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Rafting in Turkey: Alanya, Antalya, the köprülü canyon

rafting v Turcii

Since ancient people learned to travel and to transport goods by rafting. Then it was a necessity, today we have the opportunity not only to work on the water, but also to spend leisure time.

One such way is rafting. To hold it better in countries with a warmer climate, so the most popular rafting in Turkey.



The word "rafting" has the roots of the word "raft", which means nothing but "the raft".

It was on the rafts, specifically on rafts and rafting takes place on the standard rules.

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What is it, and how's it going?

Before alloy was used for the transport of large cargoes, travel and personal needs. Today this movement has become a sport.

Rafting is a sport descend the river with great rapids and shoals. He carried on rafts – inflatable vessels of small.

A feature of the raft is of elongated form, a raised nose, the fasteners for the legs in the bottom of the vessel. Usually these boats are made of PVC.

At the present time the rafting is not only a sport of the alloy, but also commercial, that is, to take it you don't need to be an athlete or specially trained person, the main thing – the desire and ability to pay for the tour.

chto iz sebya predstavlyaet i kak prohodit?

Choose the tour according to the expected complexity, there are 6 categories. Obstacles on the routes are measured separately, already at a seven-point scale.

The most steep and complex you can call the routes with difficulty from 3 and above. In this case, the complexity is calculated on the basis of possible danger of injury or hypothermia, for the passage of such a route requires a good physical preparation.

Since the alloys of this level are usually away from the settlements, when the incident trouble to wait for help would take a long time and count all that time have only for themselves.

Valuable and interesting rafting, together with the use and improvement of his physical strength and speed tourist gets a fair share of aesthetic pleasure. Coupled with the struggle with the rapids and over the person is able to contemplate the magnificent scenery, breathe fresh air, connect with nature. Rafting unites man and nature, making them one.

What things to take with you?

What you should take with you, going on rafting:

  • spare shoes;
  • backpack;
  • warm clothing;
  • towel;
  • toiletries;
  • sunscreen;
  • snack and water.

chto iz veshej vzyat?

Participate in rafting, even children, of course, assuming that they will be parents and that route will have the lowest level of complexity.

The best time to raft Turkey?

Travel companies offer quite an extensive programme of alloys – from April to October. You can choose the Dalaman river or Kepro. If you heat-loving, should think about July or August, and if well tolerated the cold – may or October will reward you with a real water adventure.

It should be noted that in October it is possible to save money on the trip overall, as the season comes to an end. Another advantage of this month is the lack of large tourist crowds.

Turkish popular place for rafting

In Turkey quite a lot of rivers that are ideal for rafting. The most famous include the river Dalaman and Köprüçay.

From Alanya to Koprulu canyon

National Park köprülü Canyon is renowned for its beauty,areas, overgrown with cypress and pine trees. Through the Park flows the river Köprüçay river, forming several canyons. The most popular canyon is called Green canyon, named in honor of the emerald waters of the river in this place. From here begins the raft-journey.

This route has low complexity and is therefore very popular among tourists.

In the travel Agency Alanya, where you will take the tour, be sure to inquire about whether the raft to swim in the canyon. If not – then you lose the ability to see the beauty of this place. In this case, the descent is only on the river, the opportunity to see the Oluk bridge and waterfalls, you will have only from a distance.

kak splavlyatsya v kanone Keprulu?

If you are concerned, visit canyon, then your attention will be presented as two bridges: the above Oluk, a restored and operating at the present time, and second, authentic, intact, built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC

The water in the river is quite cold, around 6 degrees, but in particularly hot afternoon it and enjoy.

From Kemer on the river Köprüçay

If your soul desires a more extreme adventure, you can take a tour of Kemer on the river Köprüçay. The difficulty level of this route above, 2-3. The rapids of the rivers begin in the Taurus mountains and pass through the many canyons, entering then into the Mediterranean sea.

Along with an increased level of complexity here and you can see the beautiful scenery, adjacent to the crystal clear water of the river.

For beginners you can start rafting from the Oluk bridge. Those who are confident in their abilities, can try themselves in the complicated version is to rise with the tide up a bit.

From Marmaris to Dalaman

Even more complex alloy is considered as the rafting in Marmaris in the Dalaman river. There are many rapids and rapids, their level of 3-4. There are 5 level, but such an alloy can handle only by professionals. Especially dangerous is the upper stage of the river bottom suitable for beginners.

Your safety during the trip busy team of professional craftsmen. Routes thoroughly thought out, the equipment is strengthened and gives the opportunity to enjoy the adventure even beginners without danger to their lives.

What things are issued in the alloy:

  1. helmet;
  2. life jacket;
  3. rubber Slippers;
  4. paddle;
  5. drybag.

spusk po reke Dalaman

Deciding on such a journey, you will receive a lot of vivid impressions and adrenaline, will see the beauty of the surroundings of Dalaman and its surrounding mountains and forests.

Alloy lasts about 3 hours under the scorching sun. The tumultuous rapids here, there is a danger of roll over. Between the rapids there are more quiet areas, where you will have the opportunity to admire the waterfall and old bridge Akkopru.

Interesting facts

  • A pioneer in the world of rafting was M. Jones, who went to extreme rafting on the rivers of Africa and America first, then kayaking.
  • During the Vietnam war rafts were intensively used for the transference of goods on the military bases of America.
  • Rafting is a team sport. Each team member is important and needs to work cohesively with the rest of the group.
  • In each team there is a captain, other team members must properly and accurately carry out his instructions to avoid problems.
  • Competitions on rafting can be divided into slalom, sprint, parallel sprint and a long race.
  • Tourists are also offered to commercial rafting, to participate it is not necessary to have experience rafting. This made the alloy one of the most popular outdoor activities.

See in this video, how is the rafting in the köprülü canyon: