A seaside holiday in Vietnam: when and where better to go?

 kuda luchshe ehat na otdyh vo Vetnam

A seasoned traveler, has traveled halfway around the world, sooner or later comes off of the beaten path of travel. In search of new experiences, he discovers Asia, not nearly as comfortable as the Patriarchal Europe, and rich in a dashing fun as the usual Turkey with Egypt, but no less attractive.

Vietnam, being on a par with Thailand the pearl of Indochina, even the discerning traveler promises a lot of previously unknown experiences.

Vietnam or Thailand: which is cheaper?

When the decision to visit an Asian resort decided, you should ask yourself a question – why Vietnamand not Thailand, or, for example, their neighbours in Indochina, Laos and Cambodia? As for the latter two it is possible to give a definite answer – the level of development of such sectors of economy as tourism in these States does not go to any comparison with Vietnam.

kuda luchshe poehat: Vetnam ili Tailand

And what about Thailand? Because the Thais much earlier open their doors to travelers from around the world. Yes, Thailand's economy is focused on foreign visitors, but the tense political situation does not allow the tourist to feel safe. In 2014, there was a military coup, the echoes of which still destabilisateur the situation in the country. In addition, prices in Thai hotels and supermarkets is significantly higher than in the Vietnamese.

By the way, about the prices. In Vietnam the most expensive vacation will cost on the North coast. The Central and southern areas of the country profess a milder price policy in relation to its guests. Another plus of stay in Vietnam is that the prices here do not vary depending on the season and remain low throughout the year.

It's fun! According to legend, the Vietnamese are the fruit of the Union of dragon and fairy birds. That's why dragon is the most revered mythical animal in Vietnam.

Children of the sea: when to go?

kogda ehat otdyhat

Due to the length of Vietnam from North to South, the country's climate is very diverse and not always soft. The North will be pleased with the moderate heat from may to October. The rest of the time weather though less favorable to the visitors, but all anomalies are not highlighted. Is subtropical with lots of sun, lots of rain and high humidity.

Another thing – the naughty southern climate. The weather here is warm all year round, but in may in this part of the country the rainy season begins. Tropical storms moving into the typhoons, and those in extensive flooding. But since October in the South is established lull – heat special there, but the winds and the rains do not spoil the holiday experience.

And even this wayward weather plays into the hands of the tourist to relax in Vietnam is possible all year round: from may to October, sunbathing and swimming in the North in autumn and spring season in the South. The average annual temperature here ranges from 22 to 25º C.

Contrary to popular belief, the main religion in Vietnam – not Buddhism, and traditional beliefs: the locals worship spirits, mythical animals, the mother goddess.

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Best resorts - the top 5 travel preferences

Holidays in Vietnam – is, above all, lazy beach time. The Eastern and southern border of the country is washed by the South China sea, on the coast of which is located the largest Spa town. Every tourist here can find a place, because the coastline is more than 3,000 km.

Every year the number of tourists visiting Vietnam grows by 1 million people. Most of them are Europeans, 10% are from the USA, but the guests from Russia here that is rare – they account for less than 3%.

luchshie kurorty Vetnama

MUI ne

In fact, this is only one of the 16 districts of the South of Phan Thiet city, but in fact, this strip of coast with a length of 15 km is considered the tourist capital of Vietnam. The ocean here Crescent cuts into the land and forms a Bay on the coast which located a clean wide beaches. Lie on them and havethe main goal of the guests of MUI ne.

Along the promenade is full of hotels of varying star, bungalows and villas.

A nice bonus - the wait staff mostly speaks Russian.

The Bay of MUI ne known for its strong winds, attracts surfers and kitaistov from around the world. Even inexperienced in these extreme forms of entertainment traveler will be able to enjoy them, hiring a instructor.

otdyh v Mujne

Attractions and entertainment:

  • Cham towers , an ancient (8th century BC) built the Cham civilization that inhabited the territory of Vietnam in ancient times.
  • Yellow sand dunes – sand dunes with a height up to 10 meters, which is located on 2 km2 of open space. For a small fee, local children anyone who wishes to rent a piece of cardboard on which to slide down the dunes.
  • Fisherman's Bay and fish market – here you can observe a miniature Bay with colorful boats of the fishermen and sold in the market fresh seafood.

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Da Nang

One of the 3 largest cities in the state situated on the coast of Central Vietnam. Da Nang looks like a giant anthill – here, the life, on the roads, crazy traffic, and everywhere is under construction. For a while, frozen, before sunset, after dark the city comes alive again and plunges into the nightlife – bars, clubs and restaurants open until morning.

The best time to visit Danang city – the end of April. Annually on the 29th and 30th there is an international tournament fireworks, take part and a team from Russia.

dostoprimechatelnosti Dananga

Attractions and entertainment:

  • Directly in Danang worth a visit the Cham Museum and Linh, Fang, which houses the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam – Lady Buddha with a height of 67 meters. Inside the statue are 17 floors but tourists are allowed to climb only at first.
  • 35 km from the city is one of the "most-most" structures of the world – longest cable car. 94 booths are way more than 5 km between the tops of 2 mountains – Ban Wangnet.
  • National Park Batima is 40 km from da Nang, and its territory covers 220 km2. In addition to the amazing scenery, you can see wild animals in their natural habitat, and, rising to a height of 1 km to enjoy the view of the waterfall Rhododendron.

Nha Trang

The true name of this city is not pronounced in any language of the world, except for Vietnam that did not prevent the Nha Trang become the most popular among Russians resort in Vietnam.

This is a great place for solo travelers: there are a lot of Russian-speaking native population, and even signs are duplicated in Russian, so understanding the problems will not arise.

All hotels, restaurants and clubs are densely located in a special tourist area. The beaches in fact Nha Trang is not very attractive, but a short distance from the city tourists will meet a wide coastline with soft sand and warm sea.

otdyh v Nyachange

Attractions and entertainment:

  • Nha Trang is perfect for families with children, because there is a huge amusement Park VinPearl. It is located on Bamboo island which you can reach by cable car. The response in the hearts of children will find fur seals and dolphins that are involved in the daily view. Adults will also be interesting to visit the aquarium "Underwater world", the area of amusement rides and 4D cinema.
  • Cham towers and the pagoda of long Sean. These cultural monuments will seduce lovers of ancient architecture. Interesting facts and leisurely walks in the shade of old palm trees will appeal to fans of excursions to historic places.
  • 2 km from the coast out to sea is the island of the Monkeys. Half a century ago, the primates bred in great numbers here, and the enterprising Vietnamese steel not to evict them, make the Islands big attraction. Here you can interact with animals, feed them and watch a show of monkeys and dogs.

Vung Tau

The southern coast of Vietnam will take travelers from Russia, who are tired compatriots. Vung Tau is the only Vietnamese city, where there is a Russian Diaspora of local residents, but the ordinary Russian tourists are almost there.

Vung Tau's not that big a resort, and its infrastructure is less developed than Nha Trang and da Nang but is all necessary for comfortable rest, there is a. The beaches are especially clean in the southern part of the city, shopping centers, restaurants and parks are ready to conquer tourists with its cozy and quiet atmosphere.

Vungtau Vetnam

Attractions and entertainment:

  • The highest in Asia, a statue of Jesus. This building height of 32meters, made entirely of white marble.
  • In order to observe Jesus, like his counterpart in Rio de Janeiro with outstretched arms over the city, you must defeat about 900 steps down the mountain stairs and another 130 inside the monument that lead to the viewing platform on the shoulders of the statue.

  • The Lighthouse Hai Dang. It was built by the French, whose colony was once Vietnam. Remind me 4 French cannon by 10 meters in length each, standing on a platform at the foot of the lighthouse. In it reaches a height of 18 meters, and the top offers stunning views of the city and the ocean.
  • Children in Vung Tau will not be short of entertainment: the Park at mount Nolan will delight our youngest visitors attractions, excursions on horses and trains, an artificial waterfall and a zoo.

In Phu Quoc island

For lovers of diving , this island is the Mecca, after all, the local dive center is quite big even by global standards. Prices for equipment rental and instructor's service – one of the lowest in the world, and the flora and fauna of the underwater world are as rich as the Maldives or Indonesia.

Phu Quoc island is located at the beginning of its development as a resort, so in addition to diving excursions there are enough. This tropical island is more suitable for a lazy holiday under palm Paradise kuschami. The vacationer will have a chance to lie on the beach alone, so few tourists here.

Nevertheless, good hotels on the island is always filled, so please take care of accommodation in advance.

razvlecheniya na ostrove Fukuok

Attractions and entertainment:

  • Very popular with visitors to the island enjoy eco-tours: visit the wild jungle, mountain waterfalls, plantations that cultivated black pepper, or a trip to the sea eagles.
  • Thrill-seekers will like the excursion to Coconut prison. Here the French colonialists kept their prisoners.
  • Now the Coconut prison is not used for its intended purpose, and as a Museum, showing prison life.

  • Another institution is not intended for visits of ordinary citizens, opened its doors for tourists in Fukuoka. This is a factory for the production of fish sauce "Nuoc mam". However, like the tour only to users noses, not particularly sensitive to specific smells.

And lastly - useful tips and advice

The traveler, who decided for the first time to visit Vietnam, you should remember a few rules:

  1. all local vegetables and fruits should be washed with clean drinking water – tropical climate promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and the water from the tap here is not the best quality;
  2. when visiting crowded places need to closely monitor your wallet, because the indigenous population does not disdain petty theft;
  3. going to a Buddhist temple, you should show respect for the religion and no matter how hot, to cover arms and legs with clothing.

By adhering to these simple niceties Vietnam will definitely be a pleasant surprise discovery on the bored travel card and enjoy a variety of entertainment, soft sand beaches and welcoming locals.

Benefits of a vacation in Vietnam, see the following video: