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International airports on the map of Turkey - list: Dalaman, Alanya, etc.

aeroporty Turcii

The territory of Turkey is situated on two continents — Europe and Asia. Every year from around the world on holiday to Turkey comes more than 20 million people. A significant portion of them enters the country on Board aircraft of various airlines.

Airports Turkey on the map

aviasoobsheniya strany na atlase

Thanks to its climate, long coastline, washed by the Black, Mediterranean, Aegean and Marble seas, the country enjoys great popularity among tourists.

To fly from one part of the country to another is quite simple.

Many tourists wonder how many airports in Turkey and what cities they are to choose the nearest to the place of rest.

In Turkey, built and operates more than 50 airfields. They cover all regions of the country.

Only 8 of them have the status international:

  1. The airport of Istanbul the name of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk;
  2. Airport Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport;
  3. The terminal of Izmir Adnan Menderes;
  4. Airport Dalaman;
  5. Terminal Antalya;
  6. Airport Ankara Esenboğa;
  7. The Terminal Bodrum;
  8. Airport Alanya.

It is a modern, technically well equipped with the air port.

There are also smaller airports, which are located in many cities of the country, for example, in Adana, Gaziantep, Erzurum, Samsun, Trabzon, and others.

List of international

First flying to Turkey passengers are always interested in the question of what they can expect in the airport of a foreign country. Important information for they are information on how at the airport to order a taxi or where to exchange currency.

Terminals Of Istanbul

aerovokzal Stambula - Ataturk

Arriving in Istanbul accept passengers two airports. The city plans plans to build another air port.

  • Airport named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is the largest air Harbor of the country, with three runways and two terminals, one for domestic flights. Annually, the airport can serve more than 60 million passengers. In terms of the passenger terminal is the fourth in Europe and eleventh in the world. Manages airline and TAV Airports.

    The airport is in the heart Yesilcay. It is 24 km West of Central Istanbul. The airport provides passengers with a wide range of services. Here there are cafes, restaurants, shops, duty-free, shops with Souvenirs, currency exchange, Luggage storage, car hire and Wi-Fi.

  • On the area of the terminal, the post office, tourist offices, a conference room, a business center and VIP lounge.

  • Airport Sabiha Gokcen. The airport is located in Pendik district. This is the Asian part of the city. Over the next 8 years, the terminal needs to obtain the figure of passenger traffic of 25 million people a year. He currently receives Charter and domestic flights.

    At the airport 's terminal 2. Passengers are provided with a full range of services, ensuring their comfort while waiting for their flights. The city the airport is connected by metro line. To get to Istanbul by bus, taxi or Shuttle.


The terminal of the given name, Adnan Menderes. It is located in the Gaziemir district 18 km from Izmir. It is the fourth busiest airport of Turkey. Annually it serves about 8 million passengers of domestic flights and nearly 3 million foreign tourists. In addition to a full range of services necessary for comfortable stay of passengers within the terminal, there is a mosque. The town can be reached by bus, taxi or Shuttle. There is a possibility to rent a car.


Airport capacity is 10 million passengers per year. Here come the tourists who want to go to such resortsas Fethiye, Datca, Gocek, Dalyan, and others. 120 km West from the airport to Marmaris.

This airport is the third largest in Turkey. It covers an area of 615 hectares and is able to simultaneously receive and send up to 35 flights. Airlines using the terminal, making flights to 120 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Airport Parking for 500 cars. Here you can book a Shuttle, currency exchange and many other services.


terminal Antalii

The airport is considered the most tourist in the country and 15th in Europe by passenger traffic. Three of the terminal air Harbor annually serve nearly 10 million people. From city centre the airport is only 10 km to Reach Antalya from the airport by transfer, bus or taxi. Its passengers, the airport offers a full range of services.


Ankara airport is the name of the village, near which it is built - Esenboga. It is located 28 km away from Ankara. Despite the fact that the airport was built in 1955, it is still considered one of the best in Europe. Currently, it serves flights to almost 20 airlines.

The airport has well developed infrastructure required for passenger service.


The airport Milas-Bodrum is located on the South-West of the country, 16 km from Milas and 36km from Bodrum. It has two terminals, one of which accepts international flights. A significant number of airlines flying from the terminal are budget. From the airport make flights to CIS countries, Europe and the cities of Turkey.


Airport "Gazipasha" serves domestic and international flights. It is located 35 km from Alanya. Currently, he is able to serve two flights per hour. It is about 500 thousand passengers a year. The terminal has Parking for 105 Parking spaces.

How to get to the resorts?

kak dobiratsya do kurortnyh gorodov?

The only correct way to travel to the resorts of Turkey — the choice of the optimal route, which will lead to the planned place of rest for a minimum period of time. Think about this before purchasing the plane ticket.

By the way, the ticket you can choose right here. Use this form to search by specifying the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

  • Belek. Young and rapidly developing resort in Antalya province. The nearest airport is in the capital of the province. Between the cities of 45 km. to Overcome them by taxi. Most hotels provides visiting their hotels to tourists.
  • From the airport to Belek bus No. 600. His journey time 60-80 minutes.

  • Marmaris. The resort is located in the province of Mugla. To get to Marmaris from the airports of three cities of Istanbul, Antalya and Dalaman. The bus ride from the airport to Istanbul will take 12 hours. The cost of the ticket depends on the carrier.

    Upon arrival in Antalya, you will need to first get from the airport to the bus station and from there take a bus to Marmaris. The journey time is approximately 6 hours. The cost of a taxi from Antalya airport to Marmaris is quite high.

    The road from Dalaman is the simplest. Distance from the airport to Marmaris is around 100 km and journey Time of 1.5 hours. The transfer price from 9.5 per person.

  • Kemer. One of the most popular resorts in Antalya. You can reach it better from the airport of the provincial capital. The distance between her and the resort is 45 km From the airport reachable by bus No. 331 to the Central bus station, and thence by route No. 178 to the resort. Journey time — 40 minutes.
  • Side. It is best to get to the resort from the airport by Shuttle or taxi. The distance between the cities is 75 km away.

From the tourist airport Antalya you can also get to resorts such as Beldibi , 40 km, Goynuk 45 km, the Kiris - 53 km, of Chamyuva landscapes won is 55 km away and Sochi is 73 km away.

Turkey - a wonderful place of vacationhere you can truly enjoy wonderful air, relax in the health spas, to explore on your own or with a guided tour of the unique ancient sights and just lie on the beach enjoying the sun. This is not the whole list of entertainment, come to this beautiful country and see for yourself.

See this video, what is the infrastructure at the airport Ataturk in Istanbul: