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What to see in Amsterdam for 1 day, 2 days?

CHto posmotret v Amsterdame

Surely, you've heard about the Netherlands a lot, well aware that this is a country of contrasts and great architectural structures. But until now you haven't figured out what to see in Amsterdam – the most beautiful and important city of this state. Most likely, an ordinary tourist, going here wants to see everything, but it's impossible. To cover every significant place is difficult, and therefore, you should make a list of the most important places. But how to choose the most important and interesting, because in Amsterdam a lot of fun. In order to make your trip successful and was considered to be voluminous, pay attention to several priority groups.

Before you travel it is important to denote that is of interest to you.

Let's say you are a connoisseur of beautiful natural areas – then open for you: the Amsterdam forest and Vondelpark. If the soul is to see monuments of architecture – it is best to go on excursions to museums, theaters, libraries. In this wonderful city there are many historical places. Extremely interesting buildings; here everyone will be able to make your vacation eventful.

Let's start our tour

The most famous place of the city is the van Gogh Museum. For many connoisseurs of his talent this structure is considered a Holy place. It was here collected the bulk of his work. All the creative heritage of the great author concentrated in one place. Here you can learn all about him, spend time with advantage, to discover the many interesting and important factors in the life of a talented master. In addition to the work in this building you will see and stunning interiors, best design ideas of space. Inspired by the work of van Gogh, the best designers from around the world have supported his talent and made the Museum truly unique.

Not inferior in importance and three other museums: the Rembrandt Museum, Historical Museum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum. Each of them is a unique historical heritage of the whole country. These buildings kept the creative heritage of the great artists, writers and renowned personalities from the industry, theatre, film. I should say that these places are always crowded with tourists, they are not empty and not crowded, because the mystery of time entails, everyone dreams of becoming for a moment part of that era. Works of different periods, masterpieces of different authors – all gathered in the most famous city in the Netherlands – Amsterdam.

CHto posmotret v Amsterdame za 2 dnya

In addition to the museums in this city presents and lots of lovely open spaces: squares and streets,
public gardens and parks. Having been in Amsterdam, you should try to see as much as possible, because on the basis of hearing you can't get those emotions and aesthetic pleasure.

Continue your way...

Dam square – the famous place which attracts all passers-by. Amazing, from the point of view of territorial location, location. It consists of two premises, which at the end of time, transformed into one the largest and most famous.

Stepping into the territory of the city, you will not be able to get around this place party. It is the heart of the city. It does not matter whether you come here for sightseeing or on a business trip – the area is the most visited attraction. Around it are significant buildings that you will want to see and visit:

  • the Church, the Nieuwe Kerk,
  • The Royal Palace,
  • the wax Museum Madame Tussauds,
  • rand Hotel Krasnapolsky,
  • Department store De Bijenkorf.

If you have the time and have the opportunity to see the city in the evening – the question of what to see in Amsterdam in 2 days – has a definite answer: Leidseplein and the Red light district. These two sights appear before travelers in all its glory only in the evening.

To be here in the afternoon – means to see only a small element of something really beautiful. Therefore, we will tell you about Leidsepleine. This area is quite vivid area of the city, it attracts the looks, there is always laughter and cheers of tourists in different languages. Here are theatres, entertainment venues, clubs, restaurants, shops, cinemas and art cafe. In essence, this area is considered a place of entertainment for tourists.

If you need to buy Souvenirs and gifts, it's nice and fun to spend time, participate in traditional festivals – then the Leidseplein opens its arms to you.

The Red Light District

CHto posmotret v Amsterdame za 1 den

The name itself is a kind of illusion, because to call the district a more narrow concept difficult. But nevertheless that's what it is called around the world. When a tourist goes to Amsterdam and wants to find that attraction – he asked it: "Where to find the Red light district?" And then the townspeople sent him to the side De Walletjes, so called by the area locals. The place is special and is known throughout the world not only a special appearance and interesting architectural solutions. Songs, dances, dancing, life flows here in a special way. On the specificsthis street became the location of modern "Museum for adults." It can be during the day when the area turns into a calm and very peculiar place.

A few words about the parks

Amsterdam is known for two very beautiful natural attractions which are not similar to normal parks. Each of them has its own atmosphere and its sophistication. Small but stately, so called the Amsterdam forest. Here is a territory where nature showed the true greatness of the Netherlands. This area is a dream for lovers of natural beauty for cyclists and athletes, for people who love privacy, silence, beautiful panorama.

To say that the forest is only created by nature is wrong, rather it is enchanting legacy of the tandem – human work and possibilities of nature. It is nice to relax, to party, to hang out together, play sports. Especially, this attraction will appeal to people who love an active lifestyle, because for them the opportunity to take an unforgettable ride through the breadth of the Park.

Vondelpark - the largest Park in Amsterdam, he is the only one where the laws of administration is allowed to retire to the couples. As you know, Amsterdam is a city where a lot of prohibitions and taboos do not exist, and in confirmation of this, tourists are granted this incredible miracle of nature. It is unique because it has everything: playgrounds and Jogging trails, places for recreation and booth, many shops and beautiful monuments. Especially beautiful here in spring and autumn, but in winter you can also meet a lot of tourists.

A special place in the heritage of the city is the zoo, which presents a variety of animals. It differs in its scale, here are collected the animals, virtually all over the world. Nice and cozy, large and unique, amazing and fabulous – that seen by tourists.

It is located in the Eastern part of the city, is the oldest Dutch zoo, since the date of its founding is 1838. In the distant past, the animals here were few, now there are over 6 thousand species. Want to see exotic birds or fish – at your service presented aquariums, one large planetarium. On the territory of the Artis Royal Zoo features a Botanical garden and a unique geological Museum. After visiting the zoo, you not only get acquainted with the inhabitants, you'll learn the history of this attraction, will learn mysterious facts of the whole universe.

Without any excursions no cost, no trip to Amsterdam

You can visit the museums and squares, in parks and zoo, but not to see the Canals of Amsterdam – which means to turn the trip into a regular trip.

So every tourist should be aware that Amsterdam is not just a beautiful city, it is a unique place with its own feature. It is called "the Second Venice", and all because the city has its design. The many bridges and canals, unique location and original structure, transform the most famous city of the Netherlands in the beautiful and romantic place. That there is only one excursion on the water, after all, only so there is a chance to feel the full force of the elements and the beauty of the human talents.

This video presents the main sights of the picturesque Amsterdam:

To summarize

Going to Amsterdam, you need to have at least a rough plan of places you wish to visit. Such a list can be quite large and bulky – your task is to choose only interesting for themselves, according to their own preferences.

For example, if you go on a short trip, you need to ask yourself the question: "What to see in Amsterdam for 1 day?" Based on the time, the list will be reduced. Accordingly, two or more days will greatly increase your opportunities. Therefore, we present our list of the most popular places in the city:


  • The Van Gogh Museum,
  • In The Heart Of Amsterdam
  • Historical Museum of Amsterdam
  • Stedelijk Museum.

Squares and streets:

  • Dam square
  • Bath
  • The Red Light District.


  • The Amsterdam forest
  • Vondelpark,
  • Zoo - Artis Royal Zoo.

Canal tours through Amsterdam :

  • Singel,
  • Herengracht,
  • Keizersgracht
  • Prinsengracht.

Amsterdam ulica krasnyh fonarejFor those who like sports, the list could expand and go on tour in the Amsterdam arena is beautiful and unique in its design structure, which was becoming world famous athletes and coaches; in the walls of the building were held the most famous games and games that have made history.

For tourists with children is remarkable and interesting in some places will be a children's science Museum, NEMO Museum, the tramway Museum, the Amsterdam Dungeon of horrors, kilogram Klimmuur. This city has created playgrounds, theme cafes with children's menus, there is a whole amusement Park for kids of different age groups.

What to say Amsterdam –it's the best city for the traveler, it is a Paradise for tourists.