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What to see in Cyprus in Limassol, Paphos, Ayia NAPA?

CHto posmotret na Kipre?

Cyprus – a Paradise earth planet. If You have been here, it already means that life is lived not in vain. The island has collected in itself all that is necessary for a regular tourist: beautiful landscapes, historical monuments with great cultural value, and unmatched spirit, hovering in the streets of this small country. Cyprus just affects a huge number of places which have to see with your own eyes everyone.

Tombs of the kings

Paphos in Cyprus is a very ancient village. Striking confirmation of this fact are the tombs of the kingsback to 3-4 century BC. In the niches there are no burials or artifacts – they have long been looted, but a certain sense of mystery still exists in this place.

The fact that the tombs carved in 300 year BC, and the monarchy ceased to exist in 312 BC, causing a lot of controversy among historians.

The nature of this place is impressive. The tomb was used as a cemetery for the upper strata of the population. They were used during the Hellenistic period and during the Roman. The early Christians found the use of the catacombs, and one of the tombs acted as a chapel for them. In the middle ages managed to use the tomb as a temporary home.

Caves are constantly robbed until the beginning of the excavations in the second half of the 20th century, but their appearance beautiful even now. The tomb was hewn from solid rock. Some include columns, on the other it is possible to find frescoes. From the beginning they were covered with plaster. The architecture will impress the imagination of any person. The number of tombs may seem above the houses. Until the 70s of the 20th century, these tombs were covered by sand and only recently they opened for tourists.


There is so much to see in Cyprus in Limassol. But, if this city, You walked up and down, then there is another interesting option. 20 kilometres from Limassol is a very beautiful place, revealing amazing views of the sea and the ruins of an ancient city called curio. While in the 4th century BC this area is not destroyed by the earthquake, it was an important center in the Hellenistic and Roman period. Even though seismic natural phenomena, many historical monuments remained preserved till our time.

There is a perception that this city was founded by Argives in the 13th century BC One of the most memorable monuments of Kourion is the Greco-Roman theatre (built in the 2nd century BC). Theatre able to accommodate 3000 people. Now there are theater performances, and when it passed the legendary Gladiator fights.

In addition to theatre at Kourion, you can locate house and bath Eustolios. The house is a huge Roman Villa, which in the Christian period used for entertainment. Until today the house is preserved a beautiful mosaic.

CHto posmotret na Kipre v Limassole?

Mosaic floors are also available in the House of Achilles or House of the Gladiator. Unforgettable are the tombs Dating back to 500 BC by king Stasanor.


Many tourists Akamas Peninsula is recognized as the most beautiful place in all of Cyprus. This area is a natural area that is under protection of UNESCO. Visitors to the Peninsula are allowed to swim, ride, walk anywhere on the Peninsula. Hard to find a more suitable place for pleasure excursions than valleys, hills, cliffs, located on the Peninsula. Here you can see unique animals and plants.

The patroness of the island is Aphrodite, so the trail of the goddess of love needs a walk every tourist in Cyprus. On the Peninsula are:

  • beautiful beaches
  • the home, handed down to us from the stone age
  • settlements of the Byzantine era
  • as well as sea cliffs.

The total area of Akamas - 230 square kilometers. There is amazing nature with unique flora and fauna. For example, Lara Bay, one of the most popular beaches of the Akamas, bred green turtles that are currently endangered species. The European Council has included the Peninsula in the protection program in the role of the biosphere reserve, included in the national Park of Cyprus.

The Baths Of Adonis

For those who are looking for what to see in Cyprus Paphos besides the beaches and the sea, must be suitable option with a natural pool where, according to legend, once bathed herself, Aphrodite. The baths of Adonis is called one of the most unique places of the entire island. It is here that once the God of beauty was spending time with his beloved Aphrodite.

CHto posmotret na Kipre v Pafose?

Near this reservoir is located a joint statue of Aphrodite and Adonis, and so tall (about 10 meters) statue of Aphrodite separately. The monument to lovers inscription, which States that those wishing to become parents, or even fruitless to touch to the Adonis. You can find near the baths the statue of Dias, Athens, Priapi.

Just above the pond is a beautiful waterfall. Swimming in these locations should help women to stay beautiful always. Bath perfectlysuitable for diving. An interesting feature of this place is the presence of the reservoir near the furnace and water mill.

The monastery in Ayia NAPA

Ayia NAPA is a very popular area for lovers of modern entertainment, because here is one of the most popular water parks of Europe. In fact, in this city there are not only entertainment. On the question of what to see in Cyprus in Ayia NAPA, the most frequent answer is monastery.

Previously Ayia NAPA was only a fishing village, but in ancient times it was famous for the local monastery. According to legend, this place was previously impassable forest. Hunters from the nearby villages often came to these woods for prey. And one day a hunter stumbled upon an unusual cave in which was found an ancient icon of the virgin Mary. Many heard the news of the incident was considered a good sign. After that, there began to build homes. The name of this place translates as "Sacred forests." Specifically at the place where the icon was found in the 16th century, built the monastery.

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Was initiated by the daughter of a nobleman, who went into the service of the God after he has experienced unrequited love.
Now the patio is "the Fountain house" - where are buried the founder. The chapel, located on the territory of the monastery, is quite attractive for tourists. In the monastery there is a cover that gave a Saint Veronica Jesus Christ, when he moved to Calvary. If you believe the locals, it is one of the trees located on the territory for six hundred years.

Aphrodite's Rock

Here's what to see in Cyprus You really have is the rock of Aphrodite. Any trip to the island must pass through this wonderful historic district.

Is this attraction between Paphos and Limassol. Large rocks have come down to us from ancient times. According to mythology, it was here that the goddess of fertility and love Aphrodite. This place is striking in its unsurpassed beauty. One version of Aphrodite's birth says that the goddess rose from the sea and the place chose one of these stones.

The legends say that whoever oplevet three times around the rock at midnight, will soon find love, and luck. According to another legend, if a naked swim around the rock, it is possible to preserve fertility for life.
This area has inspired a lot of creators. One of the most famous works Boticelli "Birth of Venus" appeared thanks to the rocks of Aphrodite.

The pebbled coast will give visitors a beautiful panorama of the Mediterranean sea.

Cape Apostle Andrew

Close to very popular tourist site, which is the monastery of the Apostle Andrew, is an extreme point of the island of Cyprus under the same name as the monastery. Due to its originality and open views, many call this place the edge of the Earth.

In 70-e years of the last century the French built a Fort. Existed here, the village consisted mostly of small round houses (diameter less than three meters). Many houses had a common backyard. Some houses were on the slope. The main occupation for the local people was fishing and agriculture.

There was once a temple of Aphrodite, which according to legend protect sailors. With the recent times all excavations to a halt, although there is speculation about the exciting potential discoveries that can be preserved to our times. Cape grass grows and beautiful flowers. The sea breeze allows you to feel the spirit of freedom, hovering on the edge of the planet.

Paphos Castle

The Byzantines had once built a fortress here to protect from invaders. The castle was built in the 13th century, but in the 16th century the Venetians destroyed it and only some time later, the Turks rebuilt it. The Ottoman Empire had simply needed strengthening, and therefore it was decided to renovate the castle.

If You want to find the object of stone architecture, the castle of Paphos is just such an example. Not everyone will be able to guess that this construction is a castle, because from the outside it resembles a normal stone building. It has the shape of a rectangle, which is located at the entrance to the city harbour. Inside the castle to find something it does not – there is only the bare walls in large rooms, narrow stairs, which can get to the roof. Climbing to the top of the castle you can see beautiful scenery of Paphos and the Troodos mountains.

Paphos castle at the time of his life managed to find application as a fortress and a mosque, and as a prison. British power and even used it as a store of salt. 1935 – the year when UNESCO entered the castle of Paphos to the list of world heritage sites.

To the castle from the port is the arch bridge. In front of the building there is a huge area which hosts a variety of cultural events. Popular festival of Aphrodite is here.

Market Bandabulya

The market is the best place where you can understand the mentality of the nation and to feel the spirit of the whole country. With this purpose, it is recommended to visit the municipal market of Nicosia under the name Bandabulya. Market stalls were built during the occupation of this territory by the British. Every day sellers are entering the market, offering food.The only day off – Sunday.

In many stalls you can buy food, who got there straight from the fields and gardens.

Interestingly, the market opens early in the morning at 6 o'clock and closes at one o'clock on Saturday and three hours a day on weekdays.

If You need to buy a souvenir for home, just come here. There is an opportunity to purchase a variety of bags and accessories of woven fabrics obtained directly in these areas.

The above was proposed to visit only a small part of all the attractions of Cyprus. In fact, the number of places that you must visit for tourists is very large. Limassol, Paphos, Ayia NAPA – city, opens a lot of interesting things before the eyes of the visitors of these places. Cyprus is an amazing place, because on such small in area, the island is home to so many unique and beautiful attractions. Cyprus offers not only relax, but also to touch any era. The journey to this island should pleasantly be remembered for a lifetime.