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Visa support to Vietnam for the Russians: do I need a visa and how much?

nuzhna li vo Vetnam viza?

Vietnam is quite a popular destination for independent travel.

This country offers tourists a range of exciting attractions, authentic places, the luxurious and secluded beaches, as well as the unusual opportunities that can leave an unforgettable impression. Before the trip in order to avoid unnecessary hassles, you should know whether you need a Vietnam visa.

The entry to Vietnam

vezd v stranu

Bright and exotic Vietnam attracts tourists not only due to the unusual places and beautiful weather, but also a simplified opportunity for entry into this country.

If you know the simple rules and abide by them, then the trip will not have problems.

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Do I need a visa to Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians?

Vietnam actively promotes tourism in the country, drawing on the vastness of travelers from all corners of the planet.

To do this, they offer residents some States enter the country without a prior visa. In particular, for several years, Vietnam provides the people of Russia an opportunity of visa-free entry, but only if the trip purpose is tourism. In other cases, if you want long-term stay with the purpose of employment or study, then stay without permission is prohibited.

For inhabitants of Belarus and Ukraine stamp would be required, as a simplified regime also applies to citizens of these States. To be detained for up to 15 days, you can have a small set of documents and a return ticket. In this case, the final destination on the ticket can be identifies not only Belarus and Ukraine, but also any other state.

Rules of visa-free regime

trebovaniya k bezvizovomu rezhimu

The agreement on visa-free visit to Vietnam is valid provided that the period of stay will not exceed 15 days on Phu Quoc island – 30 days from the date of arrival. It is worth remembering that days of arrival and departure count as 2 days, so it is important to take into account such nuances.

To get visa stamped, you should have on hand:

  • a valid passport, which expires not later than 90 days;
  • a return ticket or corresponding to the reservation;
  • between trips must pass 30 days;
  • it is impossible to be in the black list of the state.

The visa stamp is issued at the time of passage of passport control directly in one of the few airports in the country, located in Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh city and Nha Trang.

If the rules of stay are violated, then for each day overdue will be charged a penalty of$ 5, but in practice this amount is higher.

A nice bonus is the fact that recently, for residents of Russia abolished the visa fee in the amount of 45$. However, for the citizens of Belarus and Ukraine, this amount is what is relevant.


If Vietnam – not at the end of the visit, then the country can get without having to issue an entry permit, but be sure to observe a number of requirements.

First, you'll need a plane ticket, flying to a third country, and no need to leave the airport. Also conditions considered for the transit – time connections with less than a day and making a transit of the Luggage.

Visa documents

vezdnye dokumenty

For those who wish to enter the territory of Vietnam, there isseveral varieties of visas, as well as the rules and ways of their execution.


If the purpose of trip is tourism, it is enough to get a permit on arrival. It is considered a single entry visa, so after crossing the border stamp is canceled, and the state can not enter for 30 days. It is necessary to consider this nuance in the design documents.

In addition to the tourist entry permits, those who wish to visit Vietnam are able to do single and multiple-entry visas, and the validity of their duration is a month, three months, six months.

The decision on the timing and frequency is determined solely from the solution specified in the Approval Letter.

There are work visas – they are issued only to qualified citizens for a year, and in some cases for three years. A mandatory condition for receiving this stamp is an invitation from a Vietnamese company.

The results on arrival

The easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam is to bring the necessary documents, present them at the airport and then get a stamp in the passport upon arrival. Today in each of the air Harbor of the country have the opportunity to obtain this document, and by the time this process takes no more than 30-40 minutes.

How and where to get?

To obtain a visa, one must come to the Desk with the inscription "Visa upon arrival" and produce documents. Visa application centres are under this sign. For the stamp in the passport will require the following documents:

  1. not an expired passport;
  2. two photographs size 4x6 (both in colour and in b/W);
  3. filled application form;
  4. the confirmation letter of Approval Letter.

In the application form contains 17 itemsthat would be easy enough to fill without the participation of specialists, as the clues can serve as a fill pattern. First, you need to specify name, gender and nationality, and then enter information such as current citizenship, identity with a passport, current place of employment, address of residence and purpose of visit. The questionnaire shall be certified by his own signature and transferred to the hands of a specialist.

gde poluchit obrazec ankety?

We should also mention a document such as the Approval Letter. It is a visa support, that is, the Vietnamese government allows the entry of tourists into the country. This document is available online at multiple sites or with your travel agent at the time of purchase of the tour. The cost of this letter will depend on the validity of the visa and whether it is multiple or single. On average, this cost ranges from 8 to 25 dollars US.

Address of the Visa center of Asia in the capital: Moscow, Pyatnitskaya ulitsa, 43s3. Phone: +7 499 638-23-14.

Clearance online

A great way to save time is to apply for a visa in advance online via the website of the visa center. To do this, go to the site to start filling in the questionnaire, and then attach using a special form additional documents. For registration will also need Approval Letter.

Ready to pay a visa credit card, and 3-4 days to receive it in the mail and print on any printer.

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The cost

Today, while in Vietnam up to 15 days to give a visa for free, but if the period exceeds a specified period, the cost will be as follows:

  • single entry for 1 month – $ 45;
  • multiple entry for 1 month – $ 65;
  • to 6 months – $ 95;
  • more than 6 months – multiple entry – $ 135.

If the visa is issued through tourist company, its cost may be higher. In addition, the visa extension for a period of 30 to 90 days will cost 25 to 50 dollars, depending on the reasons for the extension.

Dates of stay in the country and how to extend them?

sposoby prodlit srok prebyvaniya

If you want to stay for a period exceeding 15 days, or even stay for a year to enjoy the wonderful weather and warm sea, then you will need to make a visa, the right time (a month, six months, a year).

Thus, on these intervals it is possible to obtain single and multiple entry permits. Single-allows only once cross the border, at the time, as having a permit allows any number of crossing the border throughout the period of validity.

Extend the stamp is easy enough without going out of the country, ten days before the end date, visit the local tourist agenciesthat are engaged in the extension (do 99% of travel agencies of Vietnam). The cost of this process will vary from$ 25 (formonth) to$ 50 (for 3 months or more).

Important points

No matter how slight, seemed a visa, it is worth remembering a few points.

Crossing the border with children

First and foremost, you will need a birth certificate, and if the baby accompanied by one parent, then another, and the power of attorney from the second. If a young tourist inscribed in parent's passport, the stamp can be stamped one for two, but the standard charges will be double. The same applies if the child has his passport. It also shall bear the stamp and resolution.

Reasons for rejection

Vietnam is relatively loyal to the tourists, so the number of failures is insignificant. But some circumstances may prevent a visit to the country.

The main reasons for refusing entry are: blacklist, fraud, and incorrectly completed questionnaire.

Watch the video on how to apply for a visa to Vietnam: