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Mersin on the map of Turkey: sights and weather in the city - photo

Mersin - gorod v Turcii

Resorts in Turkey are renowned for their optimal combination of high level of service quality and price comfortable. To compete with them is very difficult.

Despite the difficult situation prevailing in the country at the first opportunity tourists tend to go on vacation to their favorite beach. Currently, Mersin is a city in Turkey, is the safest vacation spot.

Mersin on the map of Turkey

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Mersino nearest international airport is Adana. It is from the resort at a distance of 69 km.

Mersin is famous for its parks, boulevards and comfortable hotels of European type.

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Search on the map of Mersin Turkey have in the South-Eastern coast of the country. This city is the center of the homonymous region. The number of residents exceeds 900 thousand people. The Turks themselves believe Mersin the best resort in the country. The geographic coordinates of the resort: 36°48'00" N. lat. 34°37'00" W. D.

Near Mersina are such large settlements:

  • Tarsus (27.92 km);
  • Silifke (76,7 km);
  • Ereğli (94,57 km).

45 km from Tarsus built a new airport çukurova.

How to get there?

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The most convenient way to reach Mersin — the flight from Istanbul to Adana. The Adana sakirpasa airport is 3.5 km from the city. International terminal with an area of 6150 square meters, was opened in 1997. It is possible to arrange a rental car or drive to Mersin by bus or taxi.

Plane tickets to Turkey you can find right now, using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Twice a day from Ankara to Mersin recover train Ic Anadolu and Cukurova Mavi Mavi. Rail and road connections from Mersin is well developed with many cities of Turkey. Expressways allow you to travel on the road From Mersin in the country in any direction. To get to the resort and waterways.

Connecting Mersin to other cities , the railway was built in the XIX century. She has for the city of great importance. It from the port of Mersin sent loads across the country. The inhabitants of the country prefer to travel in road transport by modern high-speed tracks.

The port of Mersin has connections with almost 100 international waters, situated on shores of different continents. The port has more than 23 piers and docks. Its area is more than 786 thousand square meters, and the throughput is more than 3800 ships.

Interesting information

To get to know the city better, is to not just visit, but to study its history and culture, and to know which places are more popular among tourists.

Historical note

In ancient times the land, located next to Mersina mark Antony brought the gift to Cleopatra. The first settlements in this area appeared in the VII Millennium BC, the Remains of the ancient city was discovered by the English archeologist John Garstang during the excavations of the hill UMUC-Tepe. In the days of Ancient Greece Mersin was called Zefirion, and then changed it to Andrianopolis.

The heyday of the city and Mersin began during the rise of Constantinople.

To ethnic cleansing, held in 1909, in Mersin, home to a large number of Christians. It is now a modern Muslim city.

General information

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Mersin is an area of 15.9 thousand square kilometers. The religion of the majority living in the city of the inhabitants is Islam. The highest point of the city 100 m.

The city has itsUniversity, are enterprises for the processing of petroleum products, glass and other products. Employment of the male population in town is around 60%, women — 16%.

Climate and weather

On average in Mersin is Sunny 300 days a year. The surrounding Taurus mountains to save him from the heat and protect from strong winds.

The average temperature in summer is kept within 33 degrees Celsius. Winter in these places the temperature does not fall below +10°C. the time of collection of citrus.

The holiday season in Mersin longer than in Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum - it can last from April until November.

Stay at the resort - photo

The resort has a well - developed tourist infrastructure. The city has many cafes, bars and restaurants, offering visitors a variety of cuisines of the world. You can have fun in night clubs, discos. For sports fitness centers.

Arriving at the resort, tourists on yachts can moor them to the pier special. The resort is now considered the safest place. This created ideal conditions for a beach holiday and diving.

Tourist areas

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In Mersin are almost no hostels. Budget holiday tourists can find in the neighboring resort town of Kizkalesi. Mersin itself is divided into 4 districts:

  1. Akdeniz. The area of the city which contains railway station and sea port. With them in this part of Mersin is a part of industrial enterprises;
  2. Mezitli. On the territory of this district are the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Soli;
  3. Toroslar. In this part of the station are the ruins of the ancient settlement Yumuktepe;
  4. Yenisehir. The modern part of the city, which is home to the bulk of the inhabitants of the city.

One of the historical landmarks of the resort zone Mersin Tarsus is.

Attractions and entertainment

Mersin refers to the resorts, where to live comfortably, to relax and have something to look at. The land of çukurova, which is located in Mersin has a rich historical past. Among the most famous attractions:

  • Cilicia - Parking of primitive people. In these places people began to settle long before the birth of Christ. To the present day preserved in the area of the walls of ancient buildings, built of unknown materials. Researchers attribute them to the ancient civilization of Zephyrium.
  • Tarsus of Cilicia is the main city of ancient Cilicia. It is the birthplace of the Apostle Paul. During the excavation in this place was discovered by his house.

    This is one of the first places where Christianity was born. The city has a well with healing water that you drink coming pilgrims. At the entrance to the Mersin gate of Queen Cleopatra. It was in Tarsus Egyptian Queen met with Anthony.

  • The caves of Heaven and Hell. These unique natural structures associated with religious legends. To go to Heaven by steps leading to the Byzantine Church, which is hidden in the depths of the cave.
  • Elaiussa Sebaste necropolis Sebastian. Ruins of the ancient city belong to the Hellenistic period. This place is associated with the name of the king of Cappadocia, who received the city as a gift from the Emperor Augustus.

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In addition to the monuments of architecture and history of the resort is full of parks and gardens, striking in its beauty, which is a nice walk, enjoying the local views. Green Park area is equipped with gazebos, fountains and walkways.

The beach area

The resort is famous for its sandy beaches and very clear sea. This is a real Paradise for diving enthusiasts. Not the best place — the centre of Mersin. The presence of the resort of port makes to choice for a beach holiday their adjustments. The best beaches are in some distance from its Central part. Among them:

  1. Kizkalesi;
  2. Erdemli;
  3. Cesmeli;
  4. Ayash and others.

108 km from the town is the island Bosak. It is a beautiful place with sandy beaches which has the blue flag for clean beach and the sea. You can reach it from Mersin on the road leading to Antalya.

To reach the island from the mainland on the boat to rent here is not difficult.

Near the beaches of Mersin, you can always find some building belonging to Byzantine period.

Best hotels

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Provided by the resort hotels service is fully consistent with international standards. Almost all five-star hotels Mersin, located on the beachfront, have their own beaches and pools. Along with accommodation they can get a wide range of additional services including Spa treatments.

Tourists staying at the resort for 2-3 days stay in cheaper hotels. Their services are at a decent level. Travelers receive the highest level of comfort. All hotels Mersin operate on the principle of "all inclusive".

Among the best cheap hotels in Mersin:

  • Hotel Calamie. Located on the beachfront, only 150 metres from the Mediterranean sea. For the comfort of tourists the hotel has an outdoor pool with hydromassage;
  • Upart Home. The hotel is in the heart Mezitli. It features an outdoor pool. Guests can rent a self-catering accommodation;
  • Akdeniz hotel. Find your hotel needs in the city centre. It features a sauna, Turkish baths, and Spa salons;
  • Almir Hotel. The hotel is in the suburbs of Mersin Kizkalesi. The rooms offer magnificent views of the sea and the scenery.

Such comfortable hotels Mersin are very popular among the sailors of the ships calling at the port of resort for a few days.

For long-stay tourists choose the more "star" hotels. Among the best hotels luxury in Mersin:

  1. Radisson Blu Hotel, Mersin. Luxury five-star hotel with 246 rooms, located in the centre of the resort. The hotel has a sauna, a steam room and a relaxing terrace on the roof.

    Near the hotel there are many cafes and restaurants. Rooms feature a dining area, a safe, a Minibar and wireless Internet.

  2. The Radisson Blu Hotel has its own Spa, fitness centre and gymnasium.

  3. Mersin HiltonSA. 5 star hotel near the beach and 4 km from the city centre. In the hotel and 186 comfortable rooms, among which there are special non-Smoking apartment. The rooms are equipped with panoramic Windows, views to the flowing nearby river.

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