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Airports of Vietnam near Nha Trang on the map: how to go to Phan Thiet?

Vetnam: aeroporty Nyachanga

Airport is a place where people who arrived in the new land. Choosing a tour in an interesting country for themselves, primarily going down there flights, estimate the distance from the hotel, and other subtleties.

International airports of Vietnam on the map

aerovokzaly strany na karte

So, you decided to spend your vacation in Vietnam. Vietnam has 10 international airports, the largest of which tan son Nhat.

Tan son Nhat is valid on the territory of Ho Chi Minh city is a densely populated city and has the largest burden – 80 percent of passenger airplanes fly it there. Time in flight from Moscow will be about 9 hours.

The most popular airports:

  • Cam Ranh;
  • Phu Quoc island;
  • Tan son Nhat.

"The Vietnamese airlines" organized flights at Cam Ranh airport, located half an hour from the popular tourist resort of Nha Trang.

Another popular airport is Phu Quoc island, named after Phu Quoc island, which is famous for its beaches. The airport operates after the repair, so it is very comfortable and convenient. Fly mainly Charter aircraft.

On the island of van don in 2016 began to build a new airport Quang Ninh. It is located 60 km from ha long city and will have modern equipment, passenger traffic is expected – 5 million! The opening is planned for 2017.

Plane tickets to Vietnam, you can buy through this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

What is the terminal near Nha Trang?

Nachange airport is located in Cam Ranh, and therefore bears his name. Since 2009 an international airport.

Vietnam is becoming very attractive for Russian tourists, so the Vietnamese did the airport including: signs with signs written in the Russian language too. The terminal was repaired at the end of 2010.

kakoj terminal ryadom s gorodom?

Service and facilities

The airport service is very good. Despite its small size, passengers are quite normal to spend time waiting for a flight:

  1. To take things in a locker and go shopping;
  2. Lunch in the cafe;
  3. To come in duty free;
  4. To buy Souvenirs as a gift.
  5. To exchange money;
  6. To book a room at the hotel.

Waiting rooms are comfortable enough, equipped modern online panel, where you can follow the desired flight, and learn the price of tickets on the flight.

In the Lounges there is even a terminal with a detailed schedule of the weather.

Employees of the airport speak English. They will help to resolve issues with Luggage and flights.

Official website of the airport: http://vietnamairport.vn

Departure from the airport

Procedure check the standard – the beginning two hours prior to departure. Finish – in 40 minutes. You need to have a passport and a ticket. Luggage need to registration. Cost about 110000 Dong, depending on the terminal.

Staff will give the passenger a special Bulletin, which contains information about the traffic rules in Vietnam, about prices, about the etiquette and laws of the country.

Domestic and international flights

The airport serves regular flights and Charter, domestic. The first international flight was from the company "Vietnam airlines" in South Korea. Now the largest number of international flights flying in China. From the airport you can fly to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Vinh and others are domestic flights.

How to go to Nha Trang?

Ways to get to the cityor your hotel a bit:

  • Taxi. This is the most comfortable, but very expensive method. Taxi drivers are on the exit of the airport, and are not the owners and employees of the company. It's an advantage because they have a price for the trip, this cost will be immediately announced when travelling. To the city centre you will have to travel about half an hour;
  • Transfer. You will need to call the hotel or the local company that will deliver you to your destination. You can also order a transfer from the company involved in this type of transportation;
  • skolko vremeni ehat do centra?

  • Bus. Directly at the airport Desk stand with a pointer: bus. A small minibus at a cost of approximately $ 3 will take you to a place of rest. The cheapest option is bus No. 18, also known as the longest (the journey to Nha Trang about an hour or more);
  • The schedule and time of bus departure can be found at the airport. You can buy tickets there as well.

  • Hitchhiking. This traffic is not welcomed by the locals.

Getting to Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is well-known to tourists – beautiful beaches attract more and more people all year round. It is a place of active leisure in Phan Thiet, you can enjoy surfing, explore the underwater world.

Distance from Nha Trang airport to Phan Thiet : 243 km. the Path is just over four hours.

You can get on:

  1. Bus. If you choose to go by bus, you will have to make two transfers. First you will Board a bus to Ho Chi Minh city (it is important to know that there are buses up to 12 days), from there you can go directly to Phan Thiet. Let them take about 5 hours.

    But this bus is to drive, believe me! Because it is equipped with beds, in English- sleep-bass. In addition, there is air conditioning, toilet and other facilities for a comfortable trip. The ticket for a miracle-the bus costs $ 7.

  2. Train. From Nchanga in Phan Thiet train runs morning and evening. The cost is $ 16. Choosing the train, check where it will stop. And remember that composition is not staying in the city and 15 km from it. So you'll have to take a taxi.
  3. Taxi. Cost this way the tourist is not cheap – more than one hundred dollars. Many travelers don't recommend because the traffic is the same, but will have to pay dearly.

Travel tips

Vietnam is a country of sunshine, smiles and beautiful beaches. But as in any country, on its territory you need to follow certain rules. What will tell you the memo issued at the airport of arrival. In addition:

  • Going to Vietnam to purchase Russian-Vietnamese PhraseBook , or, if badly you know English – Russian-English;
  • Still better to spend money on a taxi with a fixed payment. By public transport for a very long time to get;
  • Apply for health insurance;
  • To put the first aid kit for diarrhea and ointments from insects;
  • Drink water only from bottles. In Vietnam, bad water;
  • Important! Do not attempt to hitchhike. The locals rarely pick up hitchhikers, which means you will be wasting your time.

  • Currency exchange in the airport building, there is an acceptable rate.

Nice trip!

Finally, we recommend you to watch a video about the Cam Ranh airport: