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South Korea - what can you bring as a gift: cosmetics, Souvenirs from Seoul

CHto privezti iz Uzhnoj Korei?

Opportunities to buy Souvenirs at any of the major cities in South Korea extensive – it offers a huge number of shops of free trade, which specializes only in the trade areas and the areas many shopping centers and galleries.

What to bring from South Korea - photos

CHto iz suvenirov privezti?

Most travelers will find themselves facing a difficult choice, planning the shopping list for loved ones. In order to make it easier to identify, you can adopt a short list of what will be a pleasant gift for both adults and for children:

  • The original seal;
  • Paper lanterns;
  • Handicrafts;
  • Wooden masks;
  • DIY.

Most popular

Among the most common gifts from South Korea occupy a special place print Tojan, which for centuries was made in a special way and historically served instead of a signature.

Not inferior to them in popularity and fans, puche and paper lanterns, without which no cost, no celebration.

Items crafted by Korean artisans decorate any room – this elegant chairs and carved tables, original wooden masks.

Do not forget about the products of pottery.


Kulinarnye tradicii

Culinary Souvenirs is an integral part of any trip. In South Korea is:

  • Green tea. Traditional South Korea are all sorts of varieties of green tea, ginseng, drinks made from Korean herbs;
  • Alcoholic beverages. No less popular and local spirits: known already two thousand years old rice wine McCauley, rice wine soju and prepared on the basis of wheat and pearl millet-hard drink monbaca. Wine map of South Korea includes and Apple, ginseng, fruit and flower tinctures;
  • Tea blends. Lovers of tea ceremonies will appreciate the gourmet tea blend cocoliche, which is collected in the spring young leaves of tea;
  • Traditional meals. Among the culinary Souvenirs from Korea one of the most popular is a dish called kimchi, which is made from fermented vegetables, has healing properties and can be stored for a long time. Substances that are part of this dish, serve as a prophylactic agent in the treatment of many diseases.


A great gift to commemorate South Korea will be the national costume hanbok, which can be purchased at very affordable prices.

Hanbok - a bright robe, without which the country does not do any holiday, and which in itself creates a sense of celebration for the one who wears it.

National Souvenirs and interior items created by local craftsmen , the furniture and chests for storing clothes.

For beauty and health

Kosmetika dlya krasoty i zdorovya

The most popular products for beauty and health:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Gold jewelry;
  • Products of decorative stones.

In recent years, increasingly popular around the world gaining Korean cosmetics, created with the latest scientific achievements, which wins the hearts of ladies with his huge range and availability of unparalleled ingredients. The best quality is distinguished from its nearest competitors, the Korean compact powder, creams, facial masks and other cosmetics based on ginseng and medicinal herbs.

In addition to cosmetic products deserve attention and other beauty products, the leader among which are gold jewelry andproducts of jade or onyx. Choosing as a gift decorations, it is worth remembering that the cost will be higher in comparison with other Souvenirs.

What to buy in Seoul?

Seoul is not only the capital of the country, but is rightly called one of the main centers for shopping. This town is full of boutiques of famous brands, branded stores, shopping centers and specialized markets with a huge range of goods.

The best shops of Seoul located in the streets of Insadong and Itaewon and Gangnam area. Popular among tourists are the markets of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.

Products from leading manufacturers of the planet and objects of decorative and applied arts – all presented in Seoul in abundance.

kupit derevyannye maski v Seule

List of Souvenirs from South Korea can be continued indefinitely. Here only the most common of them:

  1. Wood;
  2. DIY clay;
  3. Porcelain;
  4. Elegant figurines in a traditional style, in national dress.

Not inferior to the popularity of the listed original Souvenirs crafts from papier-mache and other materials, carved wooden masks, symbolizing the family ties, and marital fidelity figures of ducks, and on Jeju island craftsmen make original figures from the lava.

What to buy as a gift?

Shops and shopping centers in South Korea provides its visitors with not only quality service, but also a large assortment of products for a variety of categories.

For a child

The goods for children in South Korea are presented in a huge range – this clothing, and shoes, which is characterized by high quality performance.

It is worth noting that the prices for children's products is quite high, but if you need an inexpensive and fun gift, you can choose bright socks with toes.

And of course, every child will be happy with candy and various sweets, which in South Korea is very high.

Sladosti dlya rebenka

For men

Any modern man will be happy with electronic gadgets, because South Korea is a Paradise for supporters of technical progress, and on the shelves you can find the most current novelties. The prices of sports equipment are very affordable.

For women

As a gift for the ladies you can bring:

  • Beautiful sets of bed linen;
  • Curtains;
  • Colorful bedspreads;
  • Towels made of natural fabrics.

You can opt for the dishesthat will be glad every housewife. Widespread souvenir lace handkerchiefs with embroidery. And of course , the interiordecorated with carving or inlay.

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