Map of Vietnam: MUI ne, Nha Trang, da lat and other resorts

karta kurortov Vetnama na russkom yazyke

Vietnam is an attractive tourist point in the country. There is the coast, with the resorts that allow you to enjoy the warm sea and fine weather almost throughout the year, and a lot of sites that allow you to make a fascinating excursion.

Where and how sea washed?

raspolozhenie strany i kakim morem omyvaetsya

Geographically, Vietnam belongs to Southeast Asia and is located on the Indochina Peninsula. In the West the country borders with Laos and Cambodia on the North with China.

Vietnamese coast extends along the Eastern and southern part of the country and bordering the South China sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Tonkin.

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Best tourist places for a holiday - photo and description

The main part of the resorts of the country located in the southern part. The North of Vietnam is characterized by weather conditions that do not always have to resort livingin the South there are periods of rain, but in General there is much warmer throughout the year and practically non-existent winter.

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Phan Thiet and MUI ne

These resorts are located in the South of the country and spetsializiruyutsya on a beach holiday. In the ne Russian-speaking tourists feel generally more comfortable, as there settled, the Russian Diaspora, many ethnic groups have their own business, there are a lot of signs in Russian.

Fantet i Mujne na karte Vetnama

Nha Trang

This resort is one of the most popular and at the same time like the ne is filled with a significant number of Russian-language service. Many Russian have there own restaurants, tour operators and other firms who work in the field of tourism and recreation.

Nha Trang offers opportunities for varied recreation. Then developed a health service, but there is plenty of entertainment, including the famous Vietnamese diving.

nyachang - luchshee turisticheskoe mesto


Is mountain resort, which is located in the Central part of Vietnam. There is a rest and the Vietnamese and foreigners. Moreover, the resort has some claim to elitism:

  • many Golf courses;
  • lovely parks and forests;
  • boating.

In Dalat, the beautiful nature, numerous waterfalls and pine forests. Excellent conditions for a relaxing holiday.

opisanie kurorta Dalat

Phu Quoc island and other Islands

Phu Quoc island is a magnificent island resort, where he most recently created the largest Safari Park. In addition, there is plenty of entertainment and great beach holidays.

karta i opisanie ostrova Fukuok

Dao island – a relatively new tourist destination, but it is noteworthy. There is a great ecotourism. Apart from gorgeous beaches, con Dao offers:

  • reserve;
  • fishing;
  • the observation of exotic animals.

If you were not far from Halong Bay, you can indulge yourself with visits to the Islands cat BA and Tuan Chau. They offer Wellness services and entertainment combined with a beach holiday.

Mountain resorts

otdyh vo Vetname - gornye kurorty

These resorts are noteworthy because the presence of mineral springs.

In Vietnam there are many useful sources of mineral water, but areas nearby are relatively few.

Of course, there's not a whole year's perfect holiday weather, but the conditions for a healthy vacation it is optimal.

Not far from Hanoi is BA VI resort national Park. There you will be able to enjoy:

  • mud baths;
  • bathing in hot water;
  • Wellness sessions of traditional medicine.

Not far from Ho Chi Minh city is Vung Tau, to which territory belongs the resort of Binh Chau. The resort is actively developing,offers hot mineral springs and quality service.

The beaches and coastline

plyazhi Vetnama na karte

The beaches in the South of the country is suitable for holidays throughout the whole year. Fall starts the rainy season but warm days are still observed.

Most resorts have access to the sea with water temperature at least twenty degrees, so you can always swim.

The North is less favourable in terms of weather in the winter. There really come the cold (by Vietnamese standards) and swimming in winter is not possible.

Attractions of the country

turisticheskaya karta strany

Genuine Vietnam is not only a resort but also an abundance of attractions.

In this country there are many territories, which were built in ancient civilizations and many natural beauties.

In addition, it should be noted the remains of the colonial era, many houses in Vietnam is from the era when the French ruled the country.

For people from the Nordic countries appeal to have exotic fun:

  1. reserves with crocodiles and other rare animals;
  2. elephant trekking;
  3. national parks;
  4. fishing;
  5. snake restaurants.

There are quite original versions excursions such as a visit to a guerrilla tunnels remaining from the Vietnam war. Halong Bay is considered one of the most beautiful spaces on the planet.

glavnye dostoprimechatelnosti

Hanoi is replete with architectural buildings from different times: from the era of the development of Buddhism, to the Grand buildings of the time of communism. Da Nang attracts Marble mountains and pagodas. The famous statue of the Reclining Buddha tourists can be observed in Phan Thiet.

In General, a relatively small area of Vietnam is concentrated a lot of attractions.

Regardless of what part of the country you go, you will be able to make the interesting cultural program.

International airports

karta aeroportov Vetnama

Now the country's territory includes nine international airports, but only up to four there are regular flights from Russia. The largest is Tanshonnjat, which is located in Ho Chi Minh city. Near the capital (45 km from Hanoi) is the Noi Bai airport, which attracts tourists with architecture in the style of classic Vietnamese pagoda.

If you want to fly to Dalang, then there is a private airport, three kilometers from the city. In Khanh Hoa province Cam Ranh is used, which is located in Nha Trang.

Tourists who are interested in a resort vacation, often use the airport, which is closer to other popular resorts. In the future, this airport will be for domestic flights, and the "summer visitors" will be to serve the airport, Longthanh.

Three points on the map of Vietnam (Nha Trang-da lat-MUI ne), which will be interesting for any tourist and traveller: