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Beach vacation: photos of the best beaches in Vietnam with white sand in Nha Trang

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Vietnam – an original and vibrant country located on the territory of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. On the South and East, the state is washed by the waters of the South China sea. The capital city of Hanoi is very popular among tourists. On its territory there are beautiful hotels, resorts, entertainment centers and of course, beaches.

A beach holiday on the map

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The climate is very favorable, so it can be visited all year round. For several months the weather is stable, its character depends on the humidity or dryness of the season.

When is the best time to go sunbathing?

The country stretches far North to South, so in different parts of the climate is different. At any time of the year in Vietnam you can find an area with hot weather without rain.

About half of the border of the state near the coast. Water boundaries is an area that extends three hundred miles.

At any time of the year in Vietnam there are solar area fit for a heavenly vacation. The country is divided into three climate regions:

  • South;
  • Central;
  • North.

In the South region two types of weather: rains begin in may and end in November and the dry season from December to April. The most hot and humid period is from February to may.

In the center of the country rains are absent from may to Octoberand the humidity comes in December and lasts until February. In the mountains colder than the lowland areas in the winter there can be serious low temperature.

And the variety of climate is characterized by cool winters from November to April and hot in the summer, lasting from may to October. From July to November in the North and in the center there remains the risk of flooding.

Where to relax?

Rightly believed that the best beaches of Vietnam lies on the South coast. It is recommended to have a rest from December to may so as not to catch the most heat. During wet season the rains do not pour the hopeless, the clouds go away, flowing on the ground the sun's rays.

From Ho Chi Minh city in just a few hours to get to Vung Tau, MUI ne and Phan Thiet. Tourists prefer the southern beaches, because in the Northern district frequently and regularly rains.

In the area of Haiphong and Halong Bay are great beaches, but on warm days there are very heavy rains. Because of the rain the Northern beaches has not gained wide popularity among tourists.

Paradise beach areas to stay are South of the center of the country. Here the climate resembles the tropical.

Three town under the names da Nang, Hoi an and hue have excellent beaches for diving.

TOP 10 best beach locations - photos

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Beaches in Vietnam almost does not count. But at the TOP are those that are very popular not only among tourists but also among locals.

  1. Beach town of Nha Trang. One of the most famous and crowded beaches. In this wonderful place, guests can learn about amazing creatures: fish, squid, octopus and other wonders of nature. It includes as many as twenty courses diving, where you can take a course and get a certificate.
  2. MUI Ne Beach. The beach is located on the territory of Phan Thiet. It is especially popular among Russian tourists, it is often heard Russian accent. Signs, announcements are also written in our language, so problems with explanations should arise. The Russian guests will feel comfortable among familiar words. In a large number there is a rest married couples with children.
  3. An Bang. Big beach is a good distance from the city so usually there are few tourists. Tranquility, peace, silence and privacyguests are guaranteed. Here you can quite cost to eat, cost of food in the local cafes is low.
  4. Bai Dai. Not far from Nha Trang city is a wild beach called Bai Dai. Infrastructure is not very developed, so are here relax the guests accustomed to the peace and quiet.
  5. Unity with nature, silky sand and blue water will lead to bliss everyone.

  6. Nha Trang. The beach is located in the same town. Coast covered with fine white sand. The purest turquoise water beckons those who like to swim and dive in clear water. Visitors are encouraged to activity on the water: you can go by catamaran, boat or jet ski.
  7. Jungle Beach. Beautiful place with wild jungle and mountains. Bright colors are combined in fancy pattern; blue water, white sand and green vegetation. Guests stay in bungalows with all amenities – toilet, fan, electricity and furnishings. Here play volleyball, badminton or other beach games.
  8. Paragon Beach. The beach is located on the site of the same name. Rest here not only hotel guests, but everyone who made a certain fee. Despite the well-developed entertainment industry, there are not very many people because a high enough price.
  9. Lang Co. The beach is not only one of the best beaches of Vietnam, but also ranks among the most beautiful in the world. Guests are happy to relax on the soft sand of the small structure. And in love, and couples with children will definitely enjoy.
  10. Rank. The beach stretches for five kilometers, is among the best in the village of MUI ne. Restaurants, cafes, clean sand, comfortable beach, pleasant water will ensure a lovely stay. The village can be explored by Bicycle rentals are also available for this transport.
  11. Long Beach. The beach is very popular among fans of a comfortable stay. Clean sand, green, majestic palm trees, emerald shade of the sea, entertainment and services, cafes, hotels, restaurants – what more do you need for an amazing vacation.

The most beautiful beaches

In all the coastal points are the beaches, the beauty of which is impossible not to admire.

Nha Trang

Paragon Bich v Nyachange

Nha Trang is the most famous resort place of Vietnam. It offers a luxurious opportunity to relax on the local beaches. Features a large beach that stretches for seven kilometers, and the many secluded romantic spots with a clean coastline, where visitors feel calm and peaceful.

On the shore of most beaches there are hotels, so there you can stay for all the holidays.

From November to mid - February the Trang overcome the storms. At this time swimming on the beaches is not advised, since strong waves are dangerous.

A large flow of Russian tourists has forced the city to adapt to guests: here lately opened a lot of restaurants, cafes, shops, where they speak in Russian. Here is the rest of the people who like to combine relaxation on the luxurious beaches and visits to places of entertainment. Night clubs, bars, discos, beauty salons, shops open their doors to foreign guests.

The services of tourist diving centres, springs with healing water and mud. On the nearby Islands, do water sports: diving, surfing, snorkeling. The island of hon tre is connected to the town by cable car. In this secluded spot guests stay in hotels and relax on the beaches.

The southern beaches of Nha Trang are considered the best in the area. They represent a wide band, comfortable and clean. Every evening a special tractor sifts the sand on the coast. The territory near the cafe cleaned more, and place with sun loungers is guarded by a special person.

The area is equipped with toilets and showers with fresh water. The best equipped beach – the Central city beach. It has everything:

  • Rent boats and other equipment;
  • Exercise equipment;
  • Bars and restaurants;
  • Playgrounds and other entertainment services.

The most famous part of the beach called dream beach love to relax with children.

Beach Paragonowned the hotel occupies a small territory, but usually there are a lot of people with children, because it is limited to watersheds that do not allow to rise to strong waves.

If you want to visit this corner of Paradise, you have to go away, for example, on the beach, Doc let, or Socket. Relaxed atmosphere, easy entry into the water, clear and fine sand will amaze everyone. The beach stretches for 10 km and divided into free and paid areas. Naturally free area is cleaned very rarely.

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Ho Chi Minh city

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In the city there are no places for a beach holiday. To splash in the warm waves, guests travel for several kilometers to the nearest beaches.

Easier to stay in a country hotel, then you will not have to spend time and money on taxis and buses.

The most famous the nearest beach is Vung Tau. Now this is the oldest port town became a haven for tourists. The beach is characterized by fine sand, like silky strands of pure sea water, rocks and headlands, mineral water springs with a temperature above forty degrees. Nightlife lovers will not get bored, the bars here are open till morning.

The beaches of Ho Chi Minh city are outside the city. Tourists who love travel and the roads that go to other areas in search of wildlife. Guests who prefer a quiet time, stay in town, with pools and water parks.


Phu Quoc island – the big Vietnamese island located in the Gulf of Thailand. White sand covers the entire beach part of the island. Now the island is actively developing and being built. Worth a visit before he will be seriously modified by the construction, while natural beauty, naturalness and intactness, still able to fascinate visitors.

Beach called Bai Dai is considered the most beautiful beach of the whole country. It is located in the North-West and not yet built-up tourist facilities and venues. There are several cafes. Throughout the length of the beach is a road, from which diverge in different directions, the small roads.

South beach, Bai Dai beach , Bai Vung Bau. It is valued for its white sand, bright waters and the green grass that grows near the shore. Usually it is calm and quiet, little campers, so you can see guests without swimwear. Hotels of middle price class are opening their doors to tourists who want to spend here the whole vacation.

In the North of the island, tourists relax on the beach of Bai Gan Dau. Sand, palm trees, a hotel, a fishing boat – all this exists on the coast.


Hanoi – capital of Vietnam. Here guests will be immersed in the frantic city rhythm, bustle and turmoil that accompanies any major city. Tourists can marvel at the ancient sights, temples, villages, museums, theaters and parks.

Hanoi is not intended to relax in the sunshine on the beach with gentle sand. To lie in the sun, visitors are leaving from Hanoi to other places.

Phan Thiet

morskie territorii Fanteta

Phan Thiet is located on the shores of the South China sea. It is a family entertainment centre. Everything is there for guests who want to spend their vacation in Paradise: hotels of different categories, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and other services for every taste and budget.

The biggest plus of the city 's unique weather. Year-round the warm sand in the sunshine. The temperature varies from twenty-six to thirty-four degrees. In July and August, about two to three times a week on the ground fall rains that pass quickly. In April, the heat reaches its peak.

Phan Thiet is a Paradise for those who love a relaxing stay with loved ones for a clean coast with soft sand and blue waters. Tourists who love late night adventures, parties and noisy events, get bored in Phan Thiet. Life here stops with sunset sunlight.

As such twilight guests do not notice, change the time of day is seamless – that's just shone bright rays and the city was covered with darkness.

Discos and clubs here, the latest restaurants stop work at ten o'clock. Get to Phan Thiet from Ho Chi Minh city by bus, train or taxi. Transport is no problem, but travel time is extended due to a developed system of prohibition signs on the road.

Russian tourists are going to be especially comfortable, because the staff of restaurants and hotels understand the Russian language. Here you can even find signs in Russian language.

The beach area can be divided as:

  1. Beaches South of Phan Thiet. This beach area is the latest popular and beautiful;
  2. The beaches in the North of the city. Here is concentrated the largest number of beachfront hotels;
  3. The beaches near the village of MUI ne. This coastline has become the most popular in Phan Thiet because of the developed infrastructure.

MUI ne

The main area of a beach holiday is separate from the city and located in the Bay of MUI ne. If you want to get to the town centre will have to take a taxi. In the city you can get acquainted with the typical Vietnamese way of life. Residents, and about two hundredthousand, mostly engaged in fish processing, silk production, and service users.

Between the city and the village of MUI ne there are dozens of hotels of different class. The resort is divided into four districts. You can stay in luxurious hotels and in private villas or in a three star hotel with small bars and surf schools.

In the village of MUI ne welcomes guests traveling alone, here you can find cheap accommodation, inexpensive cafes and excellent wind surfing. Fans of pure beach holiday will be delighted by the pristine beaches, warm waters and unique sea shell found at low tide.

The water temperature of eighty degrees to lap from the morning to evening. Comfortable be families with kids, shallow water perfect for children. Water can not be called crystal clear, because the waves lift sand from the bottom.

berega v Mujne

Each hotel owns its beach and offers free sunbeds and umbrellas. Coconut palms right on the water evokes the feeling that you are in Paradise. Majestic pines – typical trees for tropical places, freshen the air and give off a unique aroma.

The beaches are connected by paths. Peddlers of fresh fruit offer a product unobtrusive and inexpensive.

In Phan Thiet you can enjoy and attractions:

  • Mount Taka with a wild jungle;
  • The statue of the reclining Buddha;
  • Cham tower – the ruins of the ancient complex of temples;
  • Red dunes – here you can make stunning photos.

Da Nang

Da Nang is very popular among tourists due to developed infrastructure, attractions and, of course, gorgeous beaches. The strip of coast with clean sand stretches for over forty kilometres, including the entire urban area and its surroundings. Every comfortable descent into the water and the Bay became the center of beach resort.

Guests wishing to soak up the sun, it is recommended to visit da Nang in the period from March to August. At this time the sea is calm and the temperature is twenty-eight to thirty-two degrees. In June to shore swim jellyfishwhich can inflict a painful but safe burns.

In the city it is the my Khe beach. In the evenings and weekends especially a lot of people. The beach has everything for a comfortable stay:

  1. Shower;
  2. Toilets;
  3. Cafes;
  4. Sun loungers;
  5. Umbrellas.

Tourists looking for privacy and tranquility, will appeal to Us On the beach, located Northwest of da Nang. Entertainment here is not very much, but you can explore the history of Vietnam.

Enjoy low prices for accommodation in hotels in da Nang. Visitors are not limited in funds, stay in luxury first-class hotels. However, the city is small, so booking guests in advance. On-site beaches is a small number of hotels.

Vietnam offers absolutely everything for an unforgettable vacation. All year round, he takes tourists and reveals to them their beauty. Warm turquoise waters, white sand, palm trees, comfortable hotels, hotels, cafes and restaurants with mouth-watering dishes will not leave anyone indifferent.

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