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What to see in Turkey: sights of Manavgat waterfall photos

Turciya: dostoprimechatelnosti Manavgata

The Antalya coast is the most touristic region of Turkey, every year millions of tourists come to relax on the Mediterranean beaches, enjoy the beautiful service and to visit the ruins of ancient cities.

One of the cities of the coast of Turkey - Manavgat attractions which will suit those who are tired of beach holidays and wants to change the coast on the river and mountain scenery.

Manavgat on the map in Russian language

gorod na karte Antalijskogo poberezhya

Manavgat is part of Antalya coast of Turkey — conglomerate resort towns and villages on the Mediterranean coast in Antalya province.

Where and how to get there?

Manavgat is located on the eponymous river in the Turkish province of Antalya between the major resort towns of Antalya and Alanya. Five kilometers from Manavgat is located an ancient city of side.

The city is not the sea. Distance from Manavgat to the Mediterranean sea coast is 5 km away.

Manavgat is located far from the major cities of Istanbul and Ankara, so you can get to the city is easiest via the international airport of Antalya which is closest to Manavgat is 75 km From the airport Antalya to the resort can be reached by taxi, rented car or bus. Also long-distance bus will have to use, if you have the journey from other Turkish cities.

A bit of history

kratkaya istoriya

Manavgat was founded in the first half of the XIV century by the Seljuk Turks after the disintegration of the United Konisskogo Sultanate. Originally called Melas (Karasu). In 1472, was annexed to the Ottoman Empire, after which it was renamed in honor of the river flowing through the city. The fate of Manavgat is inextricably linked with Ottoman empires and its current successor Turkey.

Attractions with photos

Tourists come on the Antalya coast of Turkey not only to soak up the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and to visit the ancient city, now located in Turkey, such as Manavgat.


In the vicinity of Manavgat there are two ancient city with many preserved buildings, and the sea is an easy drive or even walk.

There are fewer tourists than in neighbouring Antalya and Alanya, cooler climate, so stay in Manavgat perfect for travelers, avoiding overly loaded.

arhitektura mecheti Merkez Külliye Camii

The main architectural pearls of this area are the towns of side and Seleucia (Libe), has retained an enormous number of buildings of the time of Ancient Greece and Rome. However, in the Manavgat is something to admire.

  • Impressive for its size the city's principal mosque Merkez Külliye Camii is the largest Muslim temple Antalya coast of Turkey.

    The dome of the mosque rises up to 30 meters, and above it are four minarets with a height of 60 meters. The main mosque of Manavgat was built in 2004.

  • Sanayi Camii mosque, or Green mosque, was built in 1973. The appearance and the interiors are made with a special grace and decorated with floral ornaments and inscriptions from the Koran.
  • A Grand Fountain Manavgat is the oldest in the whole area and one of the most beautiful in Turkey.

    The fountain was built in ancient times in 74 BC, as evidenced by the inscription on it stating that the building is dedicated to Emperor Titus. The fountain is decorated with reliefs of the Emperor, his sons and the Imperial officials.

  • arhitekturnyj fontan

However, the main architectural attractions of the area located in the vicinity of Manavgat in side Lire. In side is preserved a complex of ancient sites:

  1. The triumphal arch of the EmperorVespasian;
  2. market square;
  3. the largest of Turkey's ancient amphitheatre;
  4. the fountain of the Nymphaeum;
  5. the temple of Apollo;
  6. the temple of Artemis;
  7. port bath;
  8. the temple of Dionysus;
  9. fortress walls and towers.

Also in side the buildings of the Byzantine period, among them the Bishop's Palace and Basilica.

Another ancient city in the surrounding area of the Manavgat - Lira, otherwise known as Seleucia, can boast of such ancient buildings as:

  • Roman baths;
  • mausoleum;
  • Agora;
  • the necropolis;
  • Odeon and other ancient structures.


All the natural attractions of the city and the surrounding area are somehow connected with the river Manavgat:

  1. The famous Manavgat waterfall is the main attraction of the city and its environs. The waterfall is located on the Manavgat river halfway between the resort and the town of side.

    Despite the fact that water falls from a small height (2 meters), width of waterfall (40 meters) makes the Manavgat one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey.

    prirodnyj vodopad

    Manavgat waterfall has an artificial origin, it was built during the construction of the dam and reservoir on the same river. Around the waterfall is home to many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops;

  2. The mouth of the Manavgat river is unusually beautiful because of the sandbar that separates the river from the Mediterranean sea. River beaches with white sand and stunningly beautiful nature around will be a good alternative to sea side beach;
  3. Organized by the dam reservoir, green Canyon attracts tourists with its picturesque, turquoise water and surrounding mountains. Green Canyon is located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, so even on the hottest days it is cool here, and in the waters of green Canyon, you can always take a refreshing dip, go fishing or boating.
  4. Near the reservoir has a viewing platform which offers spectacular views of the green Canyon and the valley of the river Manavgat.

priroda Grin Kanona

In addition to natural attractions of the Manavgat river in this area worthy of a visit national Park köprülü canyon, lake Titreyengol and other natural objects located in the vicinity of the city.

What else to see?

Stop in Manavgat does not mean the reference is only to this city. Trips to the mountains or the coast is an integral part of recreation in this city. Fortunately, considerable interest represents all of the Antalya coast, which stretches for two hundred miles along the Mediterranean sea.

Where to go on your own?

While vacationing in Manavgat, of course you shouldn't avoid beaches, especially in combination with visiting of historical and architectural attractions of the country. So from Manavgat for any tourist straight road lies in the side where are located the beautiful beaches and ruins of the ancient city.

For those who are history and ancient architecture is not so interesting, is the way to go in national Park köprülü canyon, to enjoy the wonderful nature, the mountainous coastal regions of Turkey.

You can even go to Alanya and Antalya, to enjoy the night life of these busy resorts.

samostoyatelnye marshruty

However, for lovers of exclusive experiences more interesting is a visit to Lira (Seleucia), which is not serviced by public transport and where there are practically no tourists. Along the way travellers will find the ruins of the aqueductthat once fed water to the house in side and Roman bridge.

On top of the mountains, 20 km from the coast located the ruins Lire, which can be almost alone to wander through the former streets and look at ancient buildings that have survived to the present day.

Where to go with kids?

A small private zoo, with only 10 years of work is located in the centre of Manavgat. At the zoo children can get acquainted with the usual Pets, including extremely rare for Turkey, hog, and typical for the region fauna.

As always, the highlight of the zoo is the animal feeding, which involves young visitors.

In the neighboring side is discovery-dinosaur Parkwhich children will surprise and delight 40 models of prehistoric animals in full size. Model move, growl and make other sounds that not only impresseschildren but also adults. The Park has a small zoo where visitors can see various exotic animals.

You should also see the video about the attractions of the Manavgat: