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South Korea: how much to fly to Seoul from Moscow, Vladivostok and St. PETERSBURG?

skolko letet do Seula iz Moskvy?

Seoul is a delightful mix of modern skyscrapers, creating around them a sense of the fantastic future, and a deep respect for antiquity in the form of ancient temples, palaces and blossoming gardens.

Airports Seoul

Seoul is the largest city in South Korea. Located near several airports that are on the aircraft passengers from all over the world.

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Aeroport Inchhon

The largest international airport of Seoul can be found 70 km from the capital. It opened in 2001, and in our days, several times occupied the master position for the five star rating for quality and quantity service passenger and cargo flights. Its annual ridership is about 33 million people.

The airport covers a total area about 400 thousand square meters and has four runways.

Thanks to the quality of service, he is recognized as one of the best not only in Asia but throughout the world. In addition to the usual services at the airport include a winter garden, a casino, spas and even a Golf course.


This international airport of Seoul is located 15 km from the capital. It was opened in 1958 and until 2001 was considered the largest airport in South Korea, exactly as long as not built in Incheon. Since Gimpo is the second largest airport in passenger traffic.

Currently the airport has two runways and serves up to 18 million passengers per year. About 230 thousand flights, staying mostly from Taiwan, Japan or China.

How long is the flight to South Korea?

South Korea popular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

From Moscow

Vremya pereleta do Uzhnoj Korei

Passengers departing from Moscow, enjoy one of the capital's international terminal Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo.

The best option to get to Seoul from Moscow is to go on a direct flight one of the airlines, but it is worth considering that the flight takes quite a long time. In this regard, unlikely to fully relax.

Direct flights from Moscow to overcome the distance in 6613 km, making it for 8-9 hours at a speed of the aircraft is 850 km per hour.

A number of airlines operate flights from Moscow with transfers. Connecting flights do in European countries and also in countries such as Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia or Japan. The duration of flights with transfers is increasing and ranges from 16 to 32 hours.

Search for tickets to Seoul with the search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

The flights that go with transfers, you may make a big detour, so their mileage and, consequently, the travel time can vary.

In the direction of Seoul from Moscow delivered the passengers of such airlines:

  1. Air France;
  2. Korean Air;
  3. Air China.

In the capital of South Korea also followed by planes of the companies Japan Airlines, Emirates and Thai Airways.

From St. Petersburg

V Seul iz Sankt-Peterburga

All aircraft from St. Petersburg to Seoul depart from the international airport Pulkovo.

Of the SPB to the Asian metropolis passengers take:

  1. Emirates;
  2. S7;
  3. Turkish Airlines;
  4. Czech Airlines;
  5. Finnair.

Also transport is operated by several European airlines in Russia. These include KLM, Lufthansa and others.

Directly from St. Petersburg tothe capital of South Korea planes do not fly, but residents of the Northern capital, who have Schengen, you can go by bus to the capital of Finland - Helsinki, and from there fly direct to Seoul. Travel time will take about 8-9 hours without taking a bus trip.

From Pulkovo to Seoul departs quite a lot of flight of company S7, the following with transfers in Moscow, Helsinki, Novosibirsk, Minsk and other cities. The journey time will be from 10 to 36 hours, depending on the selected flight.

The flight to Seoul depends on the airline and number of stops. The average flight takes about 8-9 hours, and the distance directly – 6813 km away.

To the capital of South Korea, it is also possible to fly from Khabarovsk or Novosibirsk.

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From Vladivostok

Perelet iz Vladivostoka

The lucky residents of Vladivostok, wishing to get to Seoul, spending as little time as possible.

From Vladivostok to Seoul you can fly direct on the aircraft of S7 airlines, Aurora, Airport, Korean Air, with a stopover in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Asiana Airlines. There are flights from the international airport "Knevichi".

Taking into account takeoff, climb and landing (about 30 minutes) flight direct flight takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and with change will come as long as 13 hours.

The plane will cover a distance of 817 kilometres.

The most popular transplant on the way from Vladivostok to Seoul happen:

  1. Shanghai;
  2. Tokyo;
  3. Beijing;
  4. Osaka;
  5. Hong Kong.

With a quick flight with connections delivers 8 hours with a stop in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and the long follows through Harbin and Shanghai Pudong, taking 19 hours.

Details about flights from Vladivostok to Seoul are watching this video:

Speed of flight from Russia to South Korea depends on the choice of the airline and the city, which will be implemented by the flight. Before flight it is necessary to clarify the degree of comfort in the aircraft and the possibility of obtaining of additional services, as the flights will take a long time.