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Detailed map of German cities: Cologne, Hamburg and other

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Germany enjoys great popularity among European tourist countries. This country is appreciated due to its rich history, culture and takes the place of one of the finest countries of Europe.

In Germany really is something to see: the ancient and picturesque castles, ancient monasteries and churches, museums around the world, the beautiful landscapes, the Regal Alps, the Baltic coast and, of course, the world famous German brewery.


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Germany is located in the heart of Europe. She is from Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Geographically Germany is divided into three zones which differ greatly in geological terms: the North is located the North German plain, and the mountains of Central Germany and the Alps in the South.

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Tourist centers

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Cologne has a rich history, so before the war it was home to many ancient historical and cultural monuments. However, during the Second world war most of them were destroyed. Among such constructions hitherto preserved only by the famous Gothic Cologne Cathedral, which became the symbol of the city.

The German people are known for their diligence, so they were able to restore the old buildings, now situated in the historic centre of Cologne.

Keln na karte strany

Tourists and locals often get out for a walk there. In this area the Germans combine historical buildings with modern shops and outdoor cafes that attract the surrounding aromas of the national German cuisine.

Also, the city has its own zoo and Botanical garden. Close to Cologne Cathedral is a Park of contemporary art. Stroll among the art you can meet the local residents – the squirrels and birds.

Among the attractions also is possible to allocate the chocolate Museum in Cologne city hall. Outside the city is no less important landmark of Germany is known throughout the country entertainment complex Fantasy Land.


Hamburg is divided by the channel Alsterfleet into two parts: the Old and New town. Cross the canal using the bridge Trost-Brücke.

By the way, this bridge is one of the few buildings of Hamburg, which survived the fire in 1842.

goroda Germanii - Gamburg

With Trost-Brücke is possible to observe the main sights of the city, and in particular the town hall, the exchange, which is the oldest in the state, as well as the ruins of the old Church of St. Nicholas, which was destroyed during the hostilities of world war II. Currently, the ruins of the Church turned into an anti-war monument.

The town Hall was erected in 1887, at its top flaunts a tower, whose height is 112 m. the Hall is designed in the neo-Renaissance style.

In Hamburg a lot of churches, for example, the Church of St. Jacob, St. Peter's Church, St. Michael's Church, St. Catherine's Church. The last two are referred to as the major Protestant churches of the city.

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In Dresden there is something to see, for example, the Neustadt district, which is located on the right Bank of the river Elbe. In the area to have preserved many historic buildings designed in the Baroque style, which creates a special atmosphere in this part of Dresden.

Tourists will certainly need to visit the old Dairy shop brothers Fund, which opened in 1880 andoperates to this day. The shop is in the Guinness Book of Records and takes the place of the fancy store on the planet.

Drezden - turisticheskij centr na karte strany

In the Neustadt district also preserved and other ancient buildings, such as the Japanese Palace, which was built in 1715. Currently it is Saxon and Ethnographic museums.

The area of the Neustädter Markt is decorated with Golden rider. It is a monument to Augustus the Strong, elector of Saxony state and ruler of Poland. The rider was presented to the public in 1736.

The journey across the country

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The main attractions

  • The Rhine river is the most romantic spectacle in Germany. The river flows through picturesque vineyards, ancient ruins of ancient castles and other beautiful buildings. In ancient times, the river was the main route for trade routes.
  • Frauenkirche – the Lutheran Church was almost entirely demolished during the war. However, caring the Germans managed to repair it and already in 2005 it was reopened to the public.
  • Oktoberfest – the world famous beer festival, which annually attracts almost 6 million people. The festival begins its celebrations in mid-September and ends in October. On average, the Oktoberfest lasts 16 to 20 days. The first festival was held in 1810.
  • Castle Neuswanstein – the most beautiful place in Germany. The castle is located in Bavaria, on the South-West of the region. The castle was the inspiration for the castle from the fairy tale "Sleeping beauty".

    Neushwanstein, was built at the request of king Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was later recognized crazy.

    In 1886 the castle was almost ready, but the king died before its opening.

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Local cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Germany has three main dishes – Bavarian sausages, sauerkraut and of course beer.

National smoked sausage and hot dogs – the real pride of the German people, they are the perfect snack to a traditional German beer.

Sauerkraut is the basis of many national dishes, so every tourist wants to try these dishes prepared according to old recipes handed down to them generation to generation.

Despite the fact that the main product in Germany only three, each region has its own traditional dishes, which will certainly surprise gastro-tourists with its incredible taste and variety.

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