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The most beautiful island in Thailand to relax: where better to go to relax?

If one beckons to the peaceful quiet holiday in a secluded location, others prefer a noisy party or a love adventure. The Islands of Thailand are prepared to meet the needs of even the most discerning vacationers.


Long gone are the days when 230 Islands countries located in the Gulf of Thailande and the Andaman sea, was far and exotic resorts for our country. Today they have firmly gained a reputation of Paradise on earth where every tourist will realize their dreams about the resort.

Ostrova na karte

Where and how to get there?

Thailand (formerly Siam) is located in South-East Asia, in the Peninsula of Indochina, adjacent to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Area of its territory it is comparable with France. The country consists of 4 regions. Not all of them is equally visited by tourists. So, the North-Eastern part of Thailand, the Korat Peninsula, belong to poor areas popular among tourists.

The Central part of the country is rich in fertile plains, where the main crop is rice. The southern region stretches for hundreds of kilometers and is famous for its beaches and fascinating resort life.

From Moscow to Thailand, there are direct flights from the Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo to Bangkok and Phuket. The flight lasts approximately 9 hours. If you want to save money, you can choose indirect flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Tashkent.

Buy a plane ticket will help you form a quick search. It is enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

It is theoretically possible and train travel. It can be done, if you go through Kazakhstan and China, however, this method of movement is too long and inefficient.

Climatic conditions

Thailand is located in tropical zone. The average temperature in summer exceeds 30, water is 28 C. in Winter there are only a few degrees cooler. The best time to stay is from December to April, when there is no rainy season and high waves. Tropical rains dominate over the country from April to November.

klimat Tajlanda

High season is between November to March, when kept stable Sunny weather and no extreme heat.

The period from may to October – not the best time to holiday in Thailand. The weather is too changeable and unpredictable: on a good Sunny day can suddenly break out a tropical downpour. However, there are also pluses. Travelers are getting much less housing prices are falling significantly, and in the cities there is no heat and smog.


If the planned period of stay in the country not exceeding 30 days, visa is not required. When entering Thailand, the Russian tourists simply get a stamp in the passport on entering the country. Upon expiration of the tourist must leave the country.

A few years ago was able to obtain the so-called "Visa run". For this it was necessary to cross the border and back into the country. But in 2014, after tightening the rules for entry, this visa has become irrelevant.

If you plan to stay for a longer time, you can get a tourist visa to travel to the country. Already in Thailand, it can be extended another 30 days by paying 1900 baht. Thus, Russian tourists can stay in Thailand for 90 days without leaving the country.

The most beautiful of the island, where better to go?

Choose the most beautiful Islands of Thailand – not an easy task because they are almost all famous for its unique unspoiled scenery, rich marine life, white sand beaches. Nevertheless, among the most beautiful Islands we should mention:

  • Phuket. Thais are proud to call it "the southern Pearl". It is the largest island of the country. The beautiful coral reefs and coves, wild waterfalls and preserved nature of tropical forests incombined with crystal clear sea and the many temples make Phuket one of the most popular tourist destinations of not only the country but of the world;
  • Phi. Here still remained secluded corners where you can enjoy the clear waters and life of the underwater world. Lovers of diving and snorkeling also prefer the island of Phi Phi. And even relatively high rates don't detract from the island;
  • On Phi Phi island located in the Maya Bay, which was chosen as the shooting location of the film "the Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio in the title role.

  • Koh Lanta. Located in Krabi province. In addition to long sandy beaches, clear up water clarity, best diving spots, the island is famous for its National Park, where tourists will have an exciting ride on elephants through the jungle. On the island is the famous cave MaiKaeoCave, where you can admire the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites.

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Thailand is world famous for Islands with white sand beachesthat stretch along the coast for hundreds of kilometers. The best of them:

  • Samui. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the third largest island offers more than 30 beaches. The main attraction of the island – Big Buddha Temple, is decorated with a 12-meter statue of the deity.
  • Samat. The island is small, but very beautiful. Its white sandy beaches is so nice to contemplate leisurely the water and see the stunning sunset. Here is one of the most famous beaches of diamond beach. The possibility of Windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and fishing will not be bored anyone.
  • The Similan Islands. There are no luxurious hotels, and from may to October the island is closed for restoration. Thanks to these measures, the sand, the island has retained its original white appearance.

Vacation with children

In recent years more and more travelers are taking to the rest of the children. The best island to travel and the children of Phuket with its well-developed infrastructure, a large selection of shops, clinics and pharmacies.

If you want more privacy, comfortable enough for families with children will be the island of Koh Phangan. Here in comfortable bungalows in a tranquil atmosphere, you can survive the cold and wet European winter. The famous party in honor of the full moon pass North of the island and do not violate family privacy.


Today, on many Islands vibrant tourist life. Where to go when you want to renounce the benefits of civilization and get close to nature?

In Thailand remained sparsely populated Islands, which even can be called wild. They are almost no hotels, restaurants, night clubs and discos.

Wildest Islands:

  1. To Lina , is near the border with Malaysia, an affordable prices for seafood and diving;
  2. Ko Wai – there is almost no signs of civilization, even electricity and serves on the clock, but a little noisy tourists and untouched nature;
  3. Koh Kood – there are still a lot of tropical jungle and a little nightlife, but the island is developing tourism infrastructure at a rapid pace.

Where to stay?

ostanovitsya v otele

The most luxurious hotels located on the Islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. Among them:

  • Imperial Adamas Beach Resort Phuket 5* is located in the Andaman sea near the picturesque forested mountains, in a lush tropical garden;
  • Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort& Spa 5* - an impressive hotel area of 300 thousand square meters and an abundance of fountains, lagoons with pedestrian bridges, exotic plants and birds;
  • Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui 5* - the hotel has its own beach with all possibilities to practice water sports and the pretty grounds with ponds, fountains, lush tropical greenery.

In Thailand the new luxury hotels are combined with modest bungalows built in traditional Thai style.

Use the search form of hotels and you will quickly find the room fully meets your requirements. To search, enter the city, dates of arrival and departure, number of guests.

How to have fun in Thailand?


The country's many holidays. Among them are national civil and religious. The latter does not have a specific date of celebration, as celebrated according to the lunar calendar. In addition to the Catholic Christmas and the usual New year popular meeting Thai New year (mid April) and New year on the Chinese calendar (in the period from 21 January to 21 February).

August 12 to celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen and Bars, as well as the anniversary of the national Mother's day. Not forgotten, and the representatives of the stronger sex.Birthday of His Majesty the King and Father's day is celebrated across the country on December 5.

One of the most beautiful festivals – the Loy Krathong festival, originated many centuries ago. To this day it is customary to omit water pumps with flowers for getting rid of sins and run into the sky paper lanterns with candles.

prazdnik Loj Kratong

In June in different provinces held a rocket Festival. Residents launch into the sky huge missiles, to ensure harvest of rice. During the rainy season, celebrate the Festival of Candles, and in October – Vegetarian Festival.

National holiday, Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha, his teachings and followers. These days it is customary to pray and not forget to do good deeds.

Very popular folk festivals and celebrations. In may the Eastern province, organizing festivals and fairs with singers and folk groups. Everywhere you can admire the exhibition of pictorial compositions from exotic fruits and Souvenirs. The fruit gave the names of several festivals:

  • Festival Litchi;
  • Pineapple;
  • Langsat.


A lot of attractive tourist places in the capital, Bangkok. The most popular visit of the Royal Grand Palace and Buddhist temples.

Visiting Thailand always aim to have fun. Entertainment are unusual for a European, and sometimes openly extreme.

The lovers of the exotic will no doubt want to see:

  1. The crocodile farm in Samutprakan;
  2. Tiger zoo near Pattaya;
  3. National Marine Park Ang Thong.

Romantically-minded nature will choose to visit the Village of orchids, a tour of the Phang nga Bay, transfer by speed boat to coral island. And, of course, a trip to Thailand would be incomplete without a visit to the tropical jungle. Admire the exotic vegetation, the rubber plantations and waterfalls during the trip by jeep.

Dostoprimechatelnosti ostrovov

Many coral reefs, rich underwater world with unusual fauna and flora, relatively low cost in Thailand attracts divers from around the world.

Few who have not heard rave reviews about the famous Thai massage. In most cases, this procedure implies erotic overtones, at least for men. Massages make in special shops or simply on the beach.

The animal wealth of the country is allowed to organize shows of monkeys, elephants, crocodiles and snakes that will interest adults and children.

Night life in the touristic centers is in full swing and does not stop until dawn. Clubs and restaurants inviting tourists to watch a transvestite show, GoGo dancing, fire show, pussy show. Offering loving macho – sexy girls who know a lot about the pleasures of love.

Islands of Thailand – is a bit of heavenly Paradise on earth where you can relax, learn something new and to have fun. And what better island to relax, pick and choose based on their preferences.

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