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What to see in Turkey: Marmaris sights and the surrounding area

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Marmaris is a large tourist center that is part of the so-called "Turkish Riviera", which stretches along the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Every year more than 2 million tourists, most of whom are Europeans, visit Marmaris and attractions.

Marmaris on the map in Russian language

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Marmaris is a small resort town in Turkey, with a population of 35 thousand people. Despite higher prices than on the Antalya coast, Marmaris and other resorts of the Aegean sea, offers a more clean beaches, less hot climate and many attractions, located close to modern resorts.

The Marmaris Bay is closed from waves and winds, making the city one of the best resorts in Turkey for children.

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Where and how to get there?

Marmaris is located in southwest Turkey in the Asian part of the country in the Il (province) of Mugla, washed by the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Closest to the Marmaris international airport is located in Dalaman , 120 km from the resort. The airport receives in the holiday season Charter flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also in Dalaman you can fly with a stopover in Istanbul during the year.

A plane ticket can be purchased using this form of search. It is enough to enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

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From airport Dalaman to Marmaris can be reached by busorganized by the airlines or voyage route. The alternative is a taxi ride, but it will naturally cost more (about $ 70).

Historical information

Marmaris has a very long history. It is believed that it was founded not later than the XI century BC and was called Physkos. Later the city was part of Hellenistic Greece, and with the beginning of our era was annexed to the Roman Empire. After the collapse of the Empire for millennia Physkos was part of the Byzantine Empire.

In 1391 it was conquered by the Ottomans and after a few decades was finally annexed to the Ottoman Empire, after which it was renamed in Marmaris ("shining") in honor of produced in the surrounding area of marble. With 80-ies of XX century, Marmaris becomes an important resort at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The sights of the city and surrounding areas - photo and description

Marmaris sights will hardly surprise those who have been to other Turkish cities, but on those who are only acquainted with the ancient and Ottoman legacy Turkey, they will make a lasting impression.

Architectural structures

arhitektura staroj kreposti

As in other cities of the sea coast of Turkey, the main attractions of Marmaris remains of the ancient heritage.

However, in the era of the Ottoman Empire was built with outstanding architectural structures.

  • The old castle of Marmaris was built in the early sixteenth century under Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent to capture the island of Rhodes, opposite Marmaris. The fortress was erected on the ruins of the citadel built by Alexander the Great after the conquest of the Macedonians troops of the city of Physkos.

    Fortress Suleiman has long served as a base for the Turkish Navy. For visitors it was opened in 1991 after an extensive renovation that restored its original appearance and interiors.

  • Caravanserai named Hafsa were also built in the XVI century during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent and was named in honor of his mother Hafsa.Classic Oriental caravanserai is impressive for its architecture and especially the finish and decor of the premises.

    Although here no longer stay for the night, the caravan-Saray Marmaris still attracts guests and travelers: there are several cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

  • arhitekturnaya gostinica

  • As in many other ancient cities of Turkey, in Marmaris and the surrounding area has preserved rich ancient heritage. Local amphitheatre was erected in the IV-V centuries BC, and is now located right in the city.

    The ancient structure was well preserved for his age, largely due to numerous reconstructions, the latest of which took place in 1970. The amphitheatre is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.

  • Ruins of ancient Fixes located on a hill in the Northern part of modern Marmaris. The ruins are called the archaeological center of Asartepe, there are the remains of the ancient Acropolis, archaeological site and Museum dedicated to the history of Marmaris.
  • Another ancient amphitheater located close to Marmaris on the beautiful island of Cleopatra. This amphitheater has survived worse than building in the city, however, looks more picturesque due to the fact that is hidden from prying eyes gorge.

Religious buildings

The main attraction of the Muslim architecture of the city — the mosque of Ibrahim Agha, built in the late XVIII century in the traditional Ottoman style.

Especially attractive classical Ottoman minaret, ascended high above the dome of the mosque.

Much more ancient religious monument located on the island of Cleopatra. Now from the ancient temple of Apollo, Dating from the early first century of our era, only ruins are left. Despite this, they leave a huge impression thanks to its majestic appearance.


pamyatnaya skulptura

Monuments of Marmaris one way or another connected with the sea, as the life of the resort.

  1. Sculpture "Pearl" is located at the entrance to Marmaris. It was established in honor of the incorrect opinion that the city's name comes from the French phrase "Le Mar Maris", which means literally "sea pearl". Despite the obvious fallacy of this opinion about the origin of the name of the city, it has great popularity among tourists and part locals.
  2. Monument "Girl, meets sailors" was recently installed on the promenade of Marmaris. The sculpture symbolizes love and faith remaining on the shore and the expectation of sailing the sailors, leaving his city. The composition represents a figure of a girl in full growth with a bird perched on her palm. The monument is decorated with the inscription by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet.
  3. Monument to the "father of the Turks" Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is located on the waterfront of the city. The monument symbolizes the recognition and respect of the people of Turkey well-known political figure of Turkey, to transform the country from the ruins of Empire in the modern secular state.
  4. Monument "Lovers" is set in the heart of the Spa town near the small singing fountain. The monument is a pair of lovers cuddled up and with outstretched arms in different directions.


In Marmaris not so much museums, but those that are really worthy of a visit.

The main Museum is located in the city of Marmaris fortress of the XVI century. In the Museum are 3 exhibition halls, located in the castle galleries. The first of them is devoted to the former President of the Turkish Republic Kenan Avinu, the second archaeological excavations made in Marmaris and the surrounding area, and the third the life and environment of the traditional Turkish house.

glavnyj muzej

Private Museum of Ethnography and Archeology was opened in 2005 and is located in the city centre. The Creator of the Museum is Ahmed Urki, 40 years selling Oriental rugs on the market. It is the carpets and made an initial exposition of the Museum, which later grew at the expense of household items, ancient weapons, archeological finds, manuscripts of the Koran, and many other exhibits.

The undeniable advantage of this Museum is free entrance and the daily work of Museum premises.

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Natural objects

Nature sea coast of Turkey is impressive for its beauty, beauty and diversity. And Marmaris is no exception.

prirodnaya kosa

  • The "maiden braid" around the resort is a narrow sandy strip stretching in the middle of the Bozburun Bay. "Maiden scythe", a scythe or cous-Kumu, is a beautiful and sad legend about two lovers that lived on the banks of the Bay. Whatever it was, "Maidenspit" remains one of the most beautiful places in Marmaris, here every tourist can feel what it's like to walk on water.
  • One of amazing places in Marmaris Cleopatra island, where the famous Egyptian Queen, met with her lover, commander mark Antony.

    On the island, also known as Sedir, are the ruins of ancient structures, and Cleopatra's beach is notable for its unusual sand, which, according to legend, confirmed by scientists, was delivered by mark Anthony from the red sea coast of Egypt especially for Cleopatra.

  • The Pirates cave is located on hare island near Marmaris. To get to the cave only by water, it is best to use a small tourist boat. In the cave of the pirates, of course, kept their stolen wealth, so that every tourist can take part in impromptu search of treasure and even take them with you on the memory.

Also lovers of natural attractions can visit the waterfalls Or and Target, located close to the resort, or to go to the island Nimara (Paradise island), where the homonymous cave.

What else to see?

From Marmaris you can go on various excursions to the cities of the coast of Turkey, including Bodrum, or to the famous Ephesus. However, even without buying a tour and staying in the surroundings of Marmaris you can get a great new experience from independent campaigns.

Where to go independently on their own?

kuda pojti peshkom?

You can organize self-guided tour of the centre of Marmaris, in examining the advantages of the architecture. If you want a more intimate experience with nature, "Maiden spit" is the most appropriate place.

Icmeler from Marmaris are only 7 km, so the unhurried pace can be reached in just half an hour.

This port city, you can walk along the promenade, swim in the sea, which is much cleaner than Marmaris, or get lessons at school divers, where every tourist can teach you to dive to the bottom of the sea with scuba diving.

Trips with children

Visiting Factory doctor of Turkish Delight make a lasting impression on children. Because here are produced the famous Turkish sweets.

A factory tour is conducted by Dr. Turkish Delight, who knows Russian language.

At the end of the tour all visitors can enjoy free tasting of the sweets, after which everyone will want to buy products of small factory.

Another great place for families with children in Marmaris — a local water Park "Atlantis", located on the seafront of the resort. Visitors to the Park can ride on the rollercoaster, including extreme, and for younger visitors a special children's area. The beach belonging to the Park, open to all its visitors and does not require additional investment.

Watch video about the attractions of Marmaris: