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Where is the Marmara sea with the major Islands on the world map?

Mramornoe more na karte

The Marmara sea is the smallest body of water on Earth, which takes its name from the Marmara island, located on its territory. Coast this area is decorated with a variety of resorts, which they like to rest tourists from all over the world.

The Marmara sea on the world map in Russian language

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The Marmara sea is included in the Mediterranean basin and belongs to the seas of the Atlantic ocean.

The sea arose due to a fracture in the earth's crust, divided mainland Europe, Africa and Asia.

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The Marmara sea on the world map can be found on Turkish territory at the point where it joins the European and Asian part of the country. The pond has borders with the Black sea through the Bosporus and with the Aegean sea through the Dardanelles Strait.

Pool description

The Marmara sea has a very modest size. Its approximate length is only 280 miles and a width of 80 km and a Depth of a little more than the Azov sea – 1370 meters. The volume of water equal to approximately 3382 cubic km.

In the waters of the sea of Marmara is located a few Islands. Some of them are inhabited, but there are wild areas. Considered the largest Marble and princes ' Islands. They often bring tourists during boat trips.

The coastal zone varies from place to place. On the North coast is mainly rocky and covered with forests. Here at the bottom is a lot of reefs, therefore this region is very popular with diving enthusiasts. The South coast is deeply indented with coves and bays.

The flora and fauna of the Marmara sea similar to the Mediterranean sea. Here fishing, in particular, large volumes of produced fish such as mackerel, mullet, mackerel, herring and tuna. In the water quite a lot of shellfish: oysters, mussels, and sea dates, as well as octopus, lobster and squid. Among the algae in the water is dominated by diatoms and peridineae.


klimaticheskie usloviya

The Marmara sea is dominated by the Mediterranean climate. On average, in summer the water warms up to 26°C, but all of the seas surrounding Turkey, it is considered the most cold (3-4 degrees). In winter the sea does not freeze, and the water is cooled to 9 degrees. At the bottom the water temperature does not fall below a mark of +14°C.

The holiday season is the period from may by October, when the temperature of the sea water is warmed up to a maximum value of +27°C.

What country is between?

The Marmara sea washes the coast of Turkey. Water pass waterway ships from the Black sea to the Aegean and back. The quality of sea water is almost not affected, because the major ports are far away from the resorts.

The sea shore

From the sea of Marmara quite a lot of fanswho prefer to spend time in the resorts located on its coast. There are sandy and rocky beaches and picturesque bays and coves with unique picturesque nature.

Popular resorts

The resorts of the sea of Marmara have become popular fairly recently, as their purpose is very diverse. There are famous thermal and health resorts, as well as a beach and entertainment places.

The coastline of the sea of Marmara is familiar to many these names:

  • Gene is the main thermal resort;
  • Denizkent – a place dominated by magnificent beaches;
  • The çekirge – beach, known for warm mineral springs;
  • Termal – resort, famous for its thermal baths;
  • Erdek is the oldest resort in the region.

If you are planning a vacation on the coast of Marmarathe sea with children, for such purposes it is better to choose resorts located on the South coast, because the sea is cleaner and the beaches are sandy with a gentle descent into the water. In addition, this place is quite a lot of attractions. The most popular resort in this region is Yalova is a city known for its thermal springs, a highly developed infrastructure and picturesque nature.

On the North coast is Istanbul and Izmit – two major industrial and tourist center of importance for Turkey.

These resort town often come to see the sights of the country, because the beach is hardly suitable for swimming.

In General, in the North of the Marmara sea coastal area is very swampy, so tourists are advised to go on holiday to the resorts of the South.

The largest island

Krupnyj ostrov Marmara

On the territory of the Marmara sea has many Islands among which the largest is considered Marmara. Its approximate size is 17 km long and 8 km wide. It has hilly terrain, and its shores are mainly rocky with small bays and beaches.

Since ancient times the island was inhabited by Greeks and was mined in the marble, and in our days here arrange tours, where they show works of art of the Ancient world and Byzantium. In port Marmara are ferries that deliver tourists from mainland sushi.

The pros and cons of vacation

With the onset of the holidays, many decide to relax, preferring the resorts of Turkey, thanks to the low cost and rapid access to them. While the Marmara sea is popular because along the coast there are comfortable hotels, comfortable beaches of superior, and the local air is so clean that it can not be compared with any resort in the country.

The benefits of recreation on the sea of Marmara obvious:

  1. Great opportunity;
  2. High service;
  3. The abundance of attractions;
  4. Comfortable weather conditions;
  5. A small number of guests;
  6. The opportunity to improve their health.

The disadvantages include the fact that the holiday season in this region lasts much less than other resorts of Turkey.

Unlike the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea, where the season lasts from may to the end of November, sea of Marmara it ends in early October.

It should be noted that the water temperature is not always suitable for families with children, as even on hot days seem cool. But such conditions are ideal for those who have health problems. The lack of the scorching sun, salubrious air filled with phytoncides and the opportunity to cool off in the water with such temperature, make the stay comfortable for the elderly and the thermal water of springs help in the treatment of many diseases.

The sea of Marmara, located in Turkey, a great place to relax in the summer, because here there is everything to make this holiday a memorable one.

And in this video you will learn what is found at the bottom of the sea of Marmara: