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From the sights to see in Belarus for 3 days on the car?

CHto posmotret v Belorussii?

Recreation in Belarus is a great option for travel on the weekend. Affordable prices, no language barrier, a simplified procedure for passport control and visa will make the journey easy and enjoyable, especially if you will go on the car. It is much harder to decide what to see in Belarus during those 2-3 days, because the country's territory is considerable, and historical and natural attractions in it - a huge amount.

Proposed to include in the travel plan the most famous memo, unusual and just beautiful places of the country. For convenience they are divided into areas so that each could highlight the most interesting sights.

City of heroes and the places of fame

Brest and its fortress

The famous stronghold of the heroes of the great Patriotic war is located at the mouth of the Mukhavets river, in the city of Brest. The construction of the fortifications began in 1833g project military topographer K. Opperman, and completed in 1842. Became famous stronghold of the inaccessibility of the walls and resistance of its defenders, than removed a lot of documentaries and feature films.

In 4 hours and 15 minutes on 22 June 1941, the enemy artillery opened heavy fire on the citadel. The defense of the fortress was one of the bloodiest operations of around 2,000 Soviet soldiers were killed, more than 5000 – captive. After the war the ruins of the fortress preserved. And today is a monument of military valor, surmounted by a colossal grey lump – the monument "Courage" (pictured above).


CHto posmotret v Belorussii za 3 dnya?

In the capital of Belarus has many interesting and memorable places:

  • The upper town and the Trinity suburb – a historical districts with buildings XII, XVII century, the least affected during the war;
  • The centre and its expressive Victory square with a granite obelisk;
  • Red Church in Independence square;
  • Nemiga is one of the oldest streets of the city, built in the XII century;
  • Island of tears with a monument to soldiers-Afghans;
  • Holy spirit Cathedral, the Church of the virgin Mary;
  • Museum of boulders, where the open air are over 2,000 stones;
  • unusual sculptures and monuments such as "the Lady with the dog", "Grandma with seeds", "Girl with umbrella", "Photographer" and many others.

Stalin Line

The opening of the fortification ensemble of the Museum under the open sky was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory. The complex of Bunkers of the Minsk fortified area, today has become a great place for a family holiday where you can boat ride on the lake to try "soldier" porridge on the fire, to ride on a tank or armored personnel carrier and test weapons during the second world war - from rifles to machine guns "Maxim".


The memorial complex was built in 1962 in memory of the burning of the entire village punitive detachment of the Nazis. Today it is a cemetery with 185 th obelisks with the names of destroyed during the war villages. The only street paved with gray slabs, and along it the monuments with names of the dead villagers.

Bobruisk fortress

CHto posmotret v Belorussii na mashine?

At the time, Napoleon did not besiege that impregnable citadel, admiring the strength of its fortifications and walls. But to survive the Second World war Bobruisk fortress could not. Today its ruins as a national monument and one of the seven wonders of Belarus.

Natural beauty

Even if you have limited time and plan what to see in Belarus for 3 days, be sure to include a route of at least one of the following attractions:

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

One of the largest and unspoilt forests of Europe, familiar to us from the work of "Pesnyary", located on the border with Poland in Brest region. Here you can see the famous bison, wolf, lynx, boar, or Fox, admire the old trees, visit the nature Museum.

And children will have special entertainment, the residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost, to whom you can personally report on their behavior for the year and the expected New year's gifts. At the entrance to the fabulous complex kids meet the knights – vyazovich, the Elm and the Oak Dubrovich, the route goes past the Magic staircase and a Fabulous bridge. Grandfather frost and snow maiden will organize fun entertainment, contests and dancing with the children dance around a 40-foot spruce.

Berezinsky biosphere reserve

The Vitebsk region is a unique monument of nature where all the conditions for eco-tourism and recreation with children. In this area in ancient times were famous route "from the Varangians to the Greeks". Now there are several large lakes (Olshitsa, Manz, Domzheritskoye, Gradually), and into the dense woods to meet a bear, lynx, badger, marten, moose and a great many beavers, which was created biosphere reserve.

Narochansky national Park

In Minsk region is home to the largest lake in Belarus – Naroch. In the eponymous village can fish, hunt or ride on horseback, admiring beauty of the nature reserve. Here you can see a cluster of mounds and remains of settlements of ancient people. At the center of an adjacent lake myastro is an island with fortifications of XI century, and on the beachstands the Church of the virgin Mary.

Palaces and castles

Nesvizh Palace

The former residence of the princes of Radzivillov, and today's most famous Palace-Park complex of Belarus, known for its unique fortification system and the protracted construction – it was built over three centuries (16-19st). The castle housed a music chapel, court theatre, archive of the Lithuanian Principality, an art gallery with a strong collection of paintings, a private library.

Mir castle

Today is a fortress of red brick with white accents, but since it's Foundation in the XVI century the castle was in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. The result is a surprisingly harmonious mix, which, along with medieval fortifications, supplemented by the traditions of Belarusian architecture, annually attract to Mir castle, thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The Gomel Park and Palace Ensemble

One of the first museums in Belarus includes not only a unique monument of architecture (the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel, the administrative building, an observation tower, a chapel and a Winter garden), but also a magnificent Park. If you get tired to admire the colorful majolica tiles, ancient icons, manuscript books and other antiquities – welcome to a walk in the Park. To the picturesque Swan pond store tree-lined avenues, next to which is planted with unique trees and flowers.

Lida castle

Lidskij zamok

The ancient Palace of Belarus was built on the orders of Prince gedemin in the town of Lida (Grodno region) in 1323g. The feature of the castle is that it was built on the island, artificially created from gravel and sand. For many centuries the complex was a reliable protection for residents and surrounding communities. A lot of loopholes, strong walls, a Church, several water wells, a jail and various outbuildings allowed to survive with honor numerous wars.

Today, the castle held jousting tournaments and festivals, and in one of the towers of the historical Museum.

Churches, temples, Holy places

St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

The oldest Christian Shrine of Belarus and the fourth in the world, the Hagia Sophia was built in the XI century. Originally it served as a fortress and a place of reception for the most important ambassadors and diplomats. But in the eighteenth century the building was blown up. In the rebuilt Cathedral of ancient frescoes, you can see the layout of the ancient temple, medieval coins, listen to the organ music.

Vitebsk Holy Dormition Cathedral

One of the newest religious buildings of the country – the Cathedral, whose construction finished in 2011. It was built on the prototype of the assumption Church, demolished in 1934 for the construction of the plant grinding machines. During the excavation works on the site of the Cathedral discovered the remains of hundreds of people, presumably victims of the Gestapo.

The Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier in Grodno

Previously it was the richest Polish Church today – one of outstanding monuments of architecture of Belarus, dated XVII century. Inside the Church of St. Francis Xavier is framed by a unique fresco painting of the XVIII century. But the centerpiece of the building is the clock tower of the XV century, which are still working.

Polykovichskoe Krinitsa

Polykovichskaya krinica

A spring gushing at the bottom of a picturesque ravine near village Pyershyya Mogilev district, was built in the 16th century. Its waters are considered healing, and a stone grotto and chapel of St. Paraskeva, built in the 18th century by count Rimsky-Korsakov, became a place of worship for believers.

Minsk Cathedral Of All Saints

The temple though not belonging to the oldest (opened in 2008), but is considered to be one of the most beautiful Orthodox buildings of Belarus and a masterpiece of modern architecture. Its height is 74 meters, the building can accommodate 1200 worshipers.

Memo to the motorist traveling in Belarus

If you have already made a list of what to see in Belarus by car, don't forget about the important things, not to spoil the journey, myself and "the crew" of his car. Although there are traffic rules do not differ from Russian, please note the following nuances:

  • don't forget to register at the border checkpoint "entry sheet" - a policy of liability insurance, the absence of which in the test would cost $200;
  • to control the vehicle enough to have a law, a policy of liability insurance, pass with a mark of inspection and registration – any powers of attorney not required;
  • always let people at crossings that are not signal and do not "blink" a light to speed up the process – in Belarus, the pedestrian is always right really;
  • do not try to "negotiate" with the inspector or to offer a bribe;
  • the driver and the passenger sitting in the front seat must wear a seat belt, otherwise a fine of 400 rubles can not be avoided (and this is the first time, in case of repeated violations - significantly more). The same amount is supposed to and for the use of cell phone while driving;
  • also subject to fines: speeding from 400 to 5850 rubles and deprivation of rights, failure to comply with signs of a traffic light or the traffic controller, infringement of rules of overtaking, lane stripes and even no signal indicator.

However, this is only a small fly in the ointment, which can be easily avoided by observing the basic rules of traffic rules. Anda barrel of honey for auto travellers much more significant: the clean and smooth roads, excellent system driver information and other bonuses that will make their stay in Belarus pleasant and full of positive impressions.