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Thailand: best beaches in Phuket - what is the best to choose?

luchshie plyazhi Phuketa

The island of Phuket is one of the largest in Thailand. Every year it comes to rest more than 1 million tourists, they go to this amazing place from all over the world. Hot island coast attracts the attention of beach lovers. Sunbathing is possible year round.

Adjacent Phuket is another Thai island, he is known as si-ray. Tourists vacationing in these places, very often swim in the nearby beaches in search of something better.

The indigenous people of Phuket Gypsies, they are called "sea". They are the oldest people of all other nationalities living in present time on the island.

In ancient times Phuket Marina used for the approach to island trading ships on their way to India from China and Vice versa. Here they replenish stocks of food and fresh water.

A rating of the best beaches in Phuket

rejting komfortnyh beregov

The bulk of Phuket's beaches that are among the best, located in the Western part of the island. They all have a comfortable sloping entrance to the sea and greatly developed infrastructure. The largest influx of tourists to the island is necessary in these areas for the period from November via April. This is due to the fact that at this time of year in Thailand is set of the most favorable holiday weather. The sea becomes more calm, and it is more often calm.

The most beautiful - description

To choose the best beach in Phuket is very difficult. Each existing on it places a surprisingly picturesque. Blue sky, clear water surrounding the island of the sea, Golden and white Sands along with exotic vegetation for many holidaymakers coincide with their idea of earthly Paradise.

Not all of the amazingly beautiful beaches is well-known to tourists. According to experts of the tourism industry, among the most beautiful beaches in Phuket include the following:

  • Tri Trang. Despite its closeness to one of the most popular beaches of Phuket — Patong, it is hidden from most tourists. Directly on the beach is the hotel, dubbed tri Trang beach resort.

    Clean and well-kept coastline located between two popular resort areas — Paradise, Patong. Amazing silence of this place is conducive to good relaxation. The beach is public. It has convenient Parking, pay toilet and shower. On the shore you can find a large number of tropical cafes, the amazing beauty of the corals;

  • Karon. The coastline of the beach is on the island is the second longest. Its length of over 3 km It is the largest beach in the South-West of Phuket. From the local island airport it is separated by 45 km, and the old Phuket town is 25 km away and the Tourists get to these places either by taxi or mini bus.

    The coastline of Karon beach is divided into parts, each of which is an exotic mini-beach.

    Kata merges with Kata beach to the South, and North from Patong. The sand of Karon beach is different from many others in that it contains quartz. Under the foot of man it produces a characteristic squeak. The coastline of the beach is striking in its beauty, the island of BU. He and Karon is considered the jewel of Phuket;

  • Kalim. A quiet beach with a rocky bottom near Patong. It is not crowded and this allows you to enjoy its beautiful natural landscape and the sea in silence. Currently near Kalima selected area of elite building. Around the beach, the mountains there is a lovely viewing platform. To try the local cuisine or European cuisine in the open near the beach restaurants;
  • Pansy. This is a private beach, you can get it, not everyone can. Near the coastline bungalows for tourist accommodation. This is the place with the cleanest sea, surrounded by cliffs and untouched nature, is considered one of the most luxurious places on the island.

What is the most pure?

chistyj Naj Harn

Beautiful beaches in Phuket find much easier than clean. It is supervised created for this purposethe national Bureau of the country. In Thailand approved environmental standards. Thai help service, you can get information on beaches on criteria such as environment, safety and degree of infrastructure development. To know in the service and how to get to all the beaches of the island.

Evaluation of the cleanliness of the beach is defined not only as the coastal strip, but water. On a scale evaluations "excellent" claiming:

  1. Nai Harn. The only drawback of the beach is not a very good adaptation for swimming. Sandy beach washed by the Andaman sea. Nai Harn can be considered the ideal vacation spot on the island;
  2. Like most other island beaches, Nai Harn beach is public. It is possible to rent sun loungers for relaxation.

  3. Surin. Kilometer strip of the beach is not much inferior to the purity Nai Hernu. Beach took second place in the ranking of the most pristine beaches of Phuket. In this area the infrastructure is well developed and crystal clear sea. The beach is surrounded by Kamala beach and Bang Tao beach;
  4. Relax. Close to the beach is the Le Meridien Phuket, which blocks the path to it. And this is a big minus. To get to Relaxation only by boat or by subscription, purchased in the hotel. Itself the beach is small but very nice and clean. It is convenient for bathing children and adults.

Among the most clean and includes beaches such as Karon beach, Kata and Kata Noi. The dirtiest beaches of Phuket - Patong, Kalim, Chalong, Palai, Friendship and Nacalai.

White sand

All Phuket's beaches covered with white sand. But the white color close to that depicted in advertising "bounty", they do not hold. The brightest shore located on the Western part of the island and they are washed by the Andaman sea, its waters are of turquoise color.

Among the white sandy beaches of Nai Harn. In the immediate vicinity is a coral reef. It is an ideal place for scuba diving. He heads a rating of the white coast of Phuket. Behind him are the sea is located near Phuket, the Similan Islands. These beaches on them 9.

White sand can be found on the island of Phi Phi. Here was shot the famous Hollywood film "the Beach". The white sandy shores of Thailand are not uncommon. They are perfectly combined in this country with Golden Sands.

Wild beaches

Dikij Laem Sing

Wild beaches of Phuket fully correspond to its name. Their pristine beauty attracts the attention of lovers of secluded relaxation. Among the best:

  • Laem Sing. Very often this beach is called secret. This name is due to the fact that Laem sing lost in the local jungle and surrounded by rocky shores. Down and only accessible by a rope ladder. Another way accessible only by sea. The coastline is only 150 metres away. This vacation spot one of the most remote in Phuket and is part of the natural reserve of the country;
  • Every year on this side of the island sail large groups of turtles in order to lay here in the sand their eggs and breed.

  • Freedom. Secluded wild beach, which can be reached by car in 15 minutes from Patong. Its shores are surrounded by dense thickets of jungle, through which it is very difficult to get without a guide and machetes. The most convenient way to get to the Feria to reach its shores by boat. The beach reminds an exotic sanctuary. The southern part of the beach is used for snorkeling. On the beach you can play volleyball or football on the sand, for this adapted several sites.
  • Yanuy.Very secluded location in the South part of the island. It affects the beauty of its watery world. On Yanuy come to the snorkelers. The coastline beach is just 200 metres away. Lying on the sand you can admire the sea on the horizon which is visible from a small island. On the beach there are small rocky areas;
  • The best wild beach of Phuket, according to local residents, is considered the Banana. It is often called a Paradise and a reference to the tropical beaches. Small rocky ledges divide the coastal strip into two parts. The sea has a smooth sandy bottom and the beach is like white powder. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees. Clean, clear sea is ideal for diving.

For families with children

Phuket is an ideal place for families with children. Swimming in the sea is possible all year round. All beaches have gently sloping shorelines, the absolute majority of them sandy bottom. The island has a Botanical garden, a zoo, a butterfly Park and a water Park. At local restaurants and even bars you can find a children's menu. Preferred to stay in hotels adapted for travelers with children.

The best beach for family holidays with children in Phuket is Kamala beach. It is quite a secluded place. The shallow depth of the sea is ideal for children. In order to dive from the have to pass several dozenmeters from the shore. Very important, on the beach and very seldom big waves. The beach is in the Bay, resembling a sickle, which protects the shore from the sea winds.

Massive season in Kamala beach begins in November and lasts through March. Near the beach you can find restaurants, bars, shopping center. But their presence does not interfere with the quietness of the beach. It is very important for rest with children and the fact that Kamala beach is a very clean beach. It has all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. Near this place is the most famous on the island entertainment center Phuket FantaSea.

Kamala Bich dlya otdyha s detmi

On the beach Bang Tao is a five star hotel Angsana Laquna. It is perfectly suitable for families with children. It has a pool, a length of 325 meters, which stretches across the coastal territory surrounding the hotel.

At the site of the hotel was built and a children's pool and a Playground for younger travelers.

Very often coming to rest with children, tourists don't want to go far from the airport. The closest fit for family holiday beaches are within a 10-minute drive from the airport is Nai Yang and Naithon. Relax on Nai Yang beach is possible all year round. The beach is surrounded by a Bay that protects it from big waves. With children it is better to be in the Northern part of the beach, it is shallow.

One of the smallest beaches in Phuket - Naithon. The depth of the sea and the sunset, it is ideal for children. The season of big waves runs from may via September.

Compare beaches

Most of Phuket's beaches are public. All of them are adapted for tourists, but the quality of service and the degree of development of the infrastructure is different.

The level of service

The highest level of services on the beach of Bang Tao. This place is designed for recreation of wealthy tourists. The most luxurious beach on the island correspond to the prices for its services.

Close to Bang Tao beach is one of the most expensive and comfortable tourist resorts of Thailand - Laguna Phuket.

The complex consists of the hotels of world level, numerous restaurants and bars. To have fun in these places can be on nearby hotels field for the game of Golf, and bring your body in order in the SPA-salons. The level of service here is impeccable.

Significantly changed its appearance lately Surin. One of the most popular beaches of Phuket in the style of a Thai village has been updated. The service provided by it services have become of higher quality. This affected the inflow of tourists to these places.

In the beach area of Kamala beach is the most famous amusement Park not only in Thailand but in the world - Phuket FantaSea. But beach tourism infrastructure is practically not developed. Food and entertainment can be found only in nearby beach hotels.

The most popular beach with a large list of services — Patong. This is the most crowded place in Phuket. What exactly is missing this beach is clean. But the sea in this area is great.

For infrastructure development

To get to Phuket with the mainland by three bridges, sea plane or helicopter. Well-developed infrastructure on the island allows tourists to find the holiday home of hotels with different levels of comfort and value accommodation. Along with stalls of Souvenirs, small and large restaurants on the island there are a number of shopping centers.

razvitaya infrastruktura na Patonge

All the beaches of the island are connected by a network of roads of average quality, but they cannot be reached by public transport. You can reach them only by taxi, which in these places is quite expensive. The best way to get around the island — hire a car or motorbike.

The most well-developed infrastructure of the beach of Patong. This vacation spot can be called youth. It is the main clubbing area of the island. Here are hundreds of restaurants, beer and GoGo bars.

Surrounded by mountains, 4 km long line of sand beach equipped with deckchairs and sunbeds. The beach has shower, toilet, rentals of everything you need for relaxing. Quiet here happens only in the early morning hours. Near the beach there is a large number of hotels with different levels of service.

The second most popular beach, with good infrastructure, the beach of Karon. According to international experts the beach included in the top ten in the world. Travel companies try to bring to Karon the main part of the milestones of those who want to relax in Phuket. On its territory there are Spa hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Entertainment on the Beach, enough to make the stay of tourists varied and fun. Beachsurrounded by a large number of hotels.

Saron beach with good infrastructure and a relatively small number of tourists. Here you can often hear Russian speech. Beach infrastructure is aimed at providing a comfortable stay. The beach is away from roads. Here is everything you need for shopping and entertainment. True to pay for everything here we have considerably more than in other places.

The presence of hotels and Inns

nalichie otelej i gostinic na Karone

To remove for himself a room in a hotel or hostel or Bungalow in any part of the island. The largest number of housing units in different categories welcomes you to Patong beach. Here the hotels are located with each other about the way mushrooms grow on a stump. Most good hotels beach located in the Northern part. Near them is a beautiful Park.

Not inferior to the presence of hotels in the area near the Karon. The most popular among tourists are hotels on the beach, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resorf, The Vilaqe Resort, Andaman Seaview Hotel.

Visitors in search of a comfortable stay in Kata beach they like to stay in hotels with beach access. The most popular:

  1. Boathouse By Montara;
  2. Centara Kata Resort Phuket;
  3. Malisa Villa Suites.

And the most luxurious and expensive hotels are concentrated in Bang Tao.

To choose a hotel you can use the search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Travel tips

Thailand is a very interesting country. Going to Phuket, every tourist should know some of the subtleties of the holiday on the island.

  • Bills of great dignity will have to convert at a higher rate.
  • Resting on Phuket, you should always have a large stock of small bills. Tips here you need to leave completely, for all services rendered. They are only notes.
  • The size of the tip should not be less than 7% of the amount of services provided.

  • Phuket has plenty of historic hotels of doubles. Therefore, to go to the island with a better map that marked the location.
  • To rely on public transport traveling to the Islands is not worth it. Taking a car, you need to be very careful. Thai drivers travel the roads so as they please.
  • To buy cheap Souvenirs on the island in any shop, and expensive only in specialized stores. Often in Phuket forged jewelry.

Based on this information, it will be easier to decide where to go in Thailand.

Still recommend you to watch a video about the best beaches of Phuket: