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Attractions the socialist Republic of Vietnam: Nha Trang, da lat, Phan Thiet

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Republic of Vietnam is located on the Eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula.

Closer to the North the country borders with China, Western border is next with Laos and Cambodia. In the South-East of Vietnam bordering the South China sea.

The country is very elongated along the coast and covers an area of 330 sq km.

Vietnam - where is it?

It is a picturesque countrywhere mountains occupy 81% of the whole territory. The highest point is mount Fansipan height of 3143 m.

On the Western border stretches lie the Annam mountains (Chiongson). In the North of the country parallel to each other extend the folded ridges of the majestic Hoang Lenson, Shusungtiatiay and Samsho cut by deep valleys.

The largest flowing river in Southeast Asia the City and the Mekong flow through the territory of Vietnam and empties into the South China sea.

In the North of Vietnam, in the Delta of the river of the City, located in the Beibu plain. In this region, the greatest density of population in the country of 1100 persons/sq km it is the country's capital – Hanoi.

In the South-Western part of the country stretches the plain of Nam Bo, it is the largest city in the country – Ho Chi Minh city.

Vietnam is a new and very promising kind of tourism. Magnificent nature, beautiful temple complexes, beautiful beaches, and an exquisite national cuisine make the stay unforgettable.

This contributes to the lovely warm tropical climate, but the most comfortable time to travel in southern Vietnam is the period from early December to mid-may.

Journey to the North, it is better to plan in may-June or in the first half of autumn.

Vetnam - gde eto?

Sights of Vietnam through the eyes of a tourist

What to see?

Nha Trang

This city is the center of a beach holiday. In the heart of Nha Trang are the most famous resorts in Vietnam.

Here open truly magnificent views of picturesque emerald hills covered with lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs, white sand and warm azure water.

Bizarre mysterious Islands scattered around the coast. What could be better?

In the middle of the city lies the magnificent Cham towers, Nha Trang brings the ancient flavor.

At night you can visit the numerous clubs and restaurants and enjoy regional Asian cuisine, tasting the delicious dishes of fish and seafood. The most brave can try the bun cha ca soup, made with Marlin and jellyfish.


This city is situated on a plateau of Dalat, at a height of 1475 meters. This mountain resort, which was built by the French and served as a salvation from the summer heat.

Dalat is surrounded by many picturesque lakes and waterfalls. There are excellent conditions for recreation: shady pine forests and national parks, Golf courses, horse riding and tennis courts.

Of attractions include the Lam Dong Museum, which presents a large collection of pottery and musical instruments.

Also worth a visit is the Summer Palace of Emperor Bao Dai, built in 1933 and pagoda Lin Sean, where is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, weight 1251 kg.

The area of the pagoda is very picturesque, there is a pond with exotic fish and water lilies.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Dalata

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is well-known resorts of Monte, and the attractions you should visit in the surrounding area. It is most convenient to reach them is to sign up for a group tour, it is quite inexpensive.

The most popular destinations in the area include Red and White Dunes and Lotus Lake, the picturesque Ke GA lighthouse and mount Taku.

Also worth noting is the magnificent mud baths and SPA resorts. You can, for a small fee you can hire a driver and visit the crocodile farm or along the coast.

Ho Chi Minh city

Earlier this city was called Saigon. There are many interesting places, mostlyall the sights associated with the war in Vietnam.

Very impressive Museum of war crimes. Literally, the name means "Museum of the consequences of war." A collection of shocking photographs and artifacts of American war crimes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Also be sure to visit the historical Reunification Palace. This Palace is the residence of the head of South Vietnam, it symbolizes the end of the war.

Also interesting tourist sites are the Ho Chi Minh Museum and Museum of traditional medicine. As entertainment you can visit the acrobatic show and Opera house.


Hanoi is very rich in interesting tourist routes. For your convenience, print a map or write down all the names in Vietnamese and the locals would be happy to show you the way.

Main attractions are the Bay of the Returned Sword, the mountain village of Sapa and perfume Pagoda. From museums worth visiting Vietnamese Women's Museum, who will talk about the historical role of women in the life of Vietnam.

Also be sure to see the citadel of Hanoi, which is located in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The big attraction is the Ho Chi Minh Museum, its building was constructed in the shape of a Lotus. Here are stored thousands of unique historical documents and exhibits. The Museum is constantly hosting interesting exhibitions and displays.

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Fukuoka is the largest island of Vietnam. It is located in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, 15 km South of Cambodia. Its length is about 50 km.

This is a real Paradise for fans of relaxing beach holiday. The shores of the island covered with white sand and dense tropical jungle.

Great service, diving, lots of interesting excursions and SPA resorts will satisfy even the most discerning traveler.


Once. was a quiet fishing village, but now it is actively developing city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The main attraction here are original and very colorful fishing village, where you can buy fresh seafood, ripe exotic fruit and a lot of memorabilia.

MUI ne is a beautiful resort place with a mild climate and clean sea water. No wonder it is called the "Hawaii of Vietnam".

In this area are constantly strong winds that create huge waves. Swimming here is very dangerous, but steep waves attract many surfers.

Therefore, MUI ne has long been became a kind of Mecca for lovers of water sports. The most favorable time to visit MUI ne is from December to March.

Da Nang

Da Nang is a beautiful ancient town, in whose vicinity many interesting places.

Among the attractions include Marble mountains, which are located between Hoi an and da Nang. Once these mountains were surrounded by water and was the Islands.

In the rocks a lot of natural grottoes and caves, within which is built the ancient Buddhist temples. Mountains are sacred and there is always a lot of pilgrims.

Nearby are two villages where you can buy a lot of elegant marble figurines. However, sellers should bargain.

Also cost to go on the cable car, the height of 1478 meters. From the museums it is worth noting the Cham Museum and the Museum of da Nang.

It will be interesting to get acquainted with the ruins of michonne. This is a large area with many ancient temples and shrines built by the Champa peoples.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Dananga


This city is the ancient capital of the emperors, Ngwa. Hue is one of the educational and cultural centers of Vietnam.

The main attraction is the fortress of Kinh Thanh, which currently is a working military base.

Be sure to go on an excursion to the majestic Palace of Thai-Hoa and visit the pagoda of Thien Mu, which was built in 1601.

Special attention deserves the Forbidden Purple City (You-Cam Thanh). This former Royal residence, there is a meditation Hall, a room of the court physician and Royal military office.

Be sure to view the magnificent tombs of emperors. Particularly impressive is the mausoleum of khay-Dinh, located on top of a picturesque hill.

In hue there is a unique national Park Bachma with many rare animals and plants. An interesting feature of the Park is the large number of bats.

Republic of Vietnam is a unique country, which is notable for its ancient history, large number of comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches.

Beautiful touristshopping, restaurants and museums will make your stay in Vietnam unforgettable.