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The South China sea on the world map: the salinity of what the ocean is?

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The South China sea on the map can be found in Asia. It is a large body of water that washes the coast of several countries. For many centuries, its open spaces were important historical events, ranging from pirate raids to sea operations.

In our days on the water is the main trade route between several States, and on land there are numerous resorts.

The South China sea on the world map in Russian language

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The South China sea has many geological and geographical features, and its origin is connected many interesting legends.

Where and what the ocean is?

According to the General map of the world, this reservoir is located in Southeast Asia between the Indochina Peninsula and the Philippines. He is considered an incredibly important and valuable object.

Possession of this area and numerous small plots of land that are located in it and wish to a few countries.

The South China sea, outlying, and its waters belong to the Pacific ocean – or rather its Western borders. Both these areas are connected by several Straits – Taiwan, Singapore and Carimate. At the same time, the Singapore Strait is considered the most valuable object, as it is for its vastness, which is a major trade route from Asia to the Indian ocean.

This pond has an border more than one inland sea of Asia. What applies to the seas South China:

  • The Taiwan Strait connects with the East China sea;
  • The Luzon Strait and the Bashi – Philippine sea (Sibuyan);
  • through the Strait of Mindoro, there are borders with the sea of Sulu;
  • Carimate Strait connects the Java sea.

In addition, the Singapore and Malacca Straits are the boundary of water with another famous body of water – the Andaman sea – the waters flowing into the Indian ocean.

Interesting information

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In the Precambrian period, this sea was located in the land territory, forming the Northern part of Asia. Later this place was the fault of two plates, causing the space between them filled with water and formed all of the nearby sea.

The area of the surface of the pond is quite large – 3 537 289 km2 and its average depth is 1024 meters. At the same time, it changes depths is ambiguous. In the West and in the southern part, located on the Sunda shelf, the depth at the coast up to 30-80 meters.

On the North and East of the giant basin reaches a depth of 2000 meters and the maximum depth is 5,500 m.

Throughout the year the temperature on the surface of the sea is quite warm – it is kept at around +18 to 28 degrees. In the cold season (January) on the Northern coast of water on the surface reaches 14 degrees, while in the summer season, these figures rise to 27 degrees, and sometimes up to +29°C.

This temperature is kept throughout the sea. However, the depth of the reservoir, these figures change significantly – at a depth of 2000 meters water temperature is around 2 degrees.

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Other interesting facts about the sea are as follows:

  1. in 2/3 of the sea depth is around 200 meters;
  2. most large bays – Tonkin and Siam;
  3. most large Peninsula – Indochina and the Malay Peninsula, the island of Hainan;
  4. in the sea there are many small plots of land, part of which is coral and the other volcanic in origin;
  5. the salinity is 34 percent.

It should be noted that the reservoir has one feature – the tides of 4 to 5 meters. Among them are marked diurnal and semi-diurnal. Also in the summer andthe fall season often there are typhoons – a natural disaster hindering the movement across the expanses of waters.

Bordering countries

Being one of the biggest reservoirs of the South China sea washes the coastline of the popular resort of many countries. Tourists from all over the world come to relax on the coast to enjoy the warm weather and clear days, beautiful beaches, excitement and fun.

What country is between?

On the West the South China sea boundaries are limited to the Asian continent – including countries:

  • China;
  • Vietnam;
  • Cambodia;
  • Thailand;
  • Singapore.

In the East there are mostly Islands – Philippines, part of Indonesia, Taiwan, and mainland countries – Malaysia, China and Brunei.

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The most popular resort Islandslocated in the sea are:

  1. Hainan;
  2. Kalimantan;
  3. Sumatra;
  4. Palawan;
  5. Puerto Princesa.

Sometimes the sea is referred to Vietnamese, because its land boundary along the coast of the country have the biggest length. The Vietnamese themselves are not particularly mastered the resources of this reservoir is only held coastal fishing seafood.

The disputed territory

At present several Asian countries, whose coast is washed by this water, regularly carried out to a heated debate over possession of the territory of several Islands in the Spratly archipelago and Paracel Islands. In this matter the competing countries are China, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

Today the Islands are considered a territory of China, and the country classifies them into Hainan. According to their map, there are two island groups that fall within its territory – their border called "the Line of nine dashes".

The Chinese government argues that the possession of this archipelago goes back centuries. However, each of the countries involved in the dispute, in fact controls a smaller and less popular Islands. Just the archipelago contains some 200 land – most of them are uninhabited.

China began to create artificial Islands in the area of the Spratly archipelago. According to the Chinese version of these Islands would facilitate rescue work at sea in this region and weather forecasts. But in the opinion of the countries in territorial disputes, the territory of China are being built for military purposes.

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The dispute over the Islands exists for several reasons:

  • the sea is quite rich in fish resources;
  • Islands have natural resources;
  • around the Islands are important trade routes.

Particularly fierce disputes are between China and Vietnam, and each country brings in the argument of historical documents confirming the information about the possession of the territory.

Philippines have claims to these Islands because of their geographical proximity to the Spratly and Paracel Islands to the state is much less than China – 100 miles and 500 miles, respectively. Since 1974 to the present day, the Islands were sporadic incidents in which sailors were killed.

Underwater inhabitants

One of the reasons for the particular attractiveness of the South China sea, rich underwater world and fishery resources. In recent time, the expanse of the pond was found the biggest pearl – head of Allah (weight 6 kg, worth about 42 million USD). In addition, fishing is one of the livelihoods of the inhabitants of this region.

Who is found in the deep sea?

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Exploring the underwater world of the reservoir, scientists have discovered an abundant amount of species of algae, from unicellular and green, red and brown. This is connected with the fact that the sea is incredibly rich in minerals and oxygen.

No less varied fauna of the reservoir – its open spaces found at least 4,000 species of fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. In the water a variety of live molluscs, jellyfish, and polyps, as well as many cephalopods, gastropods, bivalves, crustacean, echinoderms, urchins and sneekweek.

Off the coast you can find sea crawfish, shrimp and crabs – daily locals catch them on sale or for food. Among commercial fish in large numbers in the water are found:

  1. tuna;
  2. sardines;
  3. mackerel;
  4. conger;
  5. the southern herring.

Is theresharks?

In the pond are caught and dangerous inhabitants. In the sea was discovered rays, eels, swordfish and fish, sword, and shark. Among the latter representatives are highlighted in blue, Mako, great white and tiger. Many of them prefer to be about the Philippines, particularly around Palawan and Puerto Princess.

In this region, you can use the services of dive centres and even swim amongst these predators, because there they are fed and tame.

Thus, the South China sea is a fairly valuable object in the world map because of its open spaces are not only superb coastal resorts with a pleasant climate. This reservoir is important for many countries, due to the fact that it is crossed by the trade routes and its waters are inhabited by thousands of game fish and marine life.

Finally view videos on the disputed Islands in the South China sea: