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What to see in Cuba: Varadero attractions and Havanna in photo and video

CHto posmotret na Kube?

Cuba is one of the most popular resorts. With the advent of summer time the first thing that comes to mind is the long-awaited vacation.

You spent a year working for him, it is not surprising that invigorates you the thought that the time had come. Want to time a vacation to remember for a lifetime, so the choice of the resort should always be approached with great responsibility.

It is best to give preference to already well-known resorts, such as Cuba. Before going for a particular vacation, we always want to know in advance what will please the selected resort destination.

If you are wondering what to see in Cuba, it is quite normal, because suddenly you were coming to town and it will not live up to your expectations, it is better to prepare for everything in advance.

She is very popular among tourists from all over the world, because in the towns of Cuba is always something to do.

Of course a stay in the popular places are not the cheapest, but Cuba can even afford a tourist with a limited budget. Why go to a cheaper resort and spending time in a comfortable setting?

Save on what you so long waited is not worth - value yourself. Rest should be rest, that is to think about it in the first place, not the economy. You saved everything for a year to save money for summer trip.

Why Cuba is the choice of many?

Hearing the word "summer"usually the first Association that comes to mind is sun, sea, sand, beach.

That's right, summer is the season of beach holidays, because any other time of the year will not allow you to enjoy warm and at the same time cool water of the seas!

One of the main reasons why many tourists prefer Cuba, are clean and environmentally friendly beachesbathed by the favorable for the human body with sea water.

You could spend all day in a cube on the beach if you want, but it's not all that can please this exotic locale.

Another reason are the attractions of Cuba, they are impressive, plus a lot of them, so fans of monuments of architecture here obviously has something to do besides basking on the beach. For your consideration:

  • Cathedral square;
  • Revolution square;
  • Promenade Malecon;
  • The Fortress Of El Morro;
  • Memorial José Martí;
  • the house-Museum of Ernest Hemingway.

And much more, all of course not around for one day, but if you go on vacation at least two weeks, you will be able to see for themselves the many impressive things.

Also worth noting is the relatively inexpensive cost of the resortas tours to Europe order more expensive than Cuba. What could be better than a decent stay at a reasonable, not too high a fee? Every tourist, I will answer anything.

At least summer vacation had to work almost the whole year, and it would seem spend do not mind, because quite earned, but to save money anyway you want, but Cuba provides such an opportunity.

Talk about the climate

With its location, Cuba is a tropical area. Here all year long heat, so to come back to Cuba at any convenient time.

There is a slight difference in temperature, but in General the air throughout the year, warm and lightweight. It would seem, as during the hot period, the air may be light, but not dry?

Yes, this is possible if there is a constant tropical breeze, which Cuba is not deprived. Therefore, it is very easy to breathe even in the heat of summer.

In summer, the temperature in Cuba is about +30-35 degrees, and in other times of the year +19-20. Very favorable temperature for the rest.

Cuba is suitable for lovers of heat and average temperatures, just want to choose the most favourable climate, and to go to the corresponding time.

On the island there are tropical climate, thanks to which tourists do not appear any kind of Allergy and a strong acclimation with the arrival in a new place. Indeed, it often happens that the body does not react well to the change of yearly climate, to tropical, it is much easier to adapt than some others.

Weather in Cuba isusually always Sunny here, very rare to find during the rainy period, and if such happens, it does not last long.

In the twenty-first century, science is at a fairly high level of development, various kinds of testing and technology have a negative impact on "mother nature", so even in Cuba there are various kinds of extreme temperatures and quick weather changes, but this happens extremely rarely.

Varadero and Golf

In every tourist area there is a city that should be visited first. In Cuba is Varadero which is a tourist center of this exotic location.

From the centre always expect something special, because it is the most populousplace on the island. Well, Varadero justify such expectations. There is a large number of restaurants, clubs, cafes, beaches and even a Golf course.

The main attractions of Cuba in this video:

Tourism in this place is so developed that its authorities have taken care of all possible entertainment for tourists. Coming to rest on the sea, few people think about Golf, but there are still a small part.

Not every tourist city has its own course, indeed, such a distraction have no place in a tropical location, but Cuba is an exception, here you will be able to play not even corresponding to the total atmosphere of the game.

Clubs of this city will impress you with its:

  • a Grand party;
  • bright decorations;
  • music from the best DJs in the world.

Often come to Cuba celebrities popular musical genres, so it is possible, Varadero will be the place where you will meet up with his idol, and such meetings are sure to remember for a lifetime.

If you doubt the above written, then just look at the photo of Varadero in Cuba on various Internet sites. The Internet is filled with a large number of pictures of the city from different angles, none of the cafes will not escape from your sight.

You have the opportunity to consider everything carefully, down to the smallest details, and make sure once again that Cuba is a decent choice.

In the case when you want to look at all like real eyes, you can look at videos of Varadero in Cuba. Various kinds of videos will allow to learn more about the city and appreciate the entertainment is very different in contrast to the images.

The Sights Of Havana

If you stay is a tour attractions, the right choice would be Havana. Attractions in Havana, Cuba will surprise you.

You can see impressive monuments, to visit the many museums, buy Souvenirs, etc. In Havana preserved colonial style, it was popular in the middle ages, so truly mesmerizing.

It is necessary to highlight the Great theatre of Havana, there are the world stars of ballet, because in the local theatre, to be one of the most popular ballet scenes. Anything can happen, perhaps during your vacation it will be your favorite dancer, a great opportunity to see the desired star.

Also, it can be noted a large number of museums, including the Museum of the Revolution, in which you can immerse yourself in Cuban history. This is far from all the sights of Havana in Cuba, and only a small part of them, during the holidays you will be able to personally verify this.

Surfing or diving?

As mentioned above, Cuba is a tropical area, consequently in the Caribbean sea, which is bordered by the island, lives a large number of different species of fish, corals, etc.

Diving in the Caribbean sea, is one of the most impressive in the world, so if you tired to swim and bask under the sun, then visit the underwater world of Cuba. Here you can see many species of fish, which had previously only read in encyclopedias.

The next fun - surfing. A similar exercise is not only relaxing, but also benefits for the entire body. while surfing your muscles are physically tense, investigative and strengthened in the course of employment.

At first glance it seems like to learn how to manage a special dignity on the water easy, if not entirely impossible, but it is actually otherwise, the main thing is not afraid of anything and a must try.

Perhaps surfing is your hobby. Surfing you can gather a great company, so it will be much more interesting!

Where to stay?

Since Cuba is a popular tourist center, you have the opportunity to choose from a large number of different hotels, from the minimum to the maximum number of stars. Definitely stay at a five-star hotel will cost more than the less than stellar or hostel, but the cost is worth it.

In the higher class hotels has everything: sauna, swimming pools, restaurants, so sometimes the hotel is able to replace even the beach.

Not every day I want to visit the beach after all the same place get bored, but the hotel will do an overview of the situation and diversify your leisure. Tired of the beach, swim in the pool or go relax in the sauna.

Some hotels are a few meters from the sea, offers the opportunity to admire beautiful scenery from the Windows of their rooms are not in limited quantities.

There is a separate number of rooms where the balcony is a special place for romantic dinners. Came on holiday with a friend, you can remove a number to please his companion romance.

As for the staff in hotels, as a rule, are highly skilled workers. Despite the fact that the resort is often visited and there are already a large number of visitors in certain hotels, the staff values each customer, regardless of the first time he sees it or not. Therefore, the respect and the rule of "the customer is always right" can be found in every local hotel.

The same can be said of the local people, theywill gladly help you if you get lost, some even spend in the hotel if necessary. In Cuba there is the spirit of peace and kindness, so the General atmosphere on the island pleases not only the pleasant tropical air, but the smiles of local residents.

You can also choose to stay in a cabin or hostel, if there is no money for a hotel, of course the conditions will be at a lower level, but the attitude of the staff is always polite.

How much money is needed?

Going on vacation, everyone is trying to bring a lot of money to have enough for all and not had anything to deny yourself. This is correct, if you decide to relax, to limit yourself is not necessary, but Cuba will not force you to spend too much.

Prices in Cuba affects mainly unstable today exchange rate, but in General to rent a decent hotel, and in the past month for 1300-1500 dollars.

Price varies depending on the course, so if your friends for example in March rented a hotel for 1200 dollars, it is not surprising that in the summer the same place is already $ 1300.

Relax at the Lodge, or for example in a three star hotel can be for 500-1000 dollars, depending on the location where the house. If closer to the coast prices are higher, and when away, then the order below.

As for entertainment, the prices for tours vary in prices from 50 to $ 500, it all depends on where you eat, where, and how much time will continue the tour.

Dine in the local café for 15-100 dollars, all on the same principle, if a popular cafe, famous Cuban, the entrepreneur of the prices there are higher.

How much are the rides of both the water and any other kind, you need to ask on the spot, because the prices on them change from day to day. Today cheaper by a dollar or two more tomorrow.

In this case, entrepreneurs pay attention to total number of visitors, if there are enough of them trying to do a different kind of discounts and lower prices, and in the opposite case, when not enough customers, the prices have to increase on the contrary, in order to support the business.