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The best ski resorts of Turkey Uludag, Palandoken and other

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Turkey is an important center of winter tourism. Due to its geographical position, good conditions and lowest price skiing and snowboarding in the Turkish slopes is becoming increasingly popular among lovers of active holidays.

Winter resorts in Turkey are located in the forested mountains of medium height. The ski area stretches from the Black sea to the Mediterranean sea, from Cappadocia to the South-Eastern Anatolia.

The slopes are covered with snow almost all year round. Due to the lack of challenging trails, these places are especially great for beginners or those who are going on a trip with the kids.

Map of ski resorts in Turkey

All the country has about 20 ski resorts, each offering a diverse mix of travelers.

Some resorts located close to the sea. Fans of leisure to combine skiing with a stay on the beaches.

Other slopes are in areas known for its antiquity. In such places many archaeologically important sites.

Third ski resorts just very fashionable among vacationers.

In the morning, tourists can explore interesting places, and in the second half of the day to make a dizzying descent from one of the best hills.

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The rating resorts


The most popular resort for skiers is the legendary mount Olympus National Park in Uludag.

This ski center is 36 km South of Bursa and 150 km from Istanbul. Tourists visit Uludag from December to April.

The features of this resort:

  • the ski area reaches an altitude of 1800-2500 metres;
  • a wide range of places to stay in hotels, family chalets;
  • to get to the top on the chair-lifts;
  • for beginners there are gentle slopes, the courses of formation on the ski;
  • other entertainment – skating.

Total length of ski tracks is about 20 km, and the longest one is about 2000 meters.

At any time available for rental skis and equipment and suitable instructors. To hotels you can get on a good asphalt road or by cable car.

About active holidays in Uludag throughout the season legendary. The resort's famous nightlife. Everywhere are budget restaurants, night clubs.

On the eve of the New year outdoors with various activities.

Although Uludag is considered the place where the rest of the Beau Mondeand the ski area is often crowded due to high demand, many people prefer to go on vacation on the slopes.

Palandoken, Turkey, pleasure riding


In Eastern Anatolia , in the province of Erzurum is located Palandoken ski resort. This place is considered the best ski resort in Turkey.

Due to the snow quality, steepness of slopes, length of slopes of up to 12 miles, Palandoken is especially popular among advanced skiers.

A few facts about palandöken:

  • mount Palandoken is the highest mountain in Turkey.
  • the resort has a world-class infrastructure and excellent runs for skiers of all levels;
  • even in the evening there is the opportunity to ski on lit routes, accompanied by music.

Palandöken is a relatively young resort, but today is considered the best place to stay.

Next to the cable car there are a number of luxurious hotels, and not far from Erzurum is just 5 kilometers away there could also be accommodation options for every budget.

Suitable season for skiing in Palandoken lasts from December to may.

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Sarıkamış ski center, located 55 kilometers from Kars in Eastern Turkey. The hill is situated at an altitude of 2500 meters in a picturesque area surrounded by pine forests.

Perfectly groomed snow trails are suitable for mountain and cross-country skiing and also for downhill on a snowboard. For 12 km runs there are several chair lifts.

No wonder Sarikamis compare with the Austrian Alps:

  • all season here are beautifulweather conditions – Sunny and windless;
  • snow depth from 1.5 meters;
  • cable cars serve up to 2.5 thousand people per hour.
  • a variety of slopes designed for skiers of all skill levels.

The resort hotels are restaurants, clubs and hamams, and for more subdued recreation, a family-centered with children offering self-catering chalets.

Also popular are the cottages in the town of sarıkamış, located 3 kilometers from the mountain.

In the nearby town of Kars preserved architectural monuments of the Byzantine times and the Ottoman Empire, the ancient Church and Palace. Here tourists go skiing in his spare time or in bad weather.


40 kilometers from Bolu in the black sea region is situated the winter resort of Kartalkaya. Completely surrounded by pine forests is a favorite of many snowboarders and professionals.

Stand out in Kartalkaya 12 modern tracks of any complexity, a well-equipped mechanical facilities, modern hotels and tracks that are suitable for all kinds of winter sports.

This ski resort has become a popular place not only among tourists, but among local residents. Its proximity to Ankara and Istanbul, forcing the townspeople to get out at the weekend on the beaches and in the mountains.

Especially popular holiday in Kartalkaya – December to March.

Local hotels offer premium services to its guests, including: indoor pool, steam bath, restaurant, cafe, fireplace, gym, school ski and snowboard.

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In Turkey a lot of other small winter resortsthat offer a memorable stay in the mountains.

Every year the quality of service is growing, and prices remain low. This is what attracts the modern tourist to go to Turkey to winter skiing.