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Hotels and beaches on the map of Phuket: Karon, Surin and other

karta Phuketa s otelyami i plyazhami na russkom yazyke

Phuket is one of the best holiday destinations in Thailand. This resort island located a short distance from the mainland, prefer to visit tourists who like to be surrounded by beautiful nature, great services, luxury hotels and beaches.

Phuket on the world map and Thailand

Ostrov na karte Tajlanda

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand, with the mainland and connected to two parallel bridge Sarasin and Thepkrasattri.

The geographical position

Phuket is located in the South-West of the Kingdom of Thailand 860 km from Bangkok. From the mainland it is separated by the Strait of Pak PRA. On all sides the island is washed by the waters of the Andaman sea, belonging to the Indian ocean.

The length of Phuket from North to South is about 50 km and from West to East about 21 km.

The total area of 570 sq km, which includes also the area of 39 small Islands and islets around Phuket. Basically it is a miniature Islandscovered with forest, with the fanciful shapes and beautiful beaches.


Phuket is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate. In the period from November via February here the weather is excellent. At this time the sea is calm, and the daytime temperature is +32 degrees. During the whole period of clear weather, and the rains and strong winds do not exist.

Klimat Phuketa

Rain and storms coming to Phuket in mayand ends in October. The air temperature in this period is high – +34-36°C, but because of the high humidity and strong winds, the rest of the island is almost impossible. Downpours can last for 2-3 days, and the storm provokes high waves.

In General, the climate in Phuket is favorable, especially in the dry season. Always warm weather and large number of Sunny days making beach vacation on the island memorable.

How to get out of Russia?

Phuket has its own airport, which has international status. It is associated with almost all the major capitals of South-East Asia and also some cities in the Arab States and with Russia. From Russia to Phuket are Charter flights. Flight time from Moscow to the island will be about 9 hours.

Many tourists prefer travelling to Phuket through the capital of Thailand – Bangkok, where the Islands go planes, buses and taxis. By plane to the island can be reached in less than an hour.

The delivery of passengers from the mainland to Phuket involved company: Bangkok Airways, Air Asia and Thai Airways.

From Bangkok to Phuket can also be reached by regular buses of different degree of comfort. It will be much cheaper than flying by plane, but travel time will take about 13 hours.

Purchase plane tickets by using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Where to stay?

Among the variety of places to staythat are in abundance in Phuket, it is easy to find the that will fully correspond to the needs and desires.


raspolozhenie otelej

Phuket has quite a large selection of hotelslocated almost at the water, and those that have a bit of a walk to the sea walk.

A variety of hotelsthere in the center of the island in Phuket townand at Patong beach – a bustling beach town, which is legendary because of the round active life, cheap prices for everything, including hotels. Especially vivid impressions of staying here waiting for tourists on Bangla road.

Here is combined of Thai luxury nature and fun tourist life, as in the island's many tourist sites, museums, cafes and shops.

Day it is used to host carnivals, fairs and exhibitions, and nightlife decorate the party in bars.

Popular hotels Phuket town centre and Patong:

  1. P. K. Residence Suanluang 4*;
  2. Casa Blanca Boutique 4*;
  3. Phumundra Resort 4*;
  4. Blue Monkey Phangnga Road Phuket 4*;
  5. Jindarin Beach Villas 4*.

Expensive hotels there are few, and the contingent of vacationers mainly consists of Russian tourists.

apartamenty v Panwa Beach Resort Phuket 4*

In the North and West of the island, especially in the Bay area, Nai Yang beach, will appeal to those who want to stay in hotels surrounded by quiet, clean beaches and sea. Fans come here peaceful and relaxing holiday but at the same time there are many lovely entertainment in the form of massage parlors, bars, markets and reserves.

Popular hotels in the North and West Phuket:

  1. U Zemnaya Phuket 5*;
  2. Andara Resort& Villas 5*;
  3. Paresa Resort Phuket 5*;
  4. Ayara Kamala Resort&Spa 5*;
  5. The Shore at Katathani 5*.

To the North and West of the island includes such famous beaches like Karon, Kamala, Layan and Kata. Often they can meet celebrities from all over the world.

The South of the island, where the beaches of Nai Harn and Panwa, is not popular among tourists. But vacationers have the opportunity to find a hotel at a reasonable cost, which will definitely be appreciated. The area is remote from main attractionsbut also their entertainment, here are quite a few, and all the beaches here are beautiful as the hotel service.

Popular hotels in the South of Phuket:

  1. By The Sea Residence Hotel 4*;
  2. Panwa Beach Resort Phuket 4*;
  3. Bandara Villas Phuket 5*;
  4. Cape Panwa Hotel 5*;
  5. The Nai Harn 5*.

Almost the entire coastline belongs to hotels, so public beaches here.

East of Phuket are rarely in demand among tourists, because it is characterized by the considerable remoteness of the hotels from the beach, fully kompensiruet low price of the holiday and the possibility of complete immersion into the authentic life of the island.

Book for you accommodation in hotels of Thailand with the search form. Enter the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


gostinica Laguna Phuket 5*

Among tourists the most popular are hotels on the West coast, from the most prestigious with the beautiful turquoise waters of the Andaman sea and to a modest hotel, located away from the beaches.

Only here there are about 190 hotels, most of which are located in close proximity to the sea.

In high demand world-famous hotel complex Laguna Phuket 5*, located on Bang Tao beach. Here tourists can get acquainted with national cuisine, and relax in the SPA-salons or to stroll through vast green areas.

On the calm and secluded beaches of the Western part of the island there are hotels of 3-4*, which are known for the warm atmosphere, excellent infrastructure and availability of everything required for a relaxing stay. Among these hotels are in huge demand:

  • Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach and its excellent ratio quality/price;
  • Sunwing Kamala Beach with great pools and SPA;
  • Kamala Tropical Garden Hotel with cosy cottages and friendly staff.

It is worth noting a large concentration of a variety of hotels located near Patong beach. There are numerous hotels 3-4*, which recommend that all young and active travelers. Unforgettable will stay in hotels The Naka Phuket Villa, Trisara Phuket and the Amari Phuket, has earned the highest ratings among tourists due to the close location to the beaches and wonderful service.

Hostels and villas

Villa Kata

Only in Phuket for about 69 hostels arelocated in areas of the island. Most of them are concentrated in Phuket town, near the beaches of Patong, Kata and Karon.

The greatest comfort and hospitality are the hostels Blue Monkey Bed&Breakfast Phuket, Kata Bai D, 2gether Guest House. Each has well-appointed rooms with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, and they are located 20 minutes from the airport and within walking distance from the beaches and close to shops and cafes.

If you planlong rest a big company, it is much easier to consider the option of lodging at the villas of Phuket.

An excellent option is the complexes:

  1. Jasmine Villa;
  2. The 8 Pool Villa, located close to Chalong Bay;
  3. Kata Sea View Villas with stunning views of Kata beach.

Facilities here include spacious terraces, several swimming pools and a fully equipped kitchen.

What to do?

Phuket focus the best beaches in Thailandthat are suitable for couples with children, and young people ready to enjoy the hour of recreation. Among such diversity will not be difficult to find your piece of Paradise.

Map of beaches in Russian

Karta plyazhej

Most of the tourists prefer to stay on the West coast. For beaches in the area, characterized by low waves and low tides.

The main ranking of the best beaches is Patong is the most developed tourist place. It is located in the North-West of the island, and due to the presence of large concentrations of hotels and infrastructure, the rest here will never be boring.

Patong is ideal for those who wish to surround yourself with popular Thai service, including night activity.

Kalim beach, located to the North, is a continuation of Patong and share their small rocks on the shore. He's a little calmer his neighbour, but here, but much cleaner and more comfortable. If quiet life bored and want entertainment, it is enough to drive 1 km to Patong to be in the thick of things.

Other popular beaches of Phuket:

  • Karon beach, located just West of Patong. Here a little quieter, but clean beaches, good infrastructure and a variety of entertainment are present in full;
  • Bang Tao beach – 8 miles of clean beach with the best and most expensive hotels of the island. Thanks to the strong blowing winds this place is popular among surfers;
  • Tri Trang is the cleanest and most civilized beach of Phuket, located in a quiet Bay. Local sand and sea water is very clean, watched by local residents. At the beach there is a lot of active entertainment, as well as cafes, shops and hotels;
  • plyazhnaya zona Kamala

  • Surin is a popular site among young people, thanks to inexpensive accommodation and there is a vast number of places for entertainment;
  • Kamal – the quiet beach with developed infrastructure, but boring night life, where you will have to go to Patong. There is a large choice of accommodation, from budget to the most expensive option;
  • Rawai – Eastern beach of Phuket, suitable only for sunbathing. On the beach is no clean sand, and the sea is difficult to name suitable for bathing;
  • Nai Harn is the southern beach of Phuket with a small number of hotels and an almost complete lack of infrastructure. On a small beach exposed to the sun loungers and umbrellas, but active recreation is not found;
  • Knighton and the North beach area of Phuket with multiple high-end hotels and the lack of budget places to stay. Due to its remoteness, it is cozy and quiet, it has a few waterfront cafes and shops, but are completely absent in water activities;
  • Kata beach – quiet place for a family holiday. There are no Nightclubs, but excellent infrastructure, cafes, banks and shops.

Also, the tourists demand a few quiet and secluded beaches, such as Laem sing, freedom, Banana and Paradise.

Entertainment and excursions

Ekskursii na lodkah

Phuket has a large selection of Nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as many places in a traditional Thai style where you can taste national cuisine or relax with a massage. People who like to have fun, go to Patong or nearby beaches where you can easily reach this place.

Phuket love to come fans of active rest, because there are a lot of places for diving, surfing and windsufing.

Also on the island there is a wide choice of excursions to local attractions that include visits to temples, parks and lookouts.


The main area of shopping in Phuket is centered in Patong, and at the major beaches of Surin and Bang Tao. On Bangla road and Patong beach road you can find everything from shopping malls to small gift shops and stores where you can buy gifts for theirloved ones. In the late afternoon, these places are transformed into one big market.

Phuket is an excellent choice for a beach holiday. On the island there are entire neighborhoods to hotels to family or youth recreation, as well as luxury hotels and budget options for overnight stays. Our excellent service, typical of the country, you can be sure that accommodation will always be comfortable.

See this video review of the best beaches of Phuket: