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World map in Russian language where and in what country is the city Seoul?

Seul na karte mira

Ancient palaces, ancient Buddhist temples and modern skyscrapers "from the future" is Seoul, the way I see travelers who have decided to visit this South Korean city.

Seoul on the world map in Russian language

Stolica na atlase na russkom yazyke

Seoul justifies the status of the metropolis, combining ancient traditions, advanced technology, high level of education and security. In this city of sharp contrasts alongside classical Asian architecture can stand the boring grey building high-rises, and all this will blend in perfectly.

In what country is?

Seoul – capital of South Korea , a country with a population of 50.8 million. The city received this status relatively recently – in 1946, when after the long wars, one country has been divided into two – North and South Korea.


Seoul is located in the middle latitudes, so the city has a temperate climate with pronounced seasons. In the winter it's dry and cold, and in summer the weather becomes humid, accompanied by high temperatures.

In spring and autumn in the city there is clear and dry weather. The best time to visit Seoul will be in may.

The average annual temperature is around 16-18 degrees. Summer daily rates as high as 19 degrees, and in winter is-6-7°C. not Uncommon in Seoul are typhoons – the number in a year reaches the target of 28.

How to get out of Russia?

There are several ways to be in Seoul, among which the fastest and most popular plane from one of the major cities of Russiasuch as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk or Vladivostok.

Delivery of passengers by:

  • Russian companies, in particular, S7 and Aeroflot;
  • Asian airlines – Air China, Korean Air, Japan Airlines and Thai Airways;
  • Eastern flagship , Emirates and Turkish Airlines;
  • A number of European carriers – Finnair and Czech Airlines.

The planes are in Incheon international airport, far from the South Korean capital at 70 km

Book a plane ticket, using the convenient search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, anticipated departure date, the number of passengers.

Administrative division

administrativnoe delenie goroda

Being the most important metropolis of East Asia, in the country, Seoul is considered a major metropolis.

The South Korean capital lies in the East of the Peninsula of Koreaonto a river Bank to Hang and the picturesque Bay of Inhuman. The city does not have its own access to the sea, but the waters it borders the neighboring Incheon.

Seoul consists of 25 districtscalled "GU". Eleven of them are on the southern shore of the Hang river bisecting Seoul into halves. All the southern coast is a bedroom community, because they are filled housing estates, commercial enterprises and cultural institutions.

Considered the most colorful areas:

  • Gangnam is an elite neighbourhood. There are 3 Universities, parks, attractions, and 11 libraries. This place is dedicated to the world famous clip Gangnam Style;
  • Insadong – the Bohemian district who was chosen by creative people, artists, handicraftsmen and national masters. There is a lot of souvenir shops, galleries and stores with unique artisan goods;
  • Sarchedon historic district, which is considered a place of incredible contrasts, where pretentious art galleries side by side with the homemade cafe;
  • Hongdae – young district, full of designer shops, galleries and cafes of modern copyright;
  • Jongro – district with the main attractions, as well as a unique neighborhood with lots of shops, from pharmacy tojewelry;
  • Myeongdong is a modern district, where the Korean bathhouses, places of public catering and Department stores;
  • Apgujeong is an elite area with its shopping galleries, cafes and shops on Rodeo, as well as fashion boutiques Korean fashion designers;
  • Itaewon is a district where foreigners live, teaching their native language. Here are some popular Nightclubs and familiar to many tower Seoul.

Seoul all colorful and attractive, thanks to the special atmosphere that they can create the people of South Korea.

Information about the city

Svedeniya o Seule

More recently, Seoul was covered with ruins as a result of ongoing wars, and today he is one of the main megacities of Asia.

A bit of history

The history of Seoul dates far back in time – at a time when the country has a small settlement, Dating from the first century. Already in the IV century, the place received the name of Verison, became the capital of Baekje. Starting from the XIV century, it was renamed Hanson, then in Hanyang, capital of Joseon Kingdom. In that period the settlement was surrounded by powerful fortification walls and natural protection from the raids served as the rocky mountains.

Khanyan successfully developed to the XVI century, but suffered greatly from the raids of the Japanese troops, who tried to subjugate the city. The raids lasted from 1592 at 1597, but they all ended unsuccessfully.

In 1910 the future of Seoul was annexed to Japan and renamed Gyeongseong, but after the defeat of Japanese troops in 1945 the city was freed from Japanese rule. In 1948, he received his final name and became the residence of the South Korean government.

The population

Seoul's residents, mainly Koreans. Their population is 11.8 million people. The number of people, including agglomeration, the city ranks second in the world, yielding only Big in Japan.

On the territory of Seoul is also home to Filipinos, Malays, Chinese and residents of other nearby Asian countries.


Ekonomicheskaya situaciya

Since the eighteenth century Seoul began to grow rapidly in economic terms. Here received a lot of foreign capital, which allowed him to become the largest financial and industrial center not only in East Asia but for the whole world. Here are the head offices of renowned companies: LG, Samsung, Kia, Hyundai and SK. Then there are about 20 thousand enterprises.

Despite the fact that Seoul is only 0.6 from the country, the city accounts for about 21% of GDP. There are well-developed engineering, manufacturing, electronics and telecommunications, and construction.

The national currency is the Korean won (KRW).


Seoul has two airports: Incheon international and Gimpo operating flights from Japan. Incheon is considered the largest in East Asia together with Singapore and Hong Kong.

The town has its own high-speed metro, which occupies first place in terms of passenger traffic. In total there are 9 subway lines, the latest of which was built and commissioned in 2009. It includes 36 stations along the Hangang river.

Sufficiently developed urban public transport, long-distance and international transport lines.

In Seoul operates 200 bus routes, there are 6 large highways connecting the suburbs and the city.

Seoul is an amazing and beautiful city, which continues to live the legacy of the ancient past and modern structure. Over the past 60 years it has experienced rapid development, is constantly changing with incredible speed.

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