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Azov sea: map of the coast of Russia (tourism, leisure)

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Due to their shallow depth and relatively small size, the Azov sea is warming up beautifully the first spring rays of the sun and in April, available for bathing. This greatly increases the holiday season, and may are already pretty much willing to South Golden tan. While planning your vacation, you must know what to expect at a particular resort. As the map shows the coast of the Azov sea in Russia, domestic length of coastline stretches for 250 kilometers. The waves of the pond wash Western border of the Krasnodar territory, the Eastern coast of the Crimea through the Kerch Strait and connect with the deeper Black sea.

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Climate of the Azov sea

Unlike the black sea, on the coast of the Azov sea is no lush vegetation, and the air is hot and dry. Almost constantly blowing wind carries a sultry spicy scent of steppe grasses, intricately intertwined with the fresh scent of sea breeze. Such a climate is very favorable for cardiac patients and those suffering from respiratory diseases. Not to say that during the summer no rain, but they are so transient and summer that is not able to spoil the holiday mood. The temperature of the water at the end of the spring is 20 degrees, and in July-August this figure could rise to 32 degrees. Welcome and hospitality offer Azov sea resorts Russia is ready to provide high-quality healing and relaxation:

  • Dolzhanskaya spit;
  • Kuchugury;
  • the village of Azov;
  • Yeysk;
  • Taganrog;
  • Primorsko-Akhtarsk;
  • Golubitskaya;
  • The Taman.

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Extremely reasonable prices, comfortable accommodation, warm sea water and lack of deep places all along the coastal zone of the Azov sea makes it very attractive for families with children.


Located 1 300 kilometres from the Russian capital, Yeysk is perfect for a family holiday. It is the largest Cuban resort with very good location. It has its own airport and railway station, from Moscow to get here easily by any mode of transport. The city has a modern resort-wide profile offers a qualitative improvement to parents and children. For those wishing to relax in Yeisk, there are numerous hotels, as well as it is possible to rent housing in the private sector. This place has long been visited by lovers of kite and Windsurfing, and for those who want to learn extreme sports give introductory lessons experienced specialists recently opened a surf stations.


On the shore of the Taman Bay located Taman, each year attracting numerous tourists fun themed holidays and different festivals. Here there is a free and independent spirit of the Cossacks, you can see its traditions and distinctive way of life. In Taman often hosts various cultural events and the tourist infrastructure could be developed better, a trip to the village leaves a lot of impressions. From here to the Black sea only 10km away.

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The village kuchugury should pay particular attention, when discussing the question of where to relax on the Azov sea. It is famous for crystal clear waters and fine-sand beaches. The clean waters of Blue Bay, on the banks of which is the village due to remoteness from the Kerch Strait. In Kuchuhury ideal conditions for holidays with kids - calm, shallow warm sea, clean beaches and well developed infrastructure. Here are actively being built and opened a modern private hotels, guest houses, local people excitedly offer to settle in neat well-kept houses. In the evening, the village will not be bored working a variety of entertainment options.

Stanitsa Golubitskaya

Sanatoriums and recreation well-appointed, cozy private buildings and many small comfortable hotels, numerous cafes and youth evening discos - all this makes the Cossack village of Golubitskaya in an attractive resort with developed infrastructure. The wide sandy beach and a unique lake with healing mud for those who vacation spot chose the second demand Azov resort. Like other towns on the coast, Golubitskaya is perfect for children, for kids here that have built a great water Park. Nearest railway station: Temryuk, a plane to fly to Anapa.

The Attractiveness Of The Azov Sea

For all the variety of resorts on Azov sea coast, there are many common factors influencing the decision to go here - warm sea, excellent fishing,peace and security, unique conditions for Windsurfing and sailing. And a real opportunity to acquire all these benefits at a reasonable cost. Whether to give preference to foreign resorts, when in your own country, you can relax not worse and spend an unforgettable vacation!