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What to see in Berlin for 2-4 days with the kids in winter and summer?

CHto posmotret v Berline za 2 dnya?

Once in Berlin, just a couple of days, you have a question, what to see Berlin in 2 days? Start your acquaintance with him with the most famous sights of Unter den Linden. It is noteworthy that this is one of the European streets, with the exact date of its Foundation. When kurfust Friedrich Wilhelm, had a habit to go hunting. Whole way from the castle to the land was held under the sun. But on 16 April 1647 he was ordered to put the whole alley of lime trees and nuts. Over time, the alley has become the most noble aristocratic street in Berlin. By the way, all the lime trees on the street have their own room. Here is the beginning of a tour of Berlin should be.

The first day

If you directly go to Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg gate, the fall in the German "Versailles", called Sanssouci.

After a walk along the street Unter den Linden, in the heart of Berlin, walk to the Reichstag. In Berlin there are lots of places to visit. Of them, the Berlin TV tower is the main landmark of Berlin, and, of course, the Reichstag. But it is better in the Reichstag to go in the evening. In order to get inside and under the dome of the Reichstag, you must pass a very strict inspection. Inspection with passion. Modern dome after it had been rebuilt, became transparent. Through it perfectly clear to the surrounding area. Overlooking the center of Berlin.

If you walk from the Brandenburg gate to the Reichstag, on the road, you can see the traces of the former Berlin wall.

Note that in Berlin is quite difficult to get lost. Because hanging everywhere pointers and indicate the direction.

Take a walk through Alexanderplatz is the most famous and well-known area of Berlin. She was a sales area, and now it is a place for celebrations and various strikes and demonstrations.

Berlin is a Paradise of museums. Two days to visit them all is unrealistic. But it's worth a try.

Day two

There is to see in Berlin with children. Be sure to visit the Museum for children. It is so unusual that the Museum's name reflected his character. Duplex space located in the former Evangelical Church. This place is more suited for creative achievements and engine madness, than for sightseeing. Yes, it is stored in a few small exhibits, showing, for example, room school of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

There is also a mini-exhibition devoted to the rights of the child and rules of conduct on the water. But most of all you are interested in a small incubator for chickens, where you can observe every stage from egg to hatched chick and to chicken.

The second level of the Museum is:

  • eight long benches, partly prisoners in boxes
  • a small reading room,
  • cafe for parents with a mezzanine, where elegant chairs are made of cardboard

The Museum for children is the main goal of many families coming here. The Museum hosts a variety of workshops where you can learn to do crafts with their hands from improvised means.

The German Museum of technology.
The Museum building itself is impressive in its scale. But this is not surprising, because the Museum houses a permanent exhibition on the history of aviation. Although the exposition of the Museum represent the history of railway, marine and aircraft, cameras, the history of brewing and printing, the world of kites and machines that use air movement. Separately exposed to exposition of the history of mechanisms – from steam to jet engines. Many of the exhibits are interactive: you can touch, see how it all works, play with them, observe experiments in the science center Museum.

 CHto posmotret v Berline zimoj?

At the end of the second day of stay in Berlin can visit the zoo or the Zoo Aquarium. The aquarium exists for 100 years! Fish in the aquarium swim right at arm's length. There is a lot of multi-colored jellyfish. You can enjoy plenty of marine life. You can see the well-known types of aquarium inhabitants, and also the not known, which never even heard of.

The richness and diversity of difficult to describe. Is there sharks, rays and sea horses, angelfish, and even quite large specimens, whose names you will hear for the first time. Many corals, nematodes. Most impressive is the fact that aquarium with three sides surrounded by glass, which creates a 3-D effect. Here you can feel like you are at the bottom of the ocean. There are benches and tables in the aquarium, so you can sit.

Zoo-Aquarium is not only fish and marine animals. Also amphibians, reptiles and insects. On the upper floors of the building are snakes, turtles, crocodiles, praying mantises, butterflies. Impressive anthill under glass, through a transparent tube made across the room, so that you can look at any stage of wandering, as in the anthill. You will not regret the time spent and the Zoo-Aquarium.

What else to see in Berlin?

Day three

There is somethingview in Berlin in the winter. At least the Museum of natural history. Do not be afraid of a huge queue at the box office, but as soon as you reach it and you will be pleasantly rewarded with the opportunity to visit the amazing Museum of Berlin. Best of all, of course, come immediately after the opening.

 CHto posmotret v Berline za 4 dnya?

The exposition begins with the hall, with its display of dinosaur skeletons, including the largest in the world, reconstructed the 30-meter skeleton of a Brachiosaurus. You will be amazed by its size and verify that this is the greatest instance of the extinct reptiles. Further, a room devoted to all the other paleontological discoveries - from microscopic creatures to giant and its smaller counterparts.

Interestingly, there is an exhibition with computer animation, you can watch the screen fixed on a floor, or special binoculars. In the Museum you can see that in nature there are enemies and friends.

In the Museum of natural history presents not only the fossils and skeletons. A lot of stuffed animals. There is a "wet collection", that is, animals in formaldehyde. This room is filled with floor-to-ceiling banks that impressive. Truly this Museum, which is something to see in Berlin for 2 days.

There are several screens where you can watch movies, documentaries and multimedia stories about the globe, you can see all kinds of geological processes. For lovers of anatomy it would be something.

Day four

After the Museum worth a visit the Bundestag with its lookout tower and Legoland discovery Centrewhere it will be interesting not only childrenbut also adults and AquaDom with the huge cylindrical aquarium, which is inside the Elevator.

 CHto posmotret v Berline s detmi?

If you are more interested in painting, then do not pass by the New and Old national gallery, Pergamon Museumand the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Transport grid in Berlin is very well developed – all museums, palaces and monuments can be easily reached by public transport.

Thus, every tourist in Berlin will be able to use the rapid transit railway, subway, trams and buses to reach any desired point of the city, in order to see in Berlin for a few days as much as possible.

If time allows, be sure to visit Museum island in Berlin and the palaces of Potsdam, which includes numerous palaces and parks that lie within easy reach, including the Sanssouci Palace, and the Bridge Museum, and a Villa on lake Wannsee Lieberman. Worth visiting the Humboldt University, which for 200 years. It studied Engels and Marx, as well as the Brandenburg gate, which became a symbol of East Berlin. Right behind them in the direction of the Reichstag stood the Berlin wall, its remains can be seen now in fragments. But be sure to visit "checkpoint Charlie", with the box and time at the border crossing.

Also a worthy place to visit is the DDR Museum. In this Museum there is the opportunity to feel the spirit of the socialist era.

If you can allocate more days to stay in Berlin, there is what to see in Berlin for 4 days. Then you can and you will be interested to see the Monument of the Holocaust is a monument to the victims of fascism, all the tortured and murdered Jews in Europe. Amazing place. Go there among 2700 plates and experience unexplained anxiety and a feeling of the futility of walking down the long endless corridors. Although, this is the sense meant by the authors during the construction of the monument, they created an atmosphere of meaninglessness and complete lack of any logic.

Do not forget to visit the Berlin Cathedral, the most majestic and beautiful. This is the Protestant Church in Berlin. It is built in the Gothic style and located in the center of Berlin and therefore find it very easy.

Can also take a ride on the river spree on a boat. If you have the guide, you can learn a lot about Berlin.

But two days, and even four, to see Berlin – very little. Although, you can always want to come back.