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Markets in Istanbul: the Grand Bazaar, Laleli, Egyptian, fish - photos

Grand-Bazar v Stambule

Oriental tale with a touch of spice is impossible without noisy, filled with people of the Bazaar. This fabulous place is real the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar on a map of Istanbul

bolshaya yarmarka v stolice

The Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar) is one of the largest markets with the roof in the world and the largest in Istanbul. The name "Bazaar" is translated as "fair", and "Grand" means "big".

The Grand Bazaar is a large covered shopping area, equal to just over 30 thousand square meters.

The Bazaar is located in Sultanahmet, the historical centre of the city, near Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque. Address main entrance of the Grand Bazaar is Turkey, Istanbul Beyazit, street, Kalpakjian, 34000.

The Bazaar is located right in the centre of Istanbul, so you can reach it on the city tram. Stop where you want to go out, called "the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Charshi").

What is complex - photo

chto predstavlyaet kompleks vnutri?

Analogues of the Grand Bazaar in the world no market can truly be considered a unique phenomenon.


The construction of the market began in 1453, immediately after the capture of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman troops and ended in 1461. In the following years and centuries the market more and more extended. In the 18th century, the Grand Bazaar was the slave centre of the country - captured slaves of different nationalities were sold here from the tray.

In 1894 there was a massive earthquakethat destroyed a significant part of the construction market and have made a lot of work to restore.

Now the market is the most visited place not only by tourists but also by locals.



The Grand Bazaar is hardly a market in the usual sense - is a town in the city. It's even got its streets, and each has its own special name.

The market takes up several blocks and there are over 4000 shops and retail stores, as well as several mosques, warehouses, one bath, one school, and even dwelling. In the market there are also coffee shops, restaurants and points of currency exchange.

The market has 18 gates and all of them have their name. In order not to get lost in the maze, remember the name of the gate through which I went. The Bazaar is open daily except Sundays and public holidays working hours: from 9 to 19 hours.

What can you buy?

In Grand Bazaar you can buy almost everything, for example:

  • products;
  • jewelry;
  • ceramics;
  • carpets;
  • clothes;
  • amulets against the evil eye;
  • spices;
  • aromatic oils and much more.

Tourists are particularly attracted Souvenirs, Oriental sweets and spices.

On the market certainly need to bargain - it is a must on any trade, so sellers Jack up the prices in advance.

Other markets of the capital of Turkey

Istanbul is filled with markets of all stripes - despite the abundance of supermarkets, the Turks prefer to shop at markets and bazaars where you can bargain, and socialize.

Clothing and wholesale

opt i roznica v veshevyh ryadah

Markets for buying things I use in Turkey is very popular with locals.

  1. In famous for its luxury hotels district of Besiktas is the clothing market with the same name. It's pretty affordablemarket where you can purchase very high quality stuff at ridiculous prices.
  2. Market Mahmutpasa is located between the Grand Bazaar and Eminonu. To find that the old, founded in the 15th century the market can be perceptible mosques. Mahmutpasa - about 300 stalls where you can buy cheap things.
  3. In Sultanahmet near the Blue mosque is another market, called Arasta. Previously sold on the market to horses and harness, and now here you can buy clothes, household utensils, Souvenirs, and jewelry. All rental income trading platforms go to the restoration of the mosque. The Bazaar is open every day from 9 to 17 hours.
  4. Wholesale market, and the district of Laleli it is Russian - during the shortage in the USSR from that market to buy most of the goods. Therefore, almost every seller in the market in varying degrees, fluent in the tongue.

    Here you can buy clothes, utensils, watches and leather goods. The market is open daily from 8:30 to 19:00 and is situated at Turkey, Istanbul, Fatih street Mesihpasa, 13.

  5. Other wholesale market Merter specializiruetsya on textiles - it's pretty cheap to put the whole family at any time of the year. Compared to Laleli Merter is not so popular, but, nevertheless, the prices are very budget.
  6. The market is right near the metro station - you need to go on the red line to the station "Merter".

  7. Market Osmanbey is located in the same area and specializiruetsya on trade in gold and silver, and genuine leather products - bags, gloves, shoes and so on. The market is open daily, except Sunday, from 6 to 18 hours.

Fish fair

rybnaya yarmarka na karte

Fish market is located at Galata bridge - a two-kilometer bridge over the Bay of the Golden Horn. The only commodity market that we can understand from the name, this fish - it certainly fresh, just caught from the sea.

Sellers in this market can learn from afar - they go in aprons and rubber boots. The range for all merchants the same, because they are trying to attract buyers by any means - lower prices, spread of fish in different interesting shapes and forms.

The Egyptian Bazaar

The Egyptian Bazaar is also called the spice Market - there is the fact that all over the Istanbul could not be found. The abundance of spices and seasonings, cosmetics and perfumes, medicinal herbs, and dried fruit - that's the basic range of goods of the market. Of course, the focus is on the spices - you can buy them in bulk or in special packages.

The market is located in the historical centre of the city - in the quarter of eminönü, at the entrance of the Bay of the Golden Horn. The market was founded in 1660, the Egyptian merchants, who sold goods from India.

Flea Horhor

Flea market Horhor is located in the heart of Istanbulclose to Aksaray tram station. Horhor is a five-story building, which houses over two hundred shops.

The main range of the market is the Antiques: furniture, figurines, dishes, pictures, books and more. Here are masters in furniture repair and restoration of paintings.

Gorgora in the shops you can meet Russian Antiques, and coins of the Ottoman Empire.

The market works from Monday to Saturday from 10 till 18 o'clock, and on Sunday from 12 to 17 hours.

All about the Grand Bazaar see in this video: