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Vietnam: tour from Nha Trang to Dalat, Halong Bay, Saigon and Cambodia

Vetnam: ekskursii Nyachanga

Vietnam is an incredibly attractive exotic country that has everything you need for unforgettable travel including familiarity with natural beauty, ancient monuments and unusual traditional cuisine of this region.

Tours around Nha Trang

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Every corner of Vietnam is beautiful in its own way, but among all of special interest to tourists is Nha Trang – beach capital of the country where you can not only swim, but also to visit many interesting excursions.

A resort town perfectly combines the clean blue sea water, white sandy beach and hills, covered with luxurious greenery.

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Sightseeing tour

Its ancient and rich history in Nha Trang and its surroundings you find the various attractions of the country. There are architectural monuments of culture and history, unusual open-air museums and natural places that should meet. To learn more about this resort, enough to choose the most interesting excursions.

All tours around Nha Trang can be divided into three parts:

  1. Attractions;
  2. Nature;
  3. A trip to the surrounding area.

Some of these fascinating itineraries can be arranged independently, and the other part is better to go with a tour group.

Almost all excursions include a standard route through the city. It includes some of the most valuable ancient objects and places:

  • Po Nagar Tower. The most popular object of excursions programs, was built between the VII and XII centuries, at a time when the country was ruled by the dynasty of the Cham. They are located in the heart of the old town, and their main purpose is religious rituals. It was built eight towers, but survived only four of them. Tourists have the opportunity to go inside the temples dedicated to the Buddhist ponagar gods, Shiva, Shiva's wife and Ganesha;
  • Long Son Pagoda. The oldest attractions known all over the world, includes introduction to ancient Buddhist temple, statue of the reclining Buddha, the biggest in Nha Trang, as well as with the local cemetery and the rituals associated with the burial process;
  • Cathedral. Unusual for these places the ancient temple-style "Gothic", stands on a high hill, being a real architectural pride of the resort town;
  • The Cathedral is visible from any point of the area and how beautiful it made the Catholic diocese with the Bishop's residence.

    obzornaya ekskursiya v kafedralnyj sobor

  • The Villas Of Bao Dai. The open air Museum is a complex of houses, where guests have the opportunity to stay for a few days. Luxury Park in 1923, is the fact that it is a wonderful combination of French architecture and exotic gardens, perfectly fitting into the landscape. In one of the villas come with personal belongings of the Imperial family, a rich photogallery and luxury items;
  • Cho Dam Market. The most popular place among tourists, where the maximum discount for any goods, ranging from fresh fruits to a variety of clothing and furniture. This object is one of the liveliest and most authentic attractions of Nha Trang, it is often included in tour itineraries;
  • The Hon Chong. Scenic area, where a large number of collected giant boulders of unusual shapes and sizes. Almost every stone has its own name. Here you can find a stone Woman and the stone Man.

On the way, tourists will come across a variety of shops, stalls and markets where you can buy all sorts of interesting things – Souvenirs, national symbols and other objects.

Often in the excursion program adds a Silk workshop , a place where you can see how to create one of the most expensive and beautiful fabrics in the world. Country, especially the regionNha Trang, for many centuries famous for its ability to create paintings of silk, and now many tourists have an opportunity not only to see but also to acquire this luxury.


Access to all places indicated in the tour program – quite easy, so to arrange an independent visit each of them is not difficult. Around the city run by taxi and the price for the trip is quite acceptable. Many tourists prefer to rent a moped.

Yourself in Nha Trang you can visit national Oceanographic Museum, where there are unique species of marine flora and fauna of Vietnam.

The National Oceanographic Museum, you can see turtles, sharks, lionfish, seahorses in great abundance.

Between the two bridges on the river of Nha Trang song Cai is a fishing village, from the coast which will start in the morning, hundreds of boats with fishermen going out to sea. In the evening they come back after a long fishing. At sunset such a fun process especially spectacular.

Very unusual and looks beautiful temple complex That van, where you can see the finished Coral tower and Dragon's Maze. Both buildings were built by the monks of shells, corals and dishonest the number of sea shells, with each of them refers to the hand-made object. A vast territory of complex is decorated with countless statues of Buddha.

A fascinating and informative study of the South and North Islands of Nha Trang, which are reached by ferries departing regularly from the mainland. Such visits include familiarity with multiple Islands, including the island of orchids – landscaped Park occupying a large area where you can feed the deer, and monkey island – the home of funny animals, of which there are an incredible array (more than a thousand animals).


park Vinperl s detmi

A visit to Nha Trang's interesting is not only growns but also children. There is a lot of interesting objects and they necessarily will appeal to kids. In addition to the Monkey island and visiting the Aquarium, tourists will discover the fascinating attractions of the theme Park Vinpearllocated on hon Tre island.

There is a lot of facilities for an exciting holiday:

  1. Aquarium;
  2. Water Park;
  3. Play area;
  4. 4D cinema;
  5. Musical laser show.

The Park has its own hotel complex, many cafes and diverse shops with Souvenirs. To get to Vinpearl, enough to buy a ticket for the cable carthat leads to the Park. This price includes visit to the attractions.

Nature trips

Nature has generously endowed Nha Trang's best attractions, among which is worth to see the beautiful waterfalls of Yang Bay and Ho BA.

Both picturesque object situated outside the resort and are the perfect places to enjoy the beautiful views, but also for a refreshing swim.

The old hot springs and mud Thap BA Nha Trang is a great alternative to the sea. Here tourists will find a large modern complex, which presents great opportunities for recreation. Here you can find medicinal baths, mud baths and a variety of pools (for adults and children) with mineral water, power shower and relaxation area with loungers, chairs and tables.

Quite varied beaches of the resort:

  • Socket – the best beach of Vietnam, with white sand and shallow waters;
  • Paragon beach with two hotels with pay sunbeds;
  • Jungle Beach – secluded beach surrounded by jungle;
  • Bai Dai is the longest and clean beach in the country.

Also demand a small two-kilometer beach Give LAN, located North of Nha Trang. In these places, all perfectly equipped for relaxation, the sea is clean and the shore is covered with fine sand.

Where can I get a tour?

gde kupit tur?

In Nha Trang the local tourist agencies offer various excursions. The list is quite extensive, but almost all objects are the same. Different can be only the prices, so before buying you can go to different companies and choose the perfect option.

The most popular excursions we offer:

  • "Journey to the four Islands";
  • "Journey to three Islands";
  • "Sightseeing tour of the city";
  • "Excursion to waterfall Yang Bay";
  • "The hot springs of Thap BA";
  • "The tour to Vinpearl";
  • "Travel outside of Nha Trang".

Because in Nha Trang locals, especially those involved in the tourism sector, speak perfect in Russian, so with the purchase of excursions notshould be no problems. All agencies selling tours, located in the tourist centre of the city.

What excursions are out of town?

For total immersion in the life of the exotic countries in one day you can go on trips into other regions and this trip will also be called a tour.

In Dalat

The most popular destination of Nha Trang – drive to da lat – a unique placewhere to stay for a few days, but tourist agencies are allocated on trips only 1-2 days.

Dalat is located 1,500 m above sea level and is one of the most visited resorts in Vietnam. There are no beaches, and no cultural and historical sites, the resort was formed relatively recently. But it is surrounded with rich nature, including the picturesque valleys, numerous waterfalls, lakes and national parks.

For such incredible beauty Dalat has long been popular with honeymooners, artists and actors.

Group tour of Dalat includes visits to such facilities:

  1. The Lam Dong Museum – the repository of ancient artifacts found on the territory of the lat, as well as tools, clothing and other items preserved from ancient times;
  2. Crazy house is a real work of art, which, thanks to its form, deserve the title of "most unusual building in the world";
  3. Summer Palace of Bao Dai is one of the three residences of the former Vietnamese ruler;
  4. Pagoda Only Sean – a typical temple complex, built on donations from Buddhists from around the world;
  5. Lake syuan Huong is a favorite place for walking around the city, where you can swim in a rented boat.

In addition, the lat decided to visit the small waterfalls Kamli, the local railway station and flower gardens.

Halong Bay

rybackaya derevnya v buhte Halong

Tour Halong Bay is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the most beautiful place in the world, recognized by the Bay. Thanks to the natural beauty, the property has captured the hearts of many filmmakers who decided to shoot here world - famous movies ("Avatar" and one of the series "007").

Excursion to Halong Bay for sale in Nha Trang, but starts in Hanoi. It is a sea cruise during which you will be able to visit the most exotic places of the country, including the fabulously beautiful caves and grottos, small Islands scattered across the Bay.

In Saigon

Travel agencies offer one - and two-day trip to Saigon (the name of the city "Ho Chi Minh"). However, in the city and beyond so many interesting objects, that their study is not enough and weeks.

Traditional sightseeing programs include a visit to the brightest objects:

  • Sightseeing tour of the city;
  • The war Museum;
  • Chinese market;
  • Pagoda, Thien Hau;
  • The Mekong Delta;
  • The Tunnel Of Cu Chi;
  • Snake farm.

The list of attractions of Saigon is not limited to guides to make more interesting to tell about the city life, the history of which is replete with events.

In Cambodia

kompleks Angkor Vat v Kambodzhe

No tour from Nha Trang to Cambodia is not complete without exploring the legendary temple complex – the Angkor Wat – one of the acknowledged wonders of the world. The biggest religious building in the world is an ancient city and a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu. The construction of the complex began in the X century and XII century knew about it far beyond the Khmer Empire.

After a devastating war with Siam (Kingdom of Thailand) people had to leave the city, leaving him at the mercy of nature. To our days on the territory of Angkor has been preserved about 100 palaces and temples, some of them perfectly preserved, and the other was swallowed by the jungle.

On the island

The most popular excursions in Nha Trang – travel all day on one of the routes that include visits to nearby Islands. These routes are: "Four Islands", "Five Islands", "Southern Islands" and "Northern Islands".

To the North the Islands are four Islands:

  1. The island of monkeys;
  2. The Isle of ostriches;
  3. The island of elephants;
  4. The island of orchids.

These places can be reached from Nha Trang by yourself, but much more interesting would be to go on a guided tour.

The South island is more oriented to adventure tourism. There are great places for diving and snorkeling. Tours of these places include snorkeling, seafood lunch, visit to the fisherman floating village and visit the aquarium Chi Nguyen.

Advice to tourists

  • The beaches on the South coast is cleanerthan the North, and the Islands are much cleaner than on the mainland.
  • The sundesirable to be 11 to 13 hours. During this period, his activity is too high.
  • Monkey island is quite aggressive. They can bite, grab a bag or any other object.
  • The city is cheaper to travel by taxi "on the counter".
  • In Nanchang goes sightseeing bus on route 4, an exciting almost all of the major attractions of the resort.
  • Some pre-learned phrases will help to save on the purchases of goods in the markets.
  • A large number of visitors inside street café suggests that it serves quality meals.

Nha Trang is incredibly popular among tourists. On the coast one of the most exotic and distinctive countries you can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and enjoy unique attractions. If the city gets boring, the tourists have the opportunity to get out for 1-2 days at nearby resorts and neighboring countries.

See in this video clip, where the city tour Nha Trang city: