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Vacation in Thailand: hotels and weather by months on the island of Koh Chang photos

otdyh v Tailande - Ko CHang

Travelers are divided into two categories when relaxing at sea: those who prefer in addition to swimming and sunbathing still and live chat to the maximum, and those who are tired of daily communication and is committed to the privacy, nature, sea, sun and sand.

If you belong to the second category, you should visit the island of Ko Chang (Thailand). Stay in this unspoilt corner of nature will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Koh Chang on the map of Thailand

ostrov na karte strany

The area of Koh Chang is surrounded by mountain ranges. The size of this island is second only to the Islands of Phuket and Samui.


The island resembling the shape of an elephant, is located in the East of the Gulf of Thailand in the South China sea.

In the vicinity of Koh Chang lies another 52 island for an exotic holiday.

Coast from the East settled a little. To the South of the island studded with sharp rocks, even here interrupted highway. North shore is not of interest.

Travel direction is focused on the West Bank, which focused beach interests. The infrastructure of the West Bank fit into the thin strip of land offers tourists hotels, restaurants, pubs and swimming pools.

How to get there?

na chem doplyt?

Let's try to make a map of the route, given the absence of the terminal on Koh Chang.

To start, you will reach the town of Trat. The route offers 2 options for achieving this settlement from Bangkok:

  • A commuter plane. On this route the airline operates Bangkok Air. From the capital of Thailand is a day 3 flights: 8:20, 11:40, 17:00. Flight Bangkok-Trat is not cost-effective, the duration of the flight is 1 hour. Next, you need to go by minibus to the pier;
  • Bus Bangkok-Trat. In Bangkok there are 2 bus stations: the Northern Mo Chit and Ekkamai Eastern. To the North of the station will bring Skytrain stop of Mo Chit. Then walk through the Park. 6 hour trip to Trat is interrupted with one stop to eat.

From the station, Trat to the pier can be reached by songteo the duration of the trip in 35 minutes.

There is a route to the island by bus Bangkok – Koh Chang. The price of the ticket included the price of the ferry. The bus departs from the Central area of Bangkok.

On Koh Chang you have the opportunity to get on a taxi. The cost depends on the place where tourist took the car in the airport or in the city.

Two piers serve the ferry pier, Trat – Koh Chang: Ferry Pier (duration of the crossing is 35 minutes) and Center Point Ferry Pier (ferry 65 minute).

The message on the water between Koh Chang and other resorts of the country is not functioning.

Interesting information about the island

interesnaya informaciya

The distance between Bangkok and Koh Chang is 310 km, close to the border with Cambodia. Two-thirds of the Islands are surrounded by the impenetrable jungle.

General information

The government has awarded the honour since 1982 Koh Chang marine Park. This means that it's illegal to water ski and motorcycles, and industrial development. Koh Chang is the Asian Riviera for the wildlife enthusiasts.

In Thai Koh means island, Chang – elephant. The natives of the island of tamed elephants, which guests are happy to make a promenade.

Koh Chang width of 14 km and a length of 30 km. the Island covers an area of two hundred fifteen square kilometers. In eight villages live 5800 peoplewho catch the fish and grow fruit. The hospitality and friendliness characteristic ofthe natives of the island. Here you will not meet prostitutes and drunkards among the locals.

Administratively subordinated to Koh Chang of Trat province.

Methods of transportation

Consideration of transport on Koh Chang is easier to start from the pier where the Parking lot of tuk tuks (motorickshaws). Asphalt road running along the perimeter of the island.

Road relief on the island of Koh Chang for 90% represent the slopes.

Both sides of the road built:

  1. hotels;
  2. pools;
  3. spas;
  4. restaurants;
  5. shop.

Public transport on the coast of the West in the day time consists of pickup trucks with an open top, songteo, tuk-tuks and transformirovalsya in the evening and at night in commercial air transport.

transportnaya dostupnost

For movement along the Western coast between beaches and hotels there will arrange a tuk-tuk.

Travel on East coast taxi is 1000 baht (about 1,800 rubles), therefore, economically feasible to rent to take the bike for 150-300 baht (270-550 RUB) for 24 hours.

Rental car for 24 hours will be 1100-2000 baht (2000 - 3650 RUB.). Feature of the rental is that the prices are rising in the morning and late in the evening, use rent better day. The fuel bought in plastic bottles along the road but a gas station located between pier and White Sand beach.


For the West coast characteristic of the traditional infrastructure of the resort: hotels, bars, swimming pools, discos, shops, banks, hospitals and hospital.

Small shops and stalls will offer the required products. In 2016, between the beaches of Chai Chet and white sand opened a grocery store. On Klong Prao beach offer products Tesco Express.

Each beach is equipped with a restaurant, shops, cafés, huts for massage, hotels. More famous shop "7-11", which sell food and consumer goods. Stalls on the street sell Souvenirs and things.

Restaurants and cafes delight the spicy dishes of Thai cuisine and cuisine of other countries. Directly into the air, tourists will be offered cooked seafood, exotic fruits:

  • the rambutan;
  • mangosteen;
  • dragon fruit;
  • durian;
  • mango.

For the East coast with no beaches characteristic of the administrative infrastructure: the management authorities, municipality, hospital, land for agriculture, the villages of fishermen Peta and Kok, temples.


Here tourists will find mangroves, waterfalls, and observation decks – Koh Chang without the tourist gloss.

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Climate and weather by months

In the tropical climate on Koh Chang allocate 2 seasons:

  1. dry – November to may;
  2. the rainy season is June-October.

In the dry season, when the rains sprinkle the ground 1-2 times per 7 days is the influx of tourists and during the rainy season, monsoon winds catching the rain 5 times over 7 days.

The average amount of precipitation in the dry period is 111 mm, and in the rainy season is 553 mm. Record the amount of precipitation remaining for the August – 687 mm.

Warm temperatures and water in the sea near the island throughout the year is about the same. Averages are the following:

  • January: the temperature is 31.2°C, water - 28,2°C;
  • February: the temperature is 31,6°C, water is 28.4°C.
  • March: air temperature and 32.3°C, water - 29,4°C;
  • April: the air temperature is 33.3°C, water - 30,4°C;
  • may: the temperature is 33.5°C, water - 30,7°C;
  • June: the air temperature of 32.4°C, water - 29,7°C;
  • The total number of rainy days in the dry season for seven months - 38, in the rainy season - 95 in 5 months.

  • July: the temperature is 31.7°C, water - 29°C;
  • August: the temperature is 31.8°C, water is 28.8°C;
  • September: the air temperature is 31.5°C, water at 28.5°C;
  • October: the air temperature is 32.6°C, water - 29,4°C;
  • November: the air temperature of 33.1°C, water - 29,7°C;
  • December: the temperature is 31,6°C, water - 28,9°C.

Vacation in an exotic location - photo

otpusk v rajskom ugolke

On Koh Chang you will not be bored, because the tourist infrastructure is very well developed.


The small size of the island contrasted with the significant benefits of the acquisition of property for the holidays. Divide the types of housing in the 3 categories:

  1. hotels of 3-5 stars;
  2. house or Guesthouse;
  3. Bungalow.

The rooms of the hotels on Koh Chang are equipped with balcony, air conditioning, TV, mini-bar, safe, bath tub or shower. Hotel services include an outdoor swimming pool, Spa, fitness center. As a place of temporary stay on Koh Chang can be consideredthese options:

  • Parama Koh Chang is a 5 star. The hotel is situated a 10-minute drive from mangrove forests. The hotel amenities include snorkeling, diving, private beach area. The restaurant has been practicing Thai and European cuisine;
  • The Emerald Cove Koh Chang – 5 star. The hotel is built 50 metres from its private beach at Klong Prao.

    Services of the hotel include Babysitting, first line beach, diving, transportation to and from the airport.

    The restaurant will offer signature dishes;

  • The Dewa Koh Chang – 4 stars. The time of approach to the beach is 3 minutes. Klong Prao beach stretches along the hotel. The hotel is serviced by 3 restaurants, an outdoor pool on 580 square meters;
  • Kacha Resort & Spa Koh Chang – 4 stars. Location determines transportation to the airport for 60 minutes. Features of the hotel include Snorkelling, private beach, fitness center, outdoor pool, diving;
  • Sea View Resort & Spa – 4 stars. The time of approach to the beach is 3 minutes. Rooms of 40-60 m2. Services of the hotel included a relaxing massage and a garden.

    The Lighthouse restaurant presents Thai and international dishes, and the Sunset Beach restaurant specializiruetsya grilled sea foods;

  • zhile v Kacha Resort

  • Awa Resort Koh Chang – 4 stars. The hotel is located 7 km from fisherman's village. Bath is only present in a private room. The hotel amenities include the pool at 70 meters, a restaurant and a Russian-speaking employees;
  • Ramayana Koh Chang Resort – 4 stars. The time of approach to the beach is 20 minutes (660 m). Tourists bungalows with a courtyard inside and a view of the garden. The hotel amenities include Jacuzzi, bar, transportation from/to the airport;
  • Sritandorn restaurant serves Breakfast in the category of "buffet", Kantamas restaurant – Thai and international dishes, restaurant Krairas international dishes.

  • Chang Buri Resort & Spa – 4 stars. In hotel services are included Jacuzzi, massage, restaurants and cafes;
  • Santhiya Tree – 4 stars. Time approach to Klong Prao beach is 3 minutes. Services include massage and the first line of the beach. Chantara restaurant supplies the guests with food of Thai and international cuisine;
  • Banpu Koh Chang Resort – 3 stars. The time of approach to the white beach sand is 3 minutes. Services include massage, private beach area, BBQ facilities, diving and Snorkelling. The restaurant will present grilled food from the sea, food from Thai cuisine;
  • Chai Chet Resort Koh Chang 3 stars. Beaches are 5-6 minute drive from the hotel. Services include massage, private beach area.

The cost of accommodation in the house or the Guesthouse depends on the location of the house to the beach.

Will also be willing to feel unity with the nature of the island in a private Bungalow, and simultaneously save money.

Hotel Chang Cliff provides individual bungalows, which are popular with families with children.

Darling Bungalow offering on the first line of party beach White Sand Beach. Across the road from this beach, tourists are offered a Bungalow in the much cheaper fan that is acceptable for the dry season.

Low prices for bungalows provides beachfront of lonely beach, but the quality of service is not reduced by this. 2 km from lonely beach is an economical option Rock Inn Bailan with the best spot on the beach.

To book your accommodation you can use this search form. Enter the name of the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

The best beaches

odin iz luchshih plyazhej White Sand

Koh Chang boasts a manicured sandy beaches. The sea is warm and calm with low waves. On the coast of the West stand 5 beaches:

  1. White Sand. Gently sloping beach with palm trees, clear water, sandy beach, which stretches for 2.2 km, known more than any other rave moments with restaurants, bars and cafes, ATMs and the only supermarket;
  2. Lonely Beach. Hangout beach, where the night does not prevent European tourists to communicate: bars, music, Billiards;
  3. Kai Bae. Beach planted with palm trees. Its waters are 4 small Islands, which are reached on foot at low tide;
  4. Klong Prao. The beach stretches for 3.5 km. a Characteristic feature of the beach serve as the mouth of the river and canals, dividing it into strips, stretching right along the main highway;
  5. The base of the mountains interrupts the beach. Shallow water at first beach is a bliss for children.

  6. Pearl Beach. This White Sand beach is shared by 3 kilometers. A distinguishing feature of the beach is remote with dense vegetation and rocky coast.

On the South coast will focus on 3 beaches:

  • Long Beach. Deserted and secluded beach, which is difficult to reach by a dirt road. 8-10 bamboo bungalows and 1 café brightens privacy. But the sea is transparent and shallow;
  • Bang Bao. In this place, women sunbathing Topless. This beach is famous for diving, which teaches you the basics of diving and be given a PADI certificate. Restaurants indulge tourists with seafood;
  • KlongKloi. The atmosphere of silence and solitude reigns on the beach with clear sea, fine sand and low waves.


ekskursionnye obekty

Easier to start sightseeing from the waterfalls, the entrance to which is paid:

  1. Klong Plu. Two-level waterfall is located 2 kilometers from the Klong Prao towards the center of the island. The height of falling water reaches 10 meters, the island is the upper limit. To the waterfall takes about 20 minutes along a paved road through the jungle;
  2. The stone beach was recreated at the bottom of the water fall pool with a depth of 7 meters, which jump with a height of 1-3 meters.

  3. Than Mayom. The waterfall is situated on the East of the island near the village of Dan Mai. Falling water 4 levels, built a small pool in which to bathe to cool.

Chinese temple Chao, located on the hill between the pier and the village of Klong son is the main Shrine of the island. Believers Thais claim that the temple dwells the spirit of the island.

The hallmark of the island became a fire show jugglers with burning torches. Their initial appearance on the White Sand beach occurs when the night falls. Then they go around other beaches in order.

In the waters of the island in 1921, during the Thai-French battle sank a ship of the Royal Navy. For this reason built a memorial to the heroes of the battle. The sunken ship is enjoyed by divers popularity, increasing every year.

On the beach of White Sand opened the monkey school, where monkeys are taught tricks. View them for one hour touches the audience.

And several types of entertainment on Koh Chang:

  • elephant trekking. The number of farms functioning in the elephants on Koh Chang, one located near the Klong Plu waterfall and 3-4 along the main road. Wish tend to sit on the elephant's head and hold the ears;
  • kayaking. Rent a kayak allows access to 4 small Islands in the waters of Kai Bay or pulvirenti through thickets of mangrove on the coast of the East. Some tourists combine kayaking with snorkeling;
  • Park tri peaks. The route is laid between the tops of the trees near the beach Bai LAN. To help tourists are offered a ladder of ropes, suspension bridges, bungee and other tools to check composure, agility and strength. 4 hours continues the Saga at the height of singing birds;
  • the village of Bang Bao on stilts. Huts of fishermen in the South of the island, built on stilts far away from the shore, connected by a pier. Tourists can enjoy fresh seafood from the morning catch or from the aquarium, on long pier;
  • Quad Biking through the jungle. The route through the jungle of different difficulty level and duration of 20-60 minutes.

Watch video about a fascinating holiday on Ko Chang: