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Baku - and what sights to see, where to rest at sea, some hotels on the shore of the sea Ostanovite?

dostoprimechatelnosti Baku

Baku – big and beautiful, unique city in the Caucasus. Many people know that it is the major economic center of the country; here are all the important organizations, the administrative institutions of the company.

It is not only the main cultural centre, the biggest in population city, but also a unique, amazingly beautiful grounds. If by luck you got here, what you should visit in Baku sights, of which there are many.

You can just take a tour, and you can compile your personal schedule of visits. It all depends on what goals you pursue and how much free time you have available.

For example, if you are here on a business trip to see it will be difficult. But, if you choose a vacation in Baku will be able to get maximum pleasure from time spent here.

Why that holiday is a dream of many?

The reasons are many, let us turn our attention to the most important of them. Consider as a reason to visit you several options based on different purposes.


If your goal is to get healthier, to enjoy the warmth and sun - this place will be exceptional for you. Unique weather conditions suitable for adults and children, so here rests a very large number of families.

The peculiar location of the city makes it the most visited place. Being the country's capital, Baku, there are favorable weather conditions.

If you are considering a vacation in the winter – and this time you will appreciate the extraordinary. After all, it's beautiful always, but a special temperature and minimal rainfall is the primary cause for your Grand trip.


This is the main reason for those who are interested in history, architecture, culture of the region; here, the unique is all. So the city can be considered in two aspects: the rest of the sea in Baku and excursions in Baku.

On the basis of two factors it should be noted that, while staying here, you will see many interesting places and at the same time, will be able to enjoy an amazingly relaxing holiday by the beach.

Rich history

This is one of the main factors that affect the choice of country for vacation. We all know that this city is an example of a long and complex formation. All this was reflected in all spheres of life. After all, it is absolutely diverse population, there is a consolidated tradition, here we can say that everything is unique.

Very often, in this city held a scientific conference to discuss all the facts of development of the country. Characterized by the fact that on the territory of the city there are more than 20 different institutions and training institutions, which indicates a high development of the territory.

Therefore, to visit Baku, because such travel can be not only pleasant but also entertaining and informative. But we will consider the main reason – the seawhich attracts everyone.

Vacation beautiful and unforgettable

Very difficult to imagine, as in the city, which is Baku you can spend an unforgettable summer holiday.

On the one hand, we see that it is the center of development of the whole country, and with another - it's the perfect place for a wonderful pastime. So it makes sense to learn about how tourists are and where they begin their acquaintance with the Caucasus.

No one ever went past the capital, the one who was in Azerbaijan, was in the main city, so will talk about the capital.

About the sea and beaches

There are two types of rest in Baku. The first is a unique opportunity to observe the beauty of the city every day on the way to the beach. Of course, there are also disadvantages, because in a way you'll be spending a lot of time. But you can save money on housing, plus to see how people live here.

The second option is more simple, expensive, but no less entertaining. To enjoy the sea and enjoy the summer, you can stay in the hotel on the shore. Here the best conditions for an unforgettable and pleasant stay. Excellent service, a wide variety of hotels – all guests will love.

Because the Baku hotels on the beach – these are not just places to stay, this is a very nice building to live in which is very nice. The main advantages of this placement is that at any time you will just get to the beach, and they are countless.

The beaches are many and each of them has its own characteristics. First and foremost, it all depends on your financial capabilities, because the cost of the accommodation and all other services everywhere different.

If, for example, you will be taken to Aqua Park Shikhov to call it normal, you can not. This unique complex, it includes everything imaginable. Slides and rides, multiple playgrounds, recreation areas – all that is here.

If you fancy a cheaper option, then you need to come from other options. In Baku, everyone can find a placewhere will rest nicely, so the choice depends only on your decision. If you went to the sea with the children – there are special beaches for families where there is a shallow sandy mound.

But there is another perspective in which to consider the city. So, if you want to see something truly unique, beautiful and disturbing consciousness of something , be sure to go on a journey through the most significant places. We offer you a selection of the most amazing places in Baku, that you have to see all these attractions is just incredible.

Interesting places

Maiden tower

A unique structure, which has no analogues. To see her dream all because she is a huge building, which was erected many years ago. It is a historical landmark of the city.

Probably no one will ever know why it was built, but nevertheless is a unique example of architecture is the hallmark of the city. The peculiar form and location of the structure is a unique masterpiece, which no one likes in the East.

Flame Towers

But it also has a more modern structure which attracts the eyes of millions. These unique three buildings are a symbol of the modern city, they confirm the uniqueness, wealth of the whole country. These constructions have something in common with buildings of the West, who in the same way as they are executed on the basis of new technologies in construction.

Incredible the height of each, the special shape and unique appearance – make this impressive landmark. What is most interesting is how these three towers a beautiful day, so they become magical night. So going to them has a great meaning, because the only way you will see the city the way it is now.

Churches, temples, cathedrals

One of the most beautiful churches rich in history is the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator – the place is rightfully called the Holy. It is associated with legends that indicate that using the prayers of the people returned to health, and a sincere faith makes them stronger.

Not less important is, and the second one is more "young" design - TSthe Church Balahani-Sabunchi St. Macarius the Egyptian (temporary wooden). Every Holy building is an example of a particular architectural style, so they all have a unique look.

Some moved, others are now and where regularly held employment, that we know of in theory. Unfortunately a creation of architectural excellence is not preserved.

There are in the city and chapel, which are also considered sites, so go to it, you also have the unique opportunity.


Individual attention, various museums, their in Baku a whole lot. That is why the city is called cultural centers. In one day you can visit more than 10 of them. And each will leave a lot of untold experiences.

So imagine your attention the most frequented of them. Just to get to them, you need to order excursions or check opening times – it should not be forgotten.

Detailed list:

  • The carpet Museum;
  • Museum of Azerbaijan literature;
  • Museum of art;
  • Museum of the history of the country;
  • The Museum of modern art.

Very interesting places

In this case, no harm will be for you a visit to the Philharmonic, Opera, some modern cultural institutions. Baku is very simple to organize your holiday and to make it complete, because the opportunities for tourists are plenty.

Therefore, the question of what to see in Baku is the easiest of all. Everything here has its own characteristics.

If you get into the parks of the city, you will see fantastic clean and tidy. A feature of the town that the locals keep order with special attention. There are many unusual trees that will save you from the heat.

There are dozens of remarkable monuments, which need to look. Many of these structures created in memory of fallen soldiers, because the whole history of the country depicted in the special architecture and works of art.