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New year in Thailand: when, how many and as noted, weather, photos

kogda novyj god v Tajlande?

New year in Thailand, as with any event in this country – a holiday that is celebrated on a truly Grand scale, making it three times a year.

The fact that this area is incredibly popular with many tourists, thanks to the goodwill of local residents and the eternal summer. Now in addition to our own New year, residents celebrate European and Chinese holiday.

What day is celebrated?

daty prazdnovaniya

Planning a trip to Thailand in the autumn or winter months, you can be sure that one of them is bound to be marked by a spectacular event – a colorful New year.

Each of these events, regardless of whether European, Chinese or Thai holiday, will necessarily be accompanied by the incredible events as well as the most unusual and unforgettable moments.

  • The first in chronological order in Thailand comes in traditional European New year. Here such a spectacular event is celebrated on the same days, as well as worldwide – in the night from 31 December to 1 January. For this reason, the crowds of tourists from all over the world come here to celebrate a momentous occasion in an exotic setting, but without the involvement of the traditional Christmas tree.
  • Then in Thailand together celebrated Chinese New year. This festive event is no exact date, so it is carried out at different times, but usually it occurs in the period from 21 January to 21 February. The exact date of the event determines the day that falls in the winter on the first new moon after the solstice. Thus, the Chinese holiday depends on what phase the Moon is.
  • Finally, the national Thai New year, whose second name "Songkran" meet in the middle of spring – 13 APR. According to one legend, a memorable day astrologers Thailand figured by the stars. According to another – the God of fire lost the boy a few mysteries, after which he had to cut off his head, and then the young man placed it in a cave.

    During the night, the daughter of the God of fire accompanied the cart head into the street, making three laps around the cave, hiding her back. According to local residents, for this reason in the country in the first days of this feast is observed, the unbearable heat of up to +40°C.

Festive holiday photo

Not just a lot of people choose the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the New year in Thailand. This bright and unusual country and the same events will be remembered to many as unusual and colorful festival, full of incredible and genuine joy and fabulous fun.

European New year and Christmas

Evropejskij prazdnik i Rozhdestvo

European Christmas and New year in Thailand celebrate the relatively recently – about 70 years.

This holiday is celebrated everywhere, but in major resort towns so popular events acquire a special dimension.

According to tradition, on the eve of Christmas and New year in shopping malls set artificial Christmas tree, and people gather in the Central squares or on the main streets of the country to celebrate this event. 25 December – Catholic Christmas eve – everywhere open fairs and sales where you can buy Souvenirs, clothes, food and many other discounts.

Basically, among the celebrants in Thailand is dominated by crowds of tourists, but the locals would like to join this event. In Bangkok and Pattaya, set on the streets of makeshift Christmas trees, near which are going to wish to have some fun. A little less tourists in Phuket – here these events are not celebrated on such a scale.

Thais happy the fun, so actively involved in the preparation for the holidays. On the streets with live music, conducted various competitions and light the fires, and on the new year night fireworks. In the local cafes and restaurants in moments of such events, the hype is most noticeable. This is a great place to spend the Christmas holidays with the kids, they will be in awe of the scale of the celebration.

Usually holiday tours in Thailand includeyourself:

  1. New year celebration in a hotel with a Banquet;
  2. Table booking in the restaurant;
  3. Trip in river boat on the river.

The residents of Thailand believe that the New year is a family holiday, so do not be surprised if, immediately after the midnight fireworks the people will go home. For them it is much nicer to gather the whole family for dinner, giving each other touching gifts, and the next day to visit the temple.

To rains marred the experience of New year celebrations in Thailand, you should know some nuances of weather in January. Almost the entire territory of Thailand in the New year is a pleasant warm weather, as the rainy season begins in may and ends in November.

But there are exceptions. For example, on the island of Samui just in the period from October to January there is a tropical storm with a long torrential rains, which can prevent to meet the main holiday of the year, as planned. Therefore it is necessary to select, for example, Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and other resorts.

How to celebrate Songkran?

Thai New year is considered one of the most exciting festivals in the world. Two days before this event for all inhabitants of the country declared weekend. This is to ensure that each of them was able to prepare well for the celebration of Songkran. While new year's events and activities can continue for about a week until 19-20 numbers.

tradicii Songkrana

The inhabitants of the country taken 3-4 days before the scheduled event to visit the temples where the monks perform holiday rituals and recite special prayers – khurals.

On the eve of the house invites a Lama to perform the rite of cleansing from all negativity that has accumulated over the last year. Sometimes Thais gather in the house of a different cloth, a small coin or leftovers to throw it all in the wasteland, and try to wear only new clothes.

One of the traditions of the Thais on the eve of the New year trying to get rid of all the junk in the house, and also prepare a lot of food to offer the monks in the temple. Then everywhere there are traditional religious rites, the prayers for having good health and success, and set up statues of Buddha. Small figures are washed with water to wash away the bad that has accumulated during the year.

The wonderful weather allows you not only to participate in the national celebration of the New year with the Thais, but also to explore the local sights and relax on white beaches.

Than in Thailand drench passers-by?

Water is linked to another tradition of celebrating the national New year in Thailand. Strolling through the city, you notice that everywhere install water barrels – the main attribute of the holiday fun. The fact that the people of the country accepted throughout the event to throw water to passers-by that comes to hand – bottles, buckets, water pistols or basins.

While no one is offended by such actions, on the contrary, everyone is trying to join him and throw somebody around. Icy streams of water may collapse at any moment, so better to be prepared for such events. It is advisable not to move around the city on mopeds or do it with a little speed. According to those who have already managed to catch such a fun event all around trying to pour water from head.

Water treatments can continue until April 20. If you took on a journey of electronic equipment, it is advised to clean waterproof covers. Usually nobody looks in the hands or in the pockets, and water thoroughly doused from head to toe. Sometimes, according to tradition, each other smeared with white clay and talc, and also tied to the ritual hand bracelets.

The "water" tradition has its own legend. It is believed that Thai New year is the transition from dry season to wet, so residents in this way diligently "cause" rain, which will contribute to a large harvest of rice and vegetables.

Chinese holiday

kitajskoe torzhestvo

Chinese holiday, which is held in Thailand, no less beautiful than in his native country, but here it lasts not two weeks, as is customary in China, but much less – only three days. During this period the residents decided to decorate the streets with red lanterns, and directly to the holiday itself – to walk to each other inguests give gifts, have fun and enjoy life.

All the new year celebrations in Thailand are accompanied by traditional Chinese attributes – dragons, lions, and red paper lanterns.

On the eve of celebration can witness one of the most colorful events in the country. The locals, dressed in colorful national costumes, held a noisy carnival procession along the main streets.

In their hands over the heads of Thais hold a large dragon, and the whole colorful parade accompanied by music and firecrackers going off.

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Travel tips

  • The Chinese New year celebration will be in 2017 from 28 to 30 January, 2018 February 16-18, 2019 – 5 to 7 Feb.
  • European New year – peak season, so it is worth considering the point that prices on vacation in this period will be much higher.
  • Local restaurants in any of the Christmas nights for tourists there is also entertainment and various shows.
  • The most colourful and vibrant events held on the mainland of Thailand in Bangkok and Pattaya.
  • Throwing water at Thai New year – a wish for happiness and good luck, the smearing talcum powder – protection from dark forces.
  • Going out into the street during the celebration of the Thai New year, is not worth it to apply makeup and wear nice clothes – all this will be ruined because in those days the water no regrets.
  • Water guns are sold everywhere, and recharge "weapons" in barrels of red, standing on almost every corner.

Anyone who decides to go in the New year in Thailand will benefit from the festive holidays bright impressions and unforgettable emotions.

See this video how celebrate the national New year in Thailand: