road will take one hour. A smaller amount tourist will spend, if you go to town on the bus. From the airport this kind of transport, headed to the bus station or the other station. The final routes of the buses are:

  1. Chumphon;
  2. Bangkok;
  3. Ranong and other destinations.

kak doehat?

The bus goes past Khao Lak. On the road will have to spend two hours.

The city is also accessible from Bangkok. It is recommended to select a bus to Phuket, warning the driver in advance that you need to get to Khao Lak. Most often the buses run at night so in the morning you will arrive at the hotel. The second sentence implies the transplant: take the bus to Surat Thani and then to Khao Lak.

A cheaper travel option to the city – a trip on the train. Night take the train to Surat Thani by purchasing a ticket in the car of the third category (not promised). Travel time will be fourteen hours.

On arrival at your destination continue trip by bus to Phuket town, passing Khao Lak.

Stay at the resort

In Khao Lak you can spend your vacation with benefits for the mind and body. Door spas, clubs, yoga, fitness centers are always open for visitors. Nature, sightseeing, walking and sunbathing on the beach part of the holiday. The village of La He's a famous Spa where offers fish-peeling.


Mostly shops, restaurants and hotels are near the beaches of Nang Thong and Bang Niang. In the evening guests visit restaurants where they enjoy the local cuisine, listening to live music. Young people resting at the Monkey bar, dancing to pop music, club and reggae.

Fans of high-quality alcoholic beverages back in the Irish pub, located in the Northern part of the settlement. Visitors happy to try a beer with a snack and participate in master classes on cooking Thai dishes.

Parties are held in the local bars that open at five o'clock and work until late time. Families with children can visit the restaurant The Jungle. For dinner offers an extensive list of meat and food prepared according to recipes of home cooking. For dessert, you can feast on a delicious cocktail.

Khao Lak is not the best place for shopping, second popular resorts. Lovers of shopping visit the markets, of which there are about three pieces. The range of commemorative Souvenirs and fruit. At the supermarket, Nang Thong tourist will find everything you need.


prozhivanie v otele

Most hotels belong to the middle and high categories. Basically, I think they have about three thousand baht (about 5200 rubles) per night. For the money you will get a comfortable room with a stunning view of the hotel, offering the use of luxury pool and a restaurant.

In Khao Lak you can find a hotel of any category, from one to five stars, also provided housing without evaluative categories, hostels and guest houses.

  • Among five-star hotels stands out for Jw Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa 5*. It is located on the beach. It offers rooms of different categories, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. Delicious food, large pool, well maintained grounds make the stay unforgettable.
  • From four-star hotels often choose Sensimar Khao Lak Beachfront Resort 4*. Reviews are positive, appreciated the friendly staff, delicious Breakfast and the opportunity to exercise.

In most of the hotels have three or two stars. Of these categories are allocated Khaolak Golden Place 3*, Khao Lak Relax Resort 2*.

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Resort village brings together under one name seven beaches. All recreation areas thoroughly cleaned, so the garbage will not prevent you to enjoy the soft sand and clear warm water.

Two beaches under the names of Nang Thong and Bang Niang, fully equipped for your holiday by the water. The most visited is the first beach. In the district of Nang Tonga is located a sufficient number of affordable hotels and small restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger. Children will come inthe delight of sea creatures moving along the banks turtles and crabs.

Crystal clear sea allows you to see exotic fish-farming, sailing in their own waters. South side Nang Tonga is famous among travelers as "Sunset beach". Stunning sea sunset is in the photo every tourist that here rested.

Second equipped beach of Bang Niang is an excellent choice for families with children. On its territory there are:

  1. attractions on the water;
  2. comfortable chairs for the thermal baths;
  3. salons offering a terrific massage.

Every member of the family will find entertainment to your liking. The beach is snake farm, where you can go on a tour. Close to the waterfall, Chong FA, fascinating for nature lovers.

Travelers who prefer a quiet holiday in privacy, choose the beaches of Khao Lak and Aquip. First the relaxation area is equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, but the tall trees cast a good shadow. The nature of this place does not loosen, it is possible to admire endlessly. Tourists are right on the sand.

On the beach Aquip you will not find. It is chosen because of the proximity of comfortable hotels of the highest class and of the monastery of Baan Aquip.

The division of beaches is very conditional, the entire coastal area is at the disposal of guests. Stretch out on the sand at any time of the year. In the season of storms the beaches are hidden behind a large reef, so even in this time, tourists indulge in water sports: diving, and snorkeling.

Educational tourism with photos

In Khao Lak you can spend time not only with benefit to the soul, but to obtain food for the mind, visiting the landmarks and become acquainted with the local nature.

The main attractions

glavnyj hram

Mostly all of the attractions in the resort created by nature. Interesting places, created by man, a little bit. Exploring the culture of the Thai people visit the famous Buddhist temple Adultamateur. And you can also visit the Chinese temple, markedly different in appearance from Thai of the shrines.

Chao Por Khao Lak Shrine - translated "guardian, Khao Lak". It's a statue of a seated man, which according to legends is the patron Saint of the resort and protects it from all evil. Built a separate small temple, located near the National Park of the Lamp.

Some guests pay tribute to the victims of the tsunami, visiting a police boat, standing as a monument to the victims of the disaster.


Natural places to visit a large number. Tourists must visit the national Park Khao SOK, where the rest of lake Cheo LAN, and go for a walk to the waterfalls. Children will be delighted by the farm with the elephants, where you can communicate with the majestic animals. In March, travelers have the opportunity to participate in the ritual of letting off in the sea small turtles.

The most visited place, of course, is the national Park Khao SOK. Natural treasure consists of lakes, rivers, rugged rocks, plains and forests. It is situated on the territory seven hundred and thirty square kilometers!

Usually roam in the Park for a very long time, gradually getting acquainted with representatives of flora and fauna. Queen of the Khao SOK is considered rafflesia – giant flower parasite. The Park is inhabited by leopards, tigers, tapirs, deer, elephants, Gibbons, macaques.

At the entrance to the Park are hotels, so you can stay there overnight to continue the inspection of the Park the next day. In Khao SOK, it is possible to travel independently using the bus, taxi or mini bus. The ideal option is to rent a car or a bike and organize a walk yourself.

Popular tours

The resort offers different entertainment options. Located at the hotels tour Desk where guests can book various excursions. Guests attending:

  • Similan island, considered one of the most beautiful Islands in the world;
  • reserve (one visit can last for three days);
  • the lake, which is the interesting "water" hotel.

Travelers explore the area with mountain bikes that rent at the visitor centre. In addition to the rent issue kayaks, canoes, diving equipment.

See the overview of resort Khao Lak in this video: