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Podoba map of Thailand in the Russian language with the Islands, towns and resorts

karta Tajlanda na russkom yazyke s ostrovami

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Beautiful beaches, warm sun, the hospitality of its people provide a wonderful holiday travelers, and someone even pushed for a move.

Geographical location

Thailand occupies the Western part of the Peninsula of Indochina and the Northern side of the Malay Peninsula and has access to two oceans: Pacific and Indian. Over almost the entire territory of the state is dominated by tropical and sub-Equatorial climatic zones.

In this country, are replaced by three seasons: cool season ( Nov in February), hot season ( March to may) and rainy season (from early June to late October).

A country's currency is the baht which steadily maintains its position in relation to the dollar. All depict the current king Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The population of Thailand is about 70 million people, more than 80% of the population are ethnic Thais and Laotians. The official language recognized by the Thai. For foreign citizens learning the local language is quite complex, as it has the tonal pronunciation.

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Popular towns and resorts

In Thailand, the population is evenly distributed throughout, so there are no large cities, excluding the state capital, and is dominated by small towns and villages.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a concentration of modern skyscrapers and shopping centers with ancient temples. In Bangkok are the main attractions of Thailand: Royal Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho and temple of the emerald Buddha. From Suvarnabhumi airport for half an hour you will reach the capital, and from there can go anywhere in the country.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located on the territory of Trat province, 300 km from Bangkok. On the shores of the beaches are many resorts and bungalows. The sea here is very clean due to the fact that the beaches are part of the national marine Park, so any water activities are prohibited here (boats, skis, catamarans). The nightlife is sufficiently saturated, there are bars and restaurants.


Pattaya is considered to be the most popular resort in Thailand. Reasonable prices, numerous beaches, a great nightlife – all are in abundance here.

But there is a minus – dirty water in the Bay. If swimming is a priority, either choose another resort, or every day have to travel to the island of Koh LARN, where the sea is transparent.


Phuket island is located 800 km from Bangkok. It is considered the largest resort in the country. Throughout the beaches with developed infrastructure, but after sunset, life on the island stops. This place is more suited for a relaxing family holiday. Housing prices are quite reasonable, only the cost of a taxi can be a bit too high.

populyarnye kurorty Tajlanda - karta Phuketa

Similan Thai Park

Similan Islands located in the Andaman sea and have the status of a Thai national Park. It strives to preserve the natural beauty of this place, so any construction and use of transportation is prohibited. The island offers tourists a tropical rainforest, white beaches and clean sea.


Krabi province is located 800 km from Bangkok. Its area has fantastic landscapes – cliffs of rectangular shape, covered with greenery. There are large hypermarket, but tourists rarely visit Krabi becausethere is not a normal sunset in the sea.


The island is simply a Paradise for lovers of the night partying and is located close to Koh Samui. Every month there are parties dedicated to the full moon. They are held under the open night sky and they attracts tens of thousands of people, both foreigners and locals. At this time, all hotels and beaches are overcrowded, and must be booked in advance.


In Thailand, the Koh Samui is the third largest and is located in 750 kilometers from Bangkok. Has a huge number of beaches and developed infrastructure that includes large retailers, hotels, bars and restaurants.

The main tourist attractions

What are the main attractions to draw the attention of tourists? Try to identify the most significant and interesting of them:

  • The Royal Palace in Bangkok. Is the most famous landmark in Thailand. The majestic 18th-century building, occupying together with the adjacent area 218 sq m, will not stop anyone indifferent.
  • Although the Royal family and does not reside in this Palace, there are often held various ceremonies in which they participate.

  • Sirinat national Park. Located on the island of Phuket is a favorite destination for vacationers. In the Park there are beautiful beaches, lapped by crystal clear waters.
  • The bridge over the river Kwai. It was built during the Second world war and left a noticeable trace in the history. Its construction was associated with the organization of communication between Burma and Thailand.
  • glavnye dostoprimechatelnosti Tajlanda

  • Elephant village in Pattaya. The elephant – a sacred animal for the people of Thailand. In Pattaya created a sanctuary where any visitor can closely contact with these amazing animals.
  • The big Buddha hill in Pattaya. Is a complex historical and religious monuments. To the Buddha statue leads the gilded staircase of 120 steps.
  • There is a belief if all the steps counted by the person right, so in life it is all as it should, if it was a mistake, then he should reconsider his life.


In Thailand there are 5 major airports:

  1. Suvarnabhumi is located to the East of Bangkok, was built in 2006. The airport building is a rectangular building of 4 storeys with branched from his sleeves, through which passengers pass passport control on the way to the plane.

    The building is so huge that sometimes the very movement through the airport can take from half an hour to an hour. There are all facilities for comfortable stay of tourists in the building of the airport cafes and restaurants, playgrounds, shops and Lounges.

  2. Phuket international airportconsists of two terminals, is the second largest aviation hub for the transportation of passengers. To their services provided to the many cafes and restaurants, duty-free shops.

  3. Krabi international airport is also divided into two terminals for domestic and international flights, has only one runway, but long enough – 3000 m. the building of the terminal is not too large, but this does not prevent him to serve up to 700 thousand passengers a year.
  4. aeroporty Tajlanda na karte

  5. The airport of Pattaya U-Tapao serves mostly domestic flights, therefore, consists of a single terminal with an area of 2600 sq. m. there is a technical service center for airlines ThaiAirways.
  6. Samui airport is located almost in the woods, and won the title of the most unusual airport terminal in Asia. He has no premises, the building itself is a large gazebo. The main carrier of passengers of this airport is airline BangkokAirlines that it was built in 1989.

Beautiful nature, developed infrastructure and numerous attractions make Thailand a storehouse of pleasant experiences for any tourist. This country is suitable for permanent living and for visits several times a year.

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