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Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh city attractions - what to look for 1 and 2 days?

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Ho Chi Minh city is one of the main industrial, commercial, transport and tourist centers of South Vietnam.

It is considered the largest metropolis and consists of nineteen districts and five rural counties.

Ho Chi Minh city on the map of Vietnam in Russian

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Location Ho Chi Minh city is the South of the state of Vietnam. This is a very scenic area of the Mekong Delta. Area the city covers over two thousand square kilometers, its center, flows the famous Saigon river. Here you can quite clearly feel the separation of the wet (may-November) and dry (April-December) seasons.

The air temperature varies only slightly, on average it is twenty-five to thirty degrees.

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The history of

During its existence the city was several times renamed. Originally it belonged to Cambodia, and it was called prey-Nokor. In the seventeenth century it was conquered by the Vietnamese, and he became Saigon. In one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five, he received the name by name of the legendary leader Ho Chi Minh. Now residents often call it the southern capital, and, thanks to a large French colonial heritage - the Paris of the East.

The beginning of the formation of the modern city was a small fishing village, the location of which was the coast of Saigon. Its inhabitants were the Khmer immigrants from Indochina. It was a very favorable location geographically. Which is near the Mekong here you can get dealers from China, Laos, Cambodia and some other countries nearby. The ever-increasing volume of trade resulted in the prosperity and growth of the settlement.

In the seventeenth century this territory was settled by the Vietnamese, and in the second half of the eighteenth she was captured by the troops of France. The French made an enormous contribution to the improvement of this land. They spent draining swamps, began the construction of houses and roads. All this time waged war with the local population, which ended only in 1954 when the French left the area.

Then for fifteen years the city was under occupation of the United States of America. After that he was released the North Vietnamese (Communist) forces. In that time he has continued its development into the local and national traditions, and to date, Ho Chi Minh city attracts huge number of tourists who wish to learn the specifics of the country and to see its cultural and historical heritage.

How to get there?

kak priletet?

To reach Ho Chi Minh city quite easy:

  • Of the capital and major cities of many countries, including Russia, are connected with direct flights to the international airport of tan son Nhatsituated in Ho Chi Minh city;
  • That is why a direct air link is the most economical and comfortable option.

  • It is also possible to fly by transit flightspassing through Bangkok;
  • While in Vietnam, you can easily and for little money to get to Ho Chi Minh city by bus or train.

Plane tickets you can choose using this form of search. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date andthe number of passengers.

Attractions with photos

In the city there are still many ancient architectural sites, monuments of historical importance and exquisite natural spots. As a result of special historical development of the city in its culture has been mixing cultural traditions of Vietnam, China, France and America.

That is why a visit to Ho Chi Minh will leave a lasting impression that will long remain in memory.

Statue Of Tran Hung Dao

pamyatnik CHan Hyng Dao

The monument is located in the Central part of the city near the banks of the Saigon river and is surrounded by numerous skyscrapers, against which it looks unusual and quite colorful.

Tran hung Dao is considered a great General of Vietnam, under whose leadership, managed to repel three major invasions of the Tatars, who came to this territory from the North of the country. Then he led the king's army and in the people's support, the ninth day of April one thousand two hundred eighty-nine liberated the entire country from Mongolian troops. Up to the present time this day is a national holiday.

The Ho Chi Minh Monument

The monument, to perpetuate the memory of the great Vietnamese ruler Ho Chi Minh, erected in the Central square of the city against the building of the National Assembly. The people of Vietnam and today, with great warmth and respect for this political figure, who did everything possible for the prosperity of the country. The locals lovingly call him grandpa Ho.

Special reverence the monument makes that an elderly man holding a sleeping little girl. The impression that looking into the distance, he thinks of her fate and the future of the whole country.

The Cathedral of the Mother of God Saigon - Notre-Dame-de-Saigon

This Cathedral belongs to the main attractions of Ho Chi Minh city. Its construction began by the French in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seventh year and lasted about six years. The architects tried to make the fundamentals of European culture and overshadow the greatness of the structure of the local temples.

Most of the building materials and furnishings were imported from France and other countries of Europe. The quality and workmanship of our builders enables the building to the present day to maintain the integrity and fresh look.

Notre-Dame de Saigon is the most beautiful and biggest European temple among Asian countries. To visit the Cathedral, the square of the commune of Paris, and constantly visited by many tourists. The couple of countries are already the main tradition was the photo shoots have a pinkish walls of the building.

In front of the temple is a small beautiful Park where you can see the statue of the virgin Mary, which reaches four meters in height. This is a great place for a leisurely walk.

The bell tower of the Cathedral is decorated with six bells, one of which was calling daily and the other only on Christmas. Also here sung by the choir and played the organ. The interior of the building is distinguished by modesty, and beauty, which is basically give it a gorgeous stained glass Windows. The main important piece of furniture can be considered a marble altar in white, which is decorated with carved angels.

Temple, Thien Hau

religioznyj hram Ten Hau

While in Chinatown, Cholon, visit the temple, which was erected by the Chinese in the second half of the eighteenth century in honor of the goddess Thien Hau (Mazu), which protects sailors and fishermen. To her with reverence in almost all South Asian countries, especially China.

On the roof of the temple are many figures of porcelain, depicting scenes from ancient Chinese legends. Over the iron gate placed the theatrical model of carved wood and numerous Chinese lanterns.

The open areas of the patio of the building has a censer with incensein the end is the altar. In the temple, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, probably due to the many burning incense.

Anyone who comes here can buy and leave in the pagoda of the incense in the form of a spiral. It will fester for months, the Vietnamese believe that this time luck will accompany them in all things. And if you put some coins in a box of donations, the Thien Hau will be a reliable defender on the road.

Pagoda Zach Vienne

Pagoda Zach Vienne is located on the outskirts of the city near lake Saint. It was built in the middle of the eighteenth century and originally was a plain hut with a thatched roof. And only a few hundred years it acquired its present appearance.

In the great hall of the pagoda are statues of the Buddha, beautiful wood engravings and sculptures, whichdepicts the cultural and daily life of the Vietnamese people.

Now the building holds the function of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, available to tourists. Living on the grounds of the pagoda, the monks will spend a tour of this Buddhist construction and tells a huge number of myths and legends that people made up on the pagoda during its operation. Today it is considered the most delicate and beautiful monument of architecture of Ho Chi Minh city.

Jade Emperor Pagoda

The construction of the pagoda of the jade Emperor or Ruler began in 1909. It is dedicated to the God of heaven, Ngoc Hoang the. But the inner halls of the building filled not only his statues, but sculptures of other Buddhist deities. The pagoda is constantly visited by a huge number of tourists, they tend to perceive the contrast. Its exterior is decorated in a bright pink color that evokes positive emotions.

But once inside, visitors often arrive in confusion. This is especially felt in a small room, which is called hell. In addition to the statue of the Devil, here you can see the ten circles of hell, which are depicted on wooden walls. They often naveivaet on visitors terrible thoughts, and they leave the room in a gloomy mood. But when entering the courtyard of the pagoda, it passes quickly, thanks to the beautiful greenery, fragrant flowers and many turtles that live there.

Historical Museum

Gorodskoj muzej

In the historical Museum of Ho Chi Minh city brought together a thousand-year history of the entire state. It houses many historical artifacts, household and religious items. They allow you to see the entire depth of historical events, cultural heritage and life of the local population.

The Museum was founded in 1929 and originally bore the name of the Museum Blanchard de La Brosse. Of the most interesting exhibits for visitors, it is possible to identify an ancient statue of Buddha, a mysterious mummies of the nineteenth century and a unique collection of antique pottery.

Museum of Asian women

This is quite a unique Museum, which was organized recently, in one thousand nine hundred eighty-seventh year. Numerous exhibits of its collections tell how live Asian women, and what contribution they make to the history of the development of the country.

Here you can see national clothes, jewelry, household appliances and other things that play an important role in the lives of women in Asia.

The Museum is often the venue for various conferences and workshopswhere you can watch documentaries and to read the letters, drawings and prints associated with Asian women. The building covers over two thousand square meters, which is located twenty five thousand unique objects of history.

The Museum of war crimes

The Museum of war crimes is a very popular, but is a shocking spectacle. Here are photos and documents that testify to war crimes the United Statescommitted against the people of the country. On the open areas around the building you can see American military equipment and weapons. All this, indeed, is the most sad emotions.

Botanical garden

Botanical garden in Ho Chi Minh city was founded in the mid-nineteenth century when it was ruled by the French. Its territory covers about twenty acres of land on which there are about two thousand trees and shrubs, many of which are already more than a hundred years. They were brought here from different countries of the world.

Visiting this natural object, you can see over thirty species of cacti and the same garden, there is also regularly blooms are about twenty varieties of orchids. Thanks to the magnificent view of vegetation and fresh air, the Botanical garden has become one of the favorite places for walks not only among locals but also among tourists.

The Vietnamese national water theatre

nacionalnyj teatr na vode

View any view this extraordinary theater will bring many positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. This exotic national art and colorful show is the pride of the country. It is believed that the first water performances were held back in the tenth century. They came up with peasants, in order to somehow entertain themselves after work.

Initially they were conducted in flooded rice fieldswhere the water is not only allowed to hide the puppeteers and the mechanism of the puppets, but also gave the opportunity to create additional effects (waves, splashes).

Currently, performances are held on stages, which is a specially equipped pools.

Puppeteersare behind the screen and control the puppets using long levers hidden under the water. The impression that the wooden puppets, which reaches a height of one meter, and weighs more than five pounds, easily moving through the water.

Stories of performances, usually taken from national fairy tales and legends, which often have hidden meaning. Throughout the performance the orchestra and sung by singers who are near the stage. The plays contain a large number of stages, gradually changing each other.

Short trips

shema korotkih ekskursij

To see all of the sights of Ho Chi Minh city is not enough and weeks, but well planned itinerary will help you visit most of them.

Where to go 1 day?

If you plan a day trip in Ho Chi Minh city, it is recommended to visit the most interesting sights of the city are concentrated in its center:

  1. The tour should start with the famous Cathedral Notre-Dame;
  2. After seeing the Cathedral to go to the Reunification Palace;
  3. Then you can go to the Central mosque;
  4. From the mosque - the Thien Hau pagoda, located in the Chinese quarter;
  5. In conclusion, you should go to the nearby market bien Thanhwhere you can buy interesting Souvenirs, food, clothes and other products.

But you can do all day to pay large Park and recreation. Forty kilometers from the city is a huge entertainment Park Give Us. It is the largest in the country, and foot is a difficult task.

For ease of movement of visitors here go some buses and mini-trains and rental bicycles. In the Park a huge number of different attractions including a pool with waterslides. Rest during the walk café.

park Daj Nam za 1 den

What to see in 2 days?

If to explore Ho Chi Minh city planned to spend two days, then it is easiest on the first day to take a sightseeing tour around the city.

A sightseeing tour usually starts with a Central square that includes visits to several temples, Nha Rong port, post office, lacquer factory and Ben Thanh market.

You can also use the services of a guidewho will advise you the most interesting places to visit. If you were able to see the main sights in one day, then the second can be devoted to Hiking in the entertainment and shopping centers.

Those who do not like guided tours, you can visit the attractions that interest independently, for the convenience of knowing in advance how to reach them, and making a route.


In order to become interesting to children, they need to bring in the entertainment centers of Patong Ladies or Suoi Tien or in the water Park.

Also the trip with the child should not do without a visit to the oldest Asian zoo, located in Ho Chi Minh city. It commenced in one thousand eight hundred and sixty-fifth year. Now it is home to over five hundred and fifty species of fauna, including quite exotic.

Animals housed in larger cages, cages or indoors under glass. For reptiles equipped with a special terrarium. As a walk in the zoo often takes all day, for the convenience of visitors, on its territory there are several cafes where you can eat and relax.

We recommend you to watch a video about attractions of Ho Chi Minh city: