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How many seas surround Turkey - the Aegean, the Mediterranean and other

kakie morya omyvaut Turciu?

Turkey is one of the most amazing and interesting countries in the world. The combination of lovely warm climate, picturesque nature, rich history and attractive prices makes Turkey one of the world leaders in the tourism industry.

Turkey on the map

Karta morej Turcii

Turkey is one of the largest population of the States of Europe. Its population is approximately 77 million people.

What geographical location?

Turkey is located right in two parts of the world — in Europe and Asia. The European part is called Eastern Thrace and Asian Anatolia.

The country's terrain is mountainous, the average height above sea level is about 1000 meters.

The area of the territory of the state is 780 thousand square kilometers, of which 97% are located in Asia. The country shares borders with Bulgaria and Greece in Europe, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia in Asia.

How many seas wash over the Turkish coast?

Turkey is a Maritime country. The total length of the coastline is more than 7000 kilometers.

So what sea is Turkey? And bordering the country from the North to the South seas 4:

  1. The black sea;
  2. The sea of Marmara;
  3. Aegean sea;
  4. Of the Mediterranean sea.

The black sea coast

Bereg CHernogo bassejna

Black sea — the North sea in Turkey. Its feature is the low salinity and relatively low temperature of the water.

Description of the coastal zone

For the Western part of the black sea coast of Turkey characterized by a dry Mediterranean climate, East — humid subtropical. The average temperature in summer is 22-24 degrees, a vacation on the black sea coast is most suitable for travelers who prefer a mild climate.

The length of the coastline of the black sea coast of Turkey is approximately 1600 kilometers. The European part is called the Rumelian coast, Asian — Pont, from the former name of the Black sea.

Along the Asian coast of the black sea stretch of the Pontic mountains that protect the coast from cold winds inland mountain areas of Turkey.

The Resorts In The Black Sea

The resorts of the black sea coast of Turkey attract tourists rich historical heritage, mild climate, the peculiar nature and low prices. They are perfect not only fans of beach rest, but also interested in history and ancient architecture. The Turks themselves prefer to rest here.

To the main black sea resorts of Turkey are:

  • Rize is the tea capital of Turkey. In the city there is a Genoese fortress, castle XYR, a medieval mosque. Besides beaches, you can engage in mountain tourism, in particular rock climbing and river rafting;
  • Trabzon — the former capital of the Empire of Trebizond, the ancient Christian city. There are many well preserved medieval churches, the rock monastery of Panagia Sumela, tradonsky castle, Ataturk's mansion and other attractions. This is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the East;
  • Samsun was founded in the 6th century BC. One of the largest cities of the Black sea is a year-round resort. In addition to numerous attractions and cozybeaches tourists are offered equipped ski slopes in the vicinity of the city. Samsun is the birthplace of the Amazons, in whose honor the annual festival;
  • Sinop — birthplace of the philosopher Diogenes and the terrible king Mithridates. This ancient city famous for its many historical attractions. To the West of Sinop are numerous sand and pebble beaches;
  • The resort town of Agva and sile very popular among Istanbul residents. For them characteristic great beaches and low prices.

Mediterranean coast

Sredizemnomorskie plyazhi

Mediterranean seathe warmest and salt from the seas surrounding Turkey.

Coastal area

Its coastline stretches for 1,500 kilometers, and parallel to it are drawn to the mountains that protect the coast from cold North winds in Central Antalya. For the Mediterranean coast of Turkey subtropical climate with hot and dry summer and warm in winter. In summer the sea warms up to 28 degrees.

Mediterranean City

Resorts of the Mediterranean coast are very popular among foreign tourists, including from Russia. The swimming season here is the longest and lasts from the beginning of may at the Nov.

It is on the Mediterranean resort of most embedded system "all inclusive", which is so fond of tourists.

Antalya is the main resort of the southern part of Turkey. This place in the 90-ies was chosen by our compatriots as soon as I got the opportunity to travel freely around the world. Here you can visit the wonderful beaches in the districts of konyaaltı and Lara.

The city gave name to the whole ridge of the coastal resorts of Antalya coast. These include:

  • Belek is the most fashionable resort of Turkey. Its development began not so long ago, in 1984, but by this time it was one of the best in the country. The length of the sandy beaches in Belek is around 20 kilometers, most of which are Blue flag - the international mark of quality. The city is a world-renowned Golf.
  • Side — one of the best resorts of Turkey. In addition to excellent beaches and the turquoise sea, tourists are attracted by the town's historic buildings. Here are the famous monuments of antiquity, the temple of Apollo and Roman amphitheatre;
  • Kemer, perhaps, the most popular resort in Turkey among Russians. The beaches in Kemer for the most part pebbly. In the vicinity of Kemer are the ruins of 2 ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos;
  • Alanya is the hottest resort in Turkey. The average annual temperature is +20 degrees, in high season reaches 35 degrees. Among the tourists to the famous sandy beaches of Alanya with a gently sloping entrance into the water. The city is also famous for its highly developed service and magnificent historical monuments, primarily the Byzantine fortress ICH-Calais.

The sea of Marmara

territoriya Mramornogo vodoema

The Marmara sea is separated from the Black by the Bosphorusand Aegean, the Dardanelles Strait.

Characteristics of Pomerania

Sea-Brega small, only 11 thousand kilometers and a maximum width of only 80 kilometers. Marmara sea is inherent to a subtropical climate with hot, dry summers and cool, windy winters. Water temperature in summer reaches 25-28 degrees, and in coastal bays — 31 degrees. The salinity of the waters of the sea of Marmara are higher than in Black. The coastline is over 1000 miles away.

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Main tourist places

Marmara coast is the most populated region of Turkey. But the resorts here are small cities and towns, serving primarily the major Turkish metropolis Istanbul. One of the greatest cities in human history, attracting tourists for its history, architecture, atmosphere and rhythm of life. In the suburbs of Istanbul are quite affordable and beach holidays.

Marmara island with eponymous town is the best place for a secluded relaxing holiday in harmony with nature. The island received its name for its deposits of white marble, which are mined for several millennia. In the city is the famousmarble beach.

Adalaror princes Islands — an archipelago of 9 Islands in the East of the sea of Marmara. Popular among Istanbul residents and foreign tourists, the resort offers guests numerous beaches, located in cozy bays. On the largest island, Buyukada prohibited road transport.

The island of Avsa, or Turkeli, popular among European tourists. This resort is notable for its clean sea and beautiful beaches, is also characterized by a special microclimate — it's never too hot. This is one of the major wine centres of the country.

The Aegean pool

Egejskoe poberezhe

The Aegean sea geographically belongs to the basin of the Mediterranean.


Waters of the Aegean sea are distinguished by the exceptional purity and high salinity. In the waters of the Aegean sea is about 2,000 Islands, though most of them belong to Greece.

According to ancient Greek mythology, named for a legendary king of Athens, Aegeus, threw himself from sorrow in to the sea.

Aegean sea — one of the cradles of human civilization. On both its shores are numerous monuments of ancient times.

The Turkish coast of the Aegean sea has a high indented coastline characterized by numerous coves and bays. It has a coastline of nearly 2000 kilometers.

The climate of the Aegean coast is much drier than the Mediterranean, so in the summer it is quite comfortable in any heat. The water temperature in the season is 26-27 degrees.

Resort settlement

The combination of natural factors and geographical location has led to the fact that the resorts of the Aegean coast is considered the most expensive in Turkey.

Marmaris — the pearl of the Aegean coast and the favorite resort of the Europeans of Turkey. It is located in a closed Bay, protected coastal waters from strong waves. Also a big plus Marmaris are clean sandy beaches and a smooth entry into the water. Available to tourists and leisure travelers can enjoy

  1. Diving;
  2. Windsurfing;
  3. Water skiing;
  4. Rafting on the Dalaman river;
  5. Safari around the city.

Another popular resort of the Aegean coast — the city of Bodrum, located on the site of the ancient Greek Polis Halicarnassus. Beaches in Bodrum you can find both pebble and sand, many of them Blue flag of quality.

Bodrum is considered a youth resort with active night life and entertainment.

Cesme is especially popular among windsurfers and sailing due to strong winds blowing from the coast of the city. The water in the sea at this resort has a high purity that attracts many divers from all over the world. Cesme is one of the leaders in health tourism thanks to the many sources of mineral and thermal waters.

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