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Vietnam: the amusement Park and the Vinpearl island in Nha Trang - photos and videos

park razvlechenij Vinperl vo Vetname

Vinpearl land (Viet Nam) - an amusement Park that ranks among the most popular attractions in Nha Trang. Just behind Park in Hong Kong, Vinpearl has its own "flavor" so attractive to visitors to the island.

Vinpearl on the map

razvlekatelnyj Vinpearl na karte

Amusement Park Vinpearl land - a place that should definitely visit while in Vietnam.

It was opened in 2006, and during this short period of time gained immense popularity.

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Is amusement Park Vinpearl in Vietnam on the island of hon tre (Hon Tre), also called Bamboo island. It is the largest of the Islands near Nha Trang.

How to get there?

To get to Vinpearl Park can be very exotic way of its cable car, which in itself is an attraction – she entered the Guinness Book of records as the world's longest cable car crossing (the length a little more than 3300 meters above sea level – 70 meters). The road to the island takes about 20-25 minutes, during this time, you can enjoy a fascinating panorama of the island and do a lot of original frames.

kak doehat?

Station the easiest way to get public transport (bus No 4, the fare is 7,000 VND (17 rubles)). Much faster to get a taxi, but it is unlikely that the trip will cost – from 80 to 120 thousand VND (201-302 RUB), the cost depends on distance of travel.

It is best to take tickets for the first flights (the ticket office cable car opens at 8.00 a.m.) – in this case, you can visit more attractions and not wait in long queues. Cable car is open until 22 hours.

The cost of travel and stay at the amusement Park:

  • 650 000 VND (1640 RUR) for an adult;
  • 600 000 VND (1513 RUB) – for people of retirement age;
  • 550,000 VND (1387 roubles) for children taller than 140 cm (children below 140 cm are free).

Caveat: if you visit the Park in the late afternoon – from 17.00 to 22.00, the price of the entrance ticket will be less than half, only 350 000 Dong (about 882 rubles) for adults and 300 000 dongs (approximately 757 rubles) for a child.

The island can be reached by boat (Canoeing), the fare will be 150 000 VND (378.), excluding tickets to Vinpearl.

The cost of tickets to entertainment complex included a visit to all the attractions throughout the day, and time of visits not limited. You can spend the whole day in the water Park, in the hall of slot machines – at the discretion of tourists.

To navigate in the diversity of entertainment at the box office and the cable car and on arrival at the island guests receive a free map (including in Russian) showing all the rides, restaurants, hotels and beaches, as well as the schedule of events.

Description and photos Vinpearl land

fotografii i harakteristiki

The Park covers an area of 60 thousand m2, 30 thousand m2 of which is artificially created mountain, Rung Ron cave and a number of unique water attractions.

Services and activities

The Park opens for visitors at 8:30 – it was at this time in Hong Che come first ferries and boats. Amusement Park designed for all ages, so both children and adults enjoy playing on the slides or roundabouts.

  • The water Park will be interesting for fans of active pastime, and fans of quiet rest. Numerous slides of various height and extent, water tunnels, mini-waterfalls will bring a lot of excitement for thrill seekers (especially the tunnel "Black hole" or slide "Kamikaze").
  • Those who wish to swim slowly, will be invited to ride on an inflatable circle in the artificial river, the smooth flow whichruns around the whole water complex.

  • Mini water Park designed specifically for young visitors. All the jumps and slides made in the form of fairy-tale characters, and the pools are quite shallow and safe.
  • The aquarium is a rich underwater world in all its glory. Visitors will be able to observe the feeding of marine life, with the family of sharks, lobsters, and other fantastic inhabitants of the sea (for example, contains more than 340 species of rare fish).

    The aquarium has a moving walkway, standing on which, you can slowly drive past all aquariums. At 11 o'clock and 15 o'clock begins a specialized "live mermaids".

  • 4D cinema immerse guests in a true virtual reality. The effect of presence, the wind and sea spray – if you are in the heart of the action on the screen (the cartoon is in English with Vietnamese subtitles).

    The cinema has a big hall equipped with arcade games (air hockey, shooting ranges, virtual racing, kinds of shooters, Billiards and others), so to miss it is clearly not necessary. There is a special games room for children, where for some time to leave the child under supervision of animators (don't forget to leave the animator their mobile phone numbers).

  • 3D gallery. On the background of funny pictures can be quite an interesting photo.
  • Laser fountain show can be viewed twice a day at 19:00 and 20:00. Changing the color of water jets are truly colorful sight.
  • uslugi na territorii

  • The beaches on the island are well kept, white sand, which is specially imported here from the city of Cam Ranh. On the beach are available all kinds of water activities – water skiing , a banana boat and water scooters.
  • Entertainment and shows in the open air: performance of "stilt-walkers" and jugglers, street musicians and dance shows.
  • Dolphin show and sea lions will appeal to everyone, especially children. Fascinating water view, and well supplied rooms will become for kids with unforgettable fun.
  • Duration incredible laser show – 30 minutes. The performance will start at 14 hours.


The range of attractions for fans of "tickle nerves" is quite extensive, they are designed for people with good vestibular apparatus:

  1. Roller coaster – coaster with steep turns and a decent speed;
  2. Mine adventure – lots of slides twisted in Wild West style;
  3. Mountain elektrosan (extreme downhill). The cabin is equipped with a hand brake so you can adjust the speed of descent;
  4. Attraction "a Thrilling swing" - travel through the air in different directions.

zahvatyvaushie attrakciony

On some rides there is a limit to growth – the Park staff for security purposes, can not let the children whose growth does not exceed 120 cm.

For the little ones suitable:

  • Swing "Moving animals" - ideal for the children shorter than 120 cm;
  • Swing - "Elephants"is suitable for even the youngest visitors due to slow progress.

In 2016, for several weeks the Park was closed for reconstruction, which allowed not only to put in order the existing attractions, but also to add a few new ones. In particular, the "Mine adventure".

Some rides suit breaks several times a day is reflected on a special interactive map of attractions (if next to the name of the attraction there is a red flag, he at the technical break, if the green is open to the public).


  1. Entertainment Park is open from 8:30 until 22 hours.
  2. The water parks are open from 10:00 to 18 hours.
  3. The aquarium is open from 10:00 to 20 hours.
  4. A mermaid show at the aquarium at 11:00 and 15:00.
  5. Evening laser fountain show at 19:00 and 20:00.

The rest of the island

In addition to the amusement Park on the island there are a sufficient number of accommodation and eating places.


On site Bamboo island has several hotels – so in the amusement Park you can spend more than one day.

The advantages of staying in hotels on the island obviously: hotel guests have free access to the rides at the amusement Park.

gostinicy ostrova

  • Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang 5* - nights with full Board (3 meals a day) – $ 550, room from $ 175.
  • Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort & SPA 5* the hotel isguests with the highest standards. The hotel has about 500 rooms, including presidential suites. 3 pools, Golf course, Spa – all this fun is available for $ 580 per day.
  • Vinpearl 5*. The price – from 200 to 300 dollars. This price includes the residence, and all the fun in the Park.
  • Vinpearl Luxury 5*. Meals included in the price. Room rates – from $ 180 per day.
  • Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort & Villas 4*. Luxury room and private villas, a restaurant, a Golf course. The price is 250-300 dollars a day.

To book a room at a hotel right now, using this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Where to eat?

Within the Park are many cafes and coffee shops, offering anything from a quick snack, and lunch. The cheapest way to and from school – "Lotteria" – located near the cable car.

Basically all the places the type of "fast food", but there are cafes and restaurants that offer national dishes (spring rolls, soup Pho, desserts). Snack in these cafes costs about 100-120 thousand Dong (252-302 RUB).

restorany i kafe

In the Park you can find Italian café (pizza, aromatic cappuccinos and great Italian ice cream), and cafe-type of Russian pancake (pancakes with chocolate and fruit fillings).


Tourists who prefer organized vacation, can enjoy excursions to the island of hon tre. In addition to the mandatory visit to the amusement Park, guests can visit the floating fishing village, visit the Truc Lam pagoda (the largest on the island), photographed on the background of magnificent castles (the most popular is the Ocean Square). For shoppers there is a street with shops and souvenir stalls.

Tip for tourists

  1. It is not necessary to take them to the Isle packages with food and drinks – the rules of the Park prohibited to bring food with them (quarantine mode). In the Park there are a number of power points, so hungry to stay is quite difficult.
  2. The exception would be baby food, if the child is small and needs a special menu.

  3. If a visit is planned with a small child, bring a stroller. Walk in the Park a lot, and transportation is not provided.
  4. Tickets to Vinpearl Park purchased only at the ticket office next to the cable car. Any purchase of tickets privately, some action and a "best offer" is all of fraudsters.
  5. Consider the time reverse of departure. If you stay for the fountain show (which is not earlier than 19 hours), then be aware that you can get from the cable car to your hotel you have taxi – buses after 18 hours from the cable car do not go.

Watch video about how fun in the amusement Park Vinpearl: