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What to see in the Czech Republic in Prague for the week and out of Prague?

CHto posmotret v CHehii?

The Czech Republic is one of the most attractive countries for the tourists. This is especially true of Russians and other CIS citizens. Prague is a favourite city for many, that fascinates from the very first minute Dating. Czech Republic attracts the attention of not only stunning attractions. Many tourists get the opportunity to improve their health in the famous Czech spas, which are famous all over the world a very high level of medicine and service at an affordable price. In order to stay successful, you need to clearly define for myself what to watch in the Czech Republic.

If You still don't know where to go on holiday to have fun and spend time, the Czech Republic is completely at Your service. You will receive the sea of positive emotions and present a positive charge. Excursion it is best to make in advance, then the vacation turned into a pleasure. The diversity of tourist routes gives people a huge choice and a flight of fantasy.

The main attraction of the Czech Republic

Prague is truly the heart of Europe. This town has a special atmosphere and attracts every year more and more tourists. Prague is like a magic city from a fairy tale. It's hard to believe such beauty really exists in reality. This city is impossible not to admire, and after meeting him You will understand.

Don't know where to start your tour in the Czech Republic start in Prague. In this case, You will not regret it. What to see in Prague for a week, I can tell the tour operators, as well as people who are already not the first year I go here to relax. But still it is better to make your own itinerary that will take into account all wishes and interests.

Charles bridge - the most popular historic place

Charles bridge is one of the main attractions of Prague. You have to walk on it and take a picture. This is a standard photo should be in the Bank every self-respecting tourist. The Charles bridge connects the Prague districts Stare mesto and Mala Strana.

It is the oldest and most famous bridge in the world, which has no equal.

Its construction dates back to 1357 on the orders of Charles IV, where the name. In ancient times, this bridge was only for travel of the Royal family. With ordinary citizens acted a certain fee for the opportunity to go across the river via the Charles bridge. Besides, this bridge was famous for its jousting contests and fairs.

CHto posmotret v Prage?

As you can see, it's not just the building that connects the two shores. Charles Bridge is a miracle of the Czech Republic, which is connected with the long history. Therefore, the first thing that comes to the mind of any tourist to the question of what you can see in the Czech Republic is Charles Bridge.

The largest castle of the Czech Republic

Prague Castle is another place from the "mast visit". It is the largest historical and political centre of the Czech Republic, which has great historical significance. Prague Castle was founded in the 9th century and has survived to our times. This magnificent and impregnable castle situated on the left Bank of the Vltava river and reminds the individual of the city. As they say, "a state within a state". Today it is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic, and once it ruled the country from here the great kings.

In order to fully explore all the sights of Prague Castle, tourists will take a day or two. But, take a sightseeing tour can be done in less amount of time. The main attractions include:

  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • The old Royal Palace
  • The Basilica of Saint George
  • Gold street

Also, many tourists prefer to visit the Powder tower, Picture gallery and Rombalski Palace.

All the buildings are made in Gothic style. They are striking in their power, their beauty is breathtaking and filled with pride for the country. Every Czech to be proud of this fortress, and considers it his duty to tell as many interesting facts of its history. So, if You want to learn interesting facts from the life of the old Prague Castle, then You should communicate with the indigenous population. What they will tell You, You will not find in any textbook and is not in a tourist guide.

Another symbol of Prague

Tyn Church is a building, which is visible from any place in Prague. This is another pride of the Czech Republic, which has more than 7 centuries. This is the greatest building is another symbol of Prague, which you must visit. The second name speaks for itself – the Church of the virgin Mary.

CHto posmotret v Prage za nedelu?

Church of our lady is characterized by its architecture. It is made in a simple Gothic style, and the statue of the Madonna is located above the tympanum. Two 80-meter towers adorn the facade. It is noteworthy that they were built at different times, although their appearance is not say. But a more attentive tourist will notice that the towers are unbalanced.

Interior decoration of the temple is in Baroque style, which is greatin harmony with the overall design. Tyn Church is also famous for the fact that here is located the oldest organ in Prague. It was made in the distant 1673 master Andtom. Over time, it was taken away for restoration, and since 2000, the Church of the virgin Mary is his continual residence.

Definitely need to remember that today's view of týn Church is not entirely original. In 1679 the building was severely damaged by fire. Therefore, people had to make some adjustments to the overall architectural picture. Have changed some details of towers, and replaced the main aisle. But still, the General concept of construction has remained unchanged. The recent refurbishment of the exterior of the temple were made in 90-e years. However, interior trim is still not subjected to restoration, so the tourist can see the whole original picture with my own eyes.

Karlovy vary will help improve your health

If You go to the Czech Republic in order to improve your health and gain strength, be sure to visit Karlovy vary. This world-famous resort with mineral springs. In total, the city has 12 pieces. They differ in the water temperature (from 40 degrees to 73). You've probably heard about the best known spring called Vridlo. There is healing power in the form of a geyser. Water from it swing by as much as 10-15 meters! Besides, it's not just water. It contains a large amount of minerals and nutrients that help the body relax, enough of all missing vitamins. After visiting the source, one begins to look better, it relieves fatigue from the face, the skin becomes clean and smooth.

In addition to the possibility of recovery, the person receives a real aesthetic pleasure from visiting Karlovy vary. This resort town is located in a very beautiful and picturesque place. Here there is a confluence of two beautiful rivers – the ohře, and Warm. Besides, the city is surrounded by mountains Krasnymi. Only here tourists will really enjoy the atmosphere of old Bohemia, because there is a huge number of architectural monuments and buildings that are fully permeated the atmosphere of the last century.

A simple walk around town will be a real tour of the beautiful past of this wonderful country. And thanks to the many parks, tourist will be able to finally relax from the urban bustle and enjoy the fresh and clean air. So if You are looking for the answer to the question what to see in the Czech Republic except for Prague, the answer is obvious – it is Karlovy vary.

Journey to fairytale

If You don't want to just visit all the sights of Prague, and want to know the Czech Republic from the inside, then You definitely need to visit the beautiful city of český Krumlov. First and foremost, it attracts tourists with its stunning and majestic castle complex. In addition, it hosts most of the world famous festivals. Coming here, tourist is in this tale, which I do not want to go back. Therefore, it is necessary to enjoy all the sights and places of this great city.

CHto posmotret v CHehii krome Pragi?

As already mentioned, the main purpose of all tourists who travel to Cesky Krumlov – a visit to the castle with stunning parkland and the breathtaking cascade of fountains. It is a historical place completely immerses the person into the atmosphere of past centuries. Every tourist wants to be the kings, which once roamed all the halls of the castle. The architecture is breathtaking and the person does not have time to think about their problems and failures.

If You come to Cesky Krumlov with your loved one, the evening on the embankment of the Vltava river is a romantic event. Who said that only Paris is the city of love? Czech city is not inferior to him in this mission. But if You still not found your soul mate, do not worry, looking at couples in love. In this magical place a large number of people meet their true love. Worse than You? Believe in yourself and in your dream, and stunning waterfront Cesky-Krum is committed to fulfill all Your desires.

Recent years, Casanova in Duchcov castle

The small town of Duchcov, which is located in the West of the Czech Republic, gained its popularity thanks to world-famous Giacomo Casanova. His last 13 years of the life of famous romantic and adventurer spent in the castle Duchcov. If You want to plunge into the world of romance and feel the spirit of Casanova, then feel free to go to this majestic place.

The famous "Story of my life," Casanova wrote in this place. This work consists of 12 volumes and 4,000 thousand pages. Despite the fact that Casanova had no great wealth, and he worked as a regular librarian in the castle, his duties included visiting various social events and balls. And all because he was a very pleasant and interesting interlocutor, which will find a common language with any person, even the most withdrawn.

Special attention to this castle attracts men. And all because all men want to be like the great lover. Among the people, even the legend says that if a man will sit in the chair where he died Casanova, and he will become experienced andsounds like a great lover. In addition, many believe that if a representative of the stronger sex problems with "masculine" force, then a visit to this castle will also help in this matter.

Closer to nature

If you are tired of the numerous castles and various facts from the history of the Czech Republic, it's time to get a little closer to nature. The Czech Republic is a country with beautiful scenery, colorful landscapes, clean and fresh air. Hills, forests, mountains – all this gives the opportunity to relax from the buildings and enjoy an active holiday. Czech lake Lipno is the perfect place for solitude with nature. It is located on the border with Austria and Germany. The length of its coastline is about 150 kilometers. Agree, will do in such spaces.

If You go to lake Lipno in July, you will be able to get on a terrific event – a holiday with a Five-petal rose. This is a stunner, which is fully enveloped in the spirit of romance and the middle ages. It's the only time you can see locals dressed in elegant medieval costumes and knight armor. You will forget that you are in the 21st century, and will feel a usual resident of the 16th and 17th centuries. These inexpressible feelings will remain long in Your memory.

Famous museums

Of course, while traveling around the country every tourist visited by a large number of museums. They are distinguished by their subject matter and specificity. But there is a list of Czech museums that simply must be visited the usual tourist.
The Franz Kafka Museum is not just a place that tells about the life of a great man. This building will tell a story of Prague, which is characterized by its diversity. The Museum is a long low building. Once upon a time he was an ordinary brick plant. This place is different from the other museums that we are used to seeing. The exhibition is divided into two parts:

  • imaginary topography
  • existential space

Existential space will show all visitors the first stage of the life of Kafka, with which the world accepted it. To be more precise, then You will be able to see Kafka in Prague, and Prague in Kafka. Agree, rather unusual solution. The city is very strongly influenced by the great writer and is constantly involved in his life. After visiting this place, You will be deeper to accept the works of Kafka, as well as more accurately understand his statements.

Glass would seem like an ordinary material that we encounter every day in our daily life. And here in Prague there is a Museum devoted to glass. Here You will be able to see almost 150-year history of one glass factory. Stunning pieces of glass are fascinating every visitor. It's hard to believe that everything is made of this material.

Another unusual Museum is the Museum of Jan Becher. We all know the world famous Czech liqueur "Becherovka". A huge number of people, try it once, cannot forget its taste, and especially to abstain from this drink. He devoted an entire Museum. Original, isn't it?

The Museum was opened quite recently – in 1992 in the building of an old drugstore. And this is not surprising because it is here in the far 1802 appeared the first infusion of herbs designed to improve digestion. At that time nobody could think that this tincture is a favorite drink of millions of people. It is noteworthy that so far only a limited number of people know the exact recipe of this liqueur.

Universal country for tourists

In the end I would like to say that the Czech Republic is not only Prague. It is a huge country with many different attractions. Here each town retains some mystery or secret. To solve it, you should definitely visit this city, and fully soak up its atmosphere.

The Czech Republic is the country that leaves a mark on your heart for a lifetime. Here want to return again and again anytime of the year. Even the rainy weather could not dampen the mood to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the country. Therefore, if You plan to spend your vacation outside of our country, but don't know where to go, the Czech Republic is the perfect option.

Besides, it is perfect for a quiet family holiday, for romantic trips, to travel in good company and for an independent visit. Universal country welcomes all tourists and welcomes them with open arms.