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What to see in South Korea: Seoul sights in 3 days

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Seoul, with a history spanning over six centuries, is not only the center of political and economic life of South Korea, but also its main cultural and historical center. Here are concentrated the main transport artery of the country, and it is here that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, which attracts a wonderful combination of ancient and modern times.

Information about Seoul

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The capital of the Republic of Korea lies on the banks of the Han river , surrounded by hills and hills and counts its history and culture for many centuries.


Seoul is located in the lowland part of the country, on the picturesque banks of the Han river, which divides it into two parts: Canby and Gangnam, whose names are translated from Korean to denote geographical position in relation to the river from the North and the South.

To the North of the city adjoins the island of Yeouido.

The historical part of the city protected mountain peaks, Nissan, and the city is protected by mountains.

From the North, East and South of Seoul is bordered by Gyeonggi provinceand from the West to Incheon. Only a half dozen kilometers of Seoul from Yellow sea.

Historic districts

The Hang river divides Seoul into two parts, one of which concentrated in itself the main historic monuments and business district. The southern districts are traditionally considered to be "sleeping". Administratively the city is divided into 25 districts, most exclusive of which are the districts Cheung, Jongno-GU and Gangnam. The first two of them are the historic quarters, which are the ancient sights in the South Korean capital.

Southern Gangnam area is the place where the most expensive hotels and offices. Life does not stop while yeongdeungpo's, architectural dominant of which is the skyscraper Yuksam buildingand district Yongsan attracts the most international street of Seoul – Itaewon. In the Western and Eastern parts of the city are areas Mapogu, seodaemun-GU, Sondorgo, Dongdaemun, in which the accommodation is not as expensive as the previous. For outdoor recreation are committed to the area of Andongo.

Attractions, indicating the metro stations - photo

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Seoul is the real city of contrasts, where an amazing sense of history combined with the most modern architectural trends. Seoul sights – a good example of how to combine the ancient temples with modern buildings and to dilute the splendor of the peaceful landscape picturesque parks.


Monuments in Seoul, a great many, and they are located in different parts of the city.

The famous Exhibition center (station "Congames") attracts not only interesting events, but also numerous sculptures which adorn the area around it.

  • In the historic neighborhood of Insadong (Jonggak subway station), where the master craft is a monument brush calligraphy. It is popular among tourists, since in this part of the city there are numerous souvenir shops, and travelers are always here.
  • 22-meter sculpture weighing 50 tons is called "the man with the hammer", it was created by the famous American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky. The monument is made in such a way that the hammer in his hand working slowly. It is not far from metro station line 5 Gwanghwamun.
  • Next to the building of Seoul city hall station (city Hall) a sculpture in the form of sitting on a bench couple in love, next to which is often photographed by tourists and locals.

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Near the building of municipality (city Hall station) is also an area with many smallart objects and monuments, is a popular place for photography.


Being in Seoul is certainly worth a visit the famous Buddhist temples:

  1. The Temple Of COGECA. Is the best known, which is very easy to reach by subway to Jonggak station. Here to services of tourists developed a special program with accommodation on the temple grounds and participate in some ceremonies.
  2. The Jongmyo Shrine. Extremely picturesque and stunning in its ornate decoration station (jongro), the oldest Confucian temples built for the royals of the Joseon dynasty.
  3. Temple Ponens. Impossible to walk past him. The history of the Church began almost fifteen hundred years ago (he is at the station Bongeunsa).
  4. The Temple Of Toons. An amazing place where rich history combines with magnificent scenery, because it is situated on the slope of the ridge Samgaksan (Ssangmun subway station).

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Gardens and parks

Parks of Seoul is not inferior to the architectural attractions, they attract numerous travelers scenic views and plenty of entertainment.

One of the largest parks in the South Korean capital is located in the heart Jamsil (Jamsil station) and is called "Lotte world". Its huge territory is concentrated the various attractions and entertainment centres. There is an ice skating rink, cinema, many restaurants and shops, hotels.

A great addition to the picture of the Park "Lotte world" are beautiful scenery overlooking a small lake.

park Everlend

Park "Everland" (you can get there by bus from Gangnam, Jamsil) attracts the attention of fans of extreme tourism and attractions, from breathtaking. He is one of the largest parks in the world and offers many opportunities, including even a small Safari.

Water Park "Caribbean Bay" (station Yeongtong) – the best place for lovers of the water element.

Will amaze in its scope, not only children but also adults, grandiose amusement Park "Grand-Park" station (Seoul Grand Park), which occupies one of leading places among the world's zoos.

Architectural structure

  • The brightest piece of architecture in Seoul is undoubtedly the magnificent Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the main symbols of the capital. You can reach it by metro station is Gyeongbokgung Station.
  • Among the most important historical buildings in second place, this Palace Kinchigunebuilt as a backup residence in case of force majeure. Nowadays, here is located the Museum exposition. Subway station is Gwanghwamun Station.
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  • Among the most beautiful buildings in Seoul – Changdeokgung Palace with its beautiful "Secret garden" and the famous "Jade stream" (station Anguk Station).
  • The attention of tourists attracted by the picturesque and the Palace complex, Channahon, which is famous for its beautiful Botanical gardens and pavilion of the Queen (station Hyehwa Station).
  • More modest in comparison with other palaces, but no less important – the Deoksugung Palace, which served rulers as a country residence (station City Hall Station).
  • The best place to dive into the atmosphere of ancient Korea - is a folk village Minsokchon, which is a few dozen kilometers from the center of Seoul. On its vast territory, scattered houses, typical of the different provinces.

In the village of Minsokchon you can watch the vintage wedding or funeral ceremony, to participate in the competitions in kite flying, attend festivals, folk dances and competitions in historical sports.


nacionalnyj muzej

Museums in Seoul, as well as other sites, big set. In whatever area you are staying nearby will be found a unique Museum. If you're ever in Seoul, visit:

  1. The war memorial, which was opened in 1994 and is located in a former army headquarters. Its exposition tells about different stages in the military history of South Korea (subway Station is Samgakji Station);
  2. National Museum of Korea – the country's largest collection of materials on the history and traditional art of South Korea (Ichon Station Station);
  3. The Museum of illusions is one of the most unusual museums, the exhibition which consists of paintings in 3D, and visitors can literally sense of the word to become a part of a work Station (Hongik University Station);
  4. Historical Museum, located in the Northern part of Seoul in the Jongno – GU district and tells the story of the development of the city from prehistoric times to the present day (Dongdaemun Station);
  5. Museum of fine arts, which attracts Amateurs of contemporary art, you can admire the creations of local artists, as well as workswell-known Korean artists of the twentieth century (City Hall Station);
  6. Ethnographic Museum. It offers tens of thousands of artifacts telling the history of archaeological study of the territory of ancient Korea, about the life and crafts, philosophy, religion and ceremonies of the Korean people (metro Station Anguk Station).

Among the must-see places include the scenic natural attractions including parks, Han river, Namsan, Naksan, the famous Seoul forest Park and Yongsan family.

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What else to see?

CHto posmotret na Rodeo-strit?

Seoul is one of the largest and densely populated cities on the planet, and its importance in world history and culture can hardly be overestimated. Any traveler while exploring this amazing contrast of the city will find the area in which concentrated his interests and dreams.

3 days

If sightseeing Seoul you only have three days, this time will be enough for more or less dense explore the city. Of course, in the first place, the route will run through the most significant attractions, but a program might include and some important for understanding the soul of Seoul parts:

  • Rodeo street is one of the largest streets status Apgujeong. This place attracts many luxury boutiques, variety of restaurants and places of recreation;
  • Park "Everland", which combines all the possibilities for extreme relaxation. During his visit, you can get the most impressions from riding on the thrilling rides, this Safari and even winter fun;
  • Very interesting place to visit is the Demilitarized zone, which you can reach during a special tour. The main attraction of this part of the country is the village of the world Panmunjon, where you can visit Freedom House and binoculars to look at North Korea.


To arrange an independent trip around the sights of Seoul is possible, but if you have a city map, as in this huge metropolis is the risk of getting lost is very high. The subway map is also to be preferred in the examination of historical objects. It is also desirable knowledge of at least English to be able to ask passers-by information, in Russian there's no talking, except for immigrants from Russia.

You can climb to a height of 480 metres to the observation deck of the tower N Tower and get unforgettable impressions.

During sightseeing tours in Seoul, travelers can visit the famous Royal Gyeongbokgung Palace, visit a folk Museum and learn about the traditions and culture of the ancient Koreans.

Where to go with kids?

V kakoj park shodit s detmi?

Seoul is a great place to spend a vacation with children because the city is one of the world's largest theme parks. The youngest visitors are always welcomed and the Park is set up so that vacationers with children can feel as comfortable as possible.

Grand Park "Lotte World" is visible even from space. It's Paradise with plenty of fun for every age and taste. The kids here meet fairy-tale characters, and for their entertainment there are magic trains and spinning carousel.

For older children, open all year round ice rink, and you can climb in a hot air balloon under the dome. Exciting rides located on the "Magic Isle", where you can be inside a tornado or take a drop from a height of 70 meters.

A lot of impressions will give children the largest in Korea aquarium "Coex Aquarium". Here, 90 huge aquariums, swim tens of thousands of inhabitants of the deep sea , and guests can walk through a transparent tunnel with sea turtles and sharks.

One aquarium is in the lower storeys of the skyscraper Yuksam building, you can visit the show featuring penguins, seals and sea lions.

Also on site is a giant zoo "Grand-Park" arranged plenty of entertainment for children.

What can be done to the camper cheap?

During a visit to Seoul, it is worth remembering that this is not a cheap city but some of the joy of life you can afford absolutely free.

In Seoul there is a service guides who offer their services for free, and for tourists this is a great opportunity to learn about the city from a professional tour guide.

The fair sex can adopt all kinds of promotions, during which you can get free samples of the famous Korean cosmetics.

In hypermarkets and some cafes of Seoul frequently hosts tasting food and pastries, so while walking around the city isto pay attention to different things, and then the journey will be not only pleasant, but in some sense profitable.

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