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Where are the Islands of Bora Bora island on the world map?

Bora-Bora na karte mira

Although this resort heard almost everything, not every tourist can show Bora Bora island on the world map, they just do not know in what part of the card to look. Meanwhile, the resort has become one of the most popular, so here on holiday attracts international stars of cinema and show-business.

Resort location

The island of Bora Bora island on the world map covers an area of nearly 40 thousand square meters, and is the second largest after Tahiti. The area where is Bora Bora - a sample of the billboards and pictures pop up in my head during the performance of a Paradise resort. Bora Bora is a clean and tranquil beaches with corals and bungalows in the water, standing on stilts.

Climatic conditions affect its stability: in the course of the year the temperature is from 23 to 30 degrees.

From November to mid-spring rainfall is not uncommon (sometimes can go showers), and the period from may to October is the best time to relax. No hot sea breeze makes it easy to carry any temperature.

How to get to the resort

To get here from Russia in several ways, but any of them involves a transplant in other cities. The most convenient flights with a stopover in Tokyo, although it compels the tourists to spend the whole night in anticipation of the required flight to Bora Bora. Japanese visa in this case is not required, since the residence time is less than a day (to stay in the country for more than 72 hours a visa is required).

The second flight is less convenient, although somewhat cheaper. Its inconvenience is that you need an American visa, and on the way back you will have to spend one night in Pariswaiting for a flight. It will therefore be necessary and French transit visa.

gde nahoditsya bora-bora

The Islands of French Polynesia need a French Schengen visa, but a document called "visa to travel to the overseas territories of France." But it is issued in the Embassy of France, in the Department of overseas French territories.


Due to the fact that not everyone knows where is Bora Bora on the map of the world, many people are afraid of poisonous insects or are afraid of being bitten by snakes. But this is unlikely, as these fauna simply do not exist. The only thing that can threaten tourists, so it burns or cuts from coral or sharp rocks. But for swimming in the ocean on every beach you can buy plastic Slippers to protect feet from burns.

In hotels on the island is safe to drink tap water or use it for cooking. Medicine on the Islands is the most modern, but the tourists do not need special vaccinations for a holiday here.
the rate of crime on Bora Bora is very low, so guests should not fear any night walks or in crowded places.

Kitchen resort

Due to the fact that the resort is very popular in recent years, there is a huge number of restaurants and cafes. Some restaurants offer traditional French cuisine, while others are local delicacies, decorated in an unusual style.

gde nahodyatsya ostrova bora bora

Many restaurant have great ocean views that is perfect for a romantic dinner. A special place is reserved in cooking fish and seafood. For example, a vast oceanic fish cooked on an open fire or spicy seafood salad. In one of the restaurants offered delicious ice cream, which can become a great dessert for any party.

It should be remembered that count on low prices in the restaurants are not worth it. So, wishing to save on food, you should buy food at the market and cook them yourself. There is even a chain of stores offering inexpensive products. But if you eat at inexpensive cafes, for 10-15 euros you can try several delicious dishes.

Events on the island

Not all tourists come here for the Sunny beaches and unforgettable photos. Many people know that during the year, Bora Bora is a lot of interesting activities that will interest the guests. Some festivals are hundreds of years old, others quite young.

During the celebration it offers not only entertainment and food. Some of the festivals aims to familiarize tourists with local traditions, culture, customs. Don't forget the organizers of such events and young travelers. For them there are special festivals that last for several days.

Bora Bora Liquid is one of the youngest festivals. He's only 15 years old. Until 2011 it was called Iron man and the main program included a beach party. In recent years, the event format has changed slightly: there were sports and competitions, many interesting sightseeing activities.

ostrov bora bora na karte mira

Things to do tourist?

Of course, not every tourist will get to Bora Bora is in the midst of one of the festivals. But do not despair, because at any moment hereyou can find a lot of entertainment.

The best way to explore the island - sightseeing tour by jeep. This trip lasts all day. It allows you to visit many attractions, lunch in the nature. Tours are accompanied by reviews guides, who will tell many interesting things.

Bora Bora is the ideal place for a beach holiday. A comfortable temperature will give the skin a bronze tan, and beautiful nature will give you a real pleasure. In addition, the local waters are suitable for diving. local instructors teach scuba all comers.

Recommendations to tourists

Even those who do not know where are the Islands of Bora Bora, we should have some information that they might need to visit the resort.

  • The price of goods and services on Bora Bora may not seem the most acceptable. Therefore, in order to save you can rent the necessary supplies, not to pay the price in the shops of the island.
  • Bora Bora is famous for jewelry from mother of pearl and pearls. Guaranteed to buy a quality thing, it should be buy only in the checked shopping centers.
  • Visitors to the island can take any place on the beaches and hotel complexes do not occupy the territory of the beaches.
  • Staying in a hotel, check the list of services it will provide. Very often the equipment for diving and other accessories are provided absolutely free of charge.
  • gde nahodyatsya bora bora na karte mira

  • It is best to rent a car for sightseeing. Hiking trips should be only proven routes or guided. Despite the lack of poisonous plants and dangerous animals need to be very careful, because the tropical forest can provide a lot of surprises prepared not residents of the city.
  • The cost of hotel accommodation is directly proportional to their proximity to the coast, the closer to the ocean the more expensive. The expensive vacation Bungalow on the water. Even if the hotel is away from the coast to get to it - no more than 10 minutes.

Tourists are willing to spend on leisure a significant amount, can stay in private villas or expensive hotels, where the guests can get all necessary services and fulfil any purchases.

In recent years, ecological tourism has become one of their key destinations. The rooms and the hotel itself is built from natural materials that nature has created.

Simply put, Bora Bora is a place that seems real tourists Paradise. Such a comparison, the resort had no chance. Picturesque nature, away from civilization and excellent climatic conditions year-round were the main reasons for the influx of tourists from all over the world.