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Season of the sea: where to go, or you can fly from Singapore on a beach holiday?

plyazhnyj otdyh v Singapure

Singapore is a neighborhood of three cultures: Chinese, Indian and Arab. It is the center of business life in Asia with a huge port, lots of skyscrapers, an abundance of shopping and entertainment complexes.

There are many ancient attractions, luxurious hotels, beautiful parks and well kept beaches, so a beach holiday in Singapore is not spared.

Is there any in Singapore a beach vacation?

oblagorozheno li v strane poberezhe?

The area of a beach holiday in Singapore until recently was neglected, but now it is intensively developing.

Holiday by the sea, along with business and educational travel is becoming more comfortable and entertaining.

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The rest of the sea

Not so long ago, relaxing on the beaches of Singapore are not attracted tourists. They were scared off by the neighborhood of a giant cargo port, polluting the coastal zone. It is also known that in Singapore, the number of centers competing with Dubai, Shanghai and other port cities traditionally visit for shopping and entertainment trips.

Now the situation cardinally changes. All the beaches are equipped with water purification systems, and the sand is daily cleaned by special machines with a metal detector. To swimming not swum marine predators, their shield grids.

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The entrance to the beaches is free. You can reach them by special buses (0,5–1 SGD or 20-40 rubles). From the heat and heavy rains here provided by awnings and umbrellas. There are deck chairs, they will cost 20 SGD or about 800 rubles per day. Everywhere there are toilets, dressing rooms, showers and a locker for valuables. In all places there are rescue and emergency medical services.

The holiday season

The proximity of the equator has affected climate lying in the zone of the humid tropics of Singapore. Temperature fluctuations are practically not observed. Constantly warm – from 25 to 31 degrees. The temperature of the water is the same. Rain – the phenomenon frequent, but in November – January they pour constantly with small breaks.

It is worth considering that the high humidity of this period are poorly tolerated in people with poor health.

At other times tropical downpours of short duration they alternate with periods of bright sun. The best time for your vacation is February – October. Rains the least is June – September.

In March a very favorable time for vacation in the Islands. The rains are on the decline, the air and the sea warmed to 26 degrees. The influx of tourists is minimal, so the prices are not too high (hotel rooms are on average 25% cheaper).

Where to go or to fly?

kuda poehat otdyhat?

Singapore offers varied vacation. This island country, the beaches here a lot. On where better and more meaningful to spend vacation time in Singapore, read more.

Best resorts

The island of Singapore, where the capital of the eponymous state, interesting for shopping and sightseeing. There are plenty of branded boutiques, and exotic markets, historic sites.

It is also luxurious, world famous hotels and chic restaurants, serving Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and European cuisine.

In the North of the island is a picturesque reservoir macritchie. On the island a lot of parks with exotic vegetation inhabited by numerous birds and monkeys and teeming with modern attractions.

There are beaches, the best of them – "East coast Park", where the water is clear and the bottom is flat and sandy.

Beach "Changi coast" is also suitable for relaxation, although the water is dirtier. A good alternative to places with a lack of clean water are numerous water parks filled with sea water pools. But the true gem of Singapore is Sentosa island – a popular place for visitors and residents of the state.

On the manicured beaches of Sentosa with white sand, you can relax with the whole family, with plenty of entertainment for all tastes andto the public of all ages. It's aquarium, water parks, museums, Orchid garden, spectacular fountain show and much more.

Where to relax with the kids?

Holiday in Singapore is attractive not only for businessmen and youth, but also for families with children. Even with kids in this amazing country, not bored and comfortable. Program family holidays decorate this kind of travel:

  • On Sentosa island. It is famous Oceanarium, where unique marine life with corals, fishes and dolphins. Laser show with musical fountains are loved by children and adults.

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    On the island, the resort hosted 7 children's parks with "the Path of the dragon" where in the jungle you can meet monkeys, one of them fluttering with thousands of butterflies and huge beetles crawling-the rhinos and the centipedes in the other, with mini-Golf and tunnels – in the third.

    You can see here a symbol of the country – a giant statue of a lion-fish from the observation deck. Complements the picture of a tropical island show wax;

  • At the world famous Singapore zoo, where animals live in freedom in natural conditions. In one of its sections called "Fragile forest", meet the tiny mouse-deer, tree kangaroos, lemurs and tropical birds. Adjacent to the zoo is an extensive Park with a picturesque lake;
  • In bird Paradise Jurong, located not far from the centre of the capital. This is the realm of six hundred species of birds from all corners of the earth. The total area of 20 hectares settled birds of Paradise, parrots, toucans, hummingbirds, flamingos and even penguins. To move around the vast territory of the Park in a monorail tram;
  • In daily passing in Jurong cruise show performers entertain spectators with skillful stunts.

  • Numerous water parks, in one of them you can go down the water slide with a height of 4 - storey house on a rubber raft;
  • In the largest toy Museum, where the exhibits of two centuries ago from 25 countries, which will not see anywhere else;
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  • It is still a fabulous Ferris wheel, Park, water-skiing, which offers extreme Nyborg, slalom, freestyle, and surf, the ice Palace "Snow city", interactive Park, etc.

In supermarkets resorts always in the range of products for baby food. And the hotels have a menu for younger guests. Tap water is cleaned thoroughly and its quality is constantly monitored.


Kilometers of the coast of Singapore Islands allows you to enjoy a beach vacation.

On Sentosa island the best beaches are:

  1. Palawan beach is a place to relax with your family, there plenty of different cafes and restaurants. The southernmost point of Asia is famous for a water Park with numerous water attractions. There is a mini island with stylized towers, accessible only via the hanging monkey bridge;
  2. Siloso beach – the center of youth recreation. All day not here the music stops, the nights are hot parties. The beach is replete with active activities, including a breathtaking flight on the rope at the height of a multistory building, sports and games, dancing;
  3. Tanjong beach is a quiet and lonely place, where during the day you can enjoy a peaceful rest under the palm trees. Here love to visit and locals. By night the beach is transformed into an island party.

You can depart from the capital for a beach holiday on neighbouring Islands. On the island of Saint John's shirt industry is just beginning to develop. The picturesque lagoon, this thinly populated places attract diving enthusiasts. It is also a national Park, and only here live the white-bellied sea eagles and sea cucumbers.

The coastal part of the beach is narrow, and approaching to the water with tall palm trees create a Lacy shade.

A 15-minute boat travel from the island of Singapore boasts secluded beaches on the island of Pulau Ubin – a place almost untouched nature with clean waters and the coastal strip.

poberezhe Pulau-Ubin

On the island of Kusu, where from Singapore ferries (30 minute drive), guests are bewildered by the abundance of various lagoons, with the delightful scenery. Here you can relax on the pristine sand, relax in openwork pavilion and take a picture of the great parts of the rich tropical nature.

Also there is always the opportunity to go on a beach holiday to neighbouring countries:

  • The Island Of Koh Samui, Thailand. The resort offers divine beaches with white sand and turquoise water, luxurious hotels. From Singapore to the island are two flights a day - morning and evening, airlines, Silk Air or Bangkok Airways;
  • The Krabi Island,Thailand. It's quieter than Phuket, so Krabi is ideal for a family holiday. From Singapore to Krabi there are two flights a day, airlines Tigerair and AirAsia. Flight time is about two hours;
  • Phuket, Thailand. The best white sand beaches and perfectly clear water, a bustling night life and unforgettable excursions you will find in Phuket. From Singapore is about 10 flights per day, about 2 hours will have to spend on the flights;
  • Bali, Indonesia. Amazingly clean beaches and the water are waiting for you on the island of the Gods. Singapore airport offers more than 15 flights that will take about 3 hours of flight;
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia. In addition to the excellent beaches in Cambodia is well worth a visit the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat. The duration of flights Singapore - Siemreap is about 3 hours;
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This Vietnamese city because of its vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Here the tourist will find entertainment to your taste. Is more than 10 flights per day, flight time is less than 2 hours.

You can also visit the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, George town (Penang) to Langkawi in the same country, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand.

Flights in these areas are quite frequent, and the flight will not take more than three hours.

How much is a vacation?

stoimost tura

Plane ticket economy class to Singapore will cost 20000-30000 rubles one-way. Business class - 50,000 rubles.

By the way, check the price and immediately buy a ticket, you can use this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

For dinner in the fashionable hotel restaurant you have to pay at least 100 Singapore dollars (about 4000 rubles), and dinner in café costs about 30 units (about 1200 rubles). Delicious national meals in street cafeterias costs 5 units (200 rubles).

The most expensive stay in the hotels of Sentosa island. A room in a five star hotel cost the tourist 200-300 SGD (7900-12000 rubles) per day, with a stay – almost three times less.

It is worth considering that in the high season, the hotel prices in Singapore increased by about 25%.

Accommodation in hostels in local costs 20-50 dollars per night (800-2000 rubles). And in the hotels business center the lowest price is about 80 SGD (3200 rubles). This year, a week-long tour to Singapore is for tourists from 140 to 160 thousand rubles.

To book a room in a hotel or hostel you may also right now using this form
search for the best deals. Enter the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

See in this video review of one of the best beaches in Singapore - the Silo: