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What to see in Dubai alone with a child?

CHto posmotret v Dubae samostoyatelno?

Dubai is a Paradise for tourists. In the heart of the United Arab Emirates in one place is a luxury resort, a business centre and an exciting place for entertainment. The warm climate and year-round sunshine allows you to bask on the shores of the Persian Gulf at any time of the year. Impressive skyscrapers and luxury hotels, amazing architectural buildings are in the same place with the oldest archaeological monuments of the Arabs.

In Dubai, opportunities for shopping and recreation are endless. Although the pricing is quite high. Hiring a guide is expensive, but most amazing places can be assessed with minimal cost. So, what to see in Dubai alone?

The majestic architectural structures

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the majestic tower, which resembles a stalagmite form. This is the first place to visit for tourists, since the height of 452 meters (124 floor there is an observation deck) offers a wonderful panorama of the city.

It's bright skyscrapers in the desert and the water. Height itself is breathtaking. Construction cost 4.1 billion dollars and is the business centre of Dubai. Only the tower has more than 160 floors, located at a height of 828 meters? has 9 hotels. The tower is equipped with 65 high-speed elevators. The decoration of the Burj Khalifa are singing fountains inside.

To evaluate a dizzying tour, tickets should be booked a few days: turn large and so it will be much cheaper. The observation deck is equipped with modern electronic telescopes. Also the grandeur of the panoramas, you can watch the videos day and night shooting.

Hotel Burj al Arab

Another name of the hotel "Sail", as it resembles the shape of an open sailboat, floating on the waves. Burj al Arab has a proud name 7* hotel and has a height of 320 metres. Located on a private artificial island connected to the mainland by a bridge. Access to the hotel is not so easy. The checkpoint allows only people who reserve a room or a table in the restaurant.

CHto posmotret v Dubae samostoyatelno?

"Sail" is considered to be one of the symbols of Dubai. This luxury building under become the most wealthy people in the world. The interior is decorated by the best designers with all the modern benefits. On the design of the hotel was used 800 square meters of gold. Each room (duplex Suite) has stunning sea views. The highlight of the hotel is the restaurant al Mahara, located under the water and the restaurant al Muntaha, located at an altitude of 200 m above the Persian Gulf. Visitors to the underwater restaurant will surprise with a huge aquarium with exotic flora and fauna in a million liters of water.

Isle Of Palms

The Palm Islands is an artificial archipelago, among which are the three most famous Islands:

  • palm Jumeirah (opened in 2001),
  • palm Deira (the construction started in 2004),
  • the palm Jebel Ali (under construction from 2007).

Today, you can visit the only island of the palm Jumeirah. Its diameter is about 5 km away. With mind, this project resembles a giant palm tree with 17 leaves. they built places for recreation and shopping: restaurants, hotels, condos and shops. From the waves of construction protects equally impressive breakwater in the shape of a Crescent. But there are international hotels.

The trunk of the Palm Jumeirah built up with luxury apartments, restaurants, parks and shopping centers. Also here is the famous Oceana The Palm Jumeirah.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah mosque displays modern Islamic culture. Built in 1979, and combines the Fatimid style and the style of Cairo's medieval mosques. For its construction was used pink Sandstone, so much the grandeur of the building gives the evening light.

This is another symbol of Dubai. The image of a mosque with two minarets and the high dome can be seen not only on Souvenirs, but on the banknote of 500 dirhams. Also, it is the only mosque that is allowed to visit, tourists-non-Muslims, and entrance is free.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, the Palm features a quirky, bombastic and incredible architecture. Looks like a building out of the Arabian nights about Ali Baba. Atlantis has 6* private Waterpark, and 1539 rooms. The best staff, a personal Butler, a delphinarium, lots of cafes and restaurants available. The interior is impressive, it's like a Palace from a fairy tale, only real.

See this video, what are the attractions of Dubai are the most popular:

Children's joy

A lot of places to eat, what to see in Dubai with a child. But the greatest delight of the crumbs, of course, cause a water Park, aquarium and entertainment center with many attractions.

Aquaventure Water Park (Aquaventure)

Aquaventure is located on 17 acres of land and is famous for its most unusual and exciting entertainment. Here, for example, it is possible not only to ride huge water slides, but also access to the swimming pool with sharks, swimming with dolphins, and scuba diving lessons. There is entertainment for every taste and age. For the tinyguests there is a children's play area with slides, cannons and tipping buckets.

More adult visitors to taste will have rafting on the river, visit the tower Zikurat (30 m), rolling on 3-urovnevaja slides and tunnels. A water Park on the Island of Palm Jumeirah.

Aquarium and zoo

The largest aquarium in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of records, is also located in Dubai. Located in Dubai Mall is a huge glass panel with tunelem for visitors. The aquarium is home to more than 33 thousand inhabitants of the sea, floating around in a 10 million vessel.

For entertainment, aquarium, sailing on a boat with glass bottom, diving with sharks the visit to the zoo over the aquarium and tour the Marine research center.

Wonderland amusement Park

Wonderland is the largest Park razvlecheniy the Middle East. There's a whole country of land and water rides. Divided into three areas: water Park, amusement Park and main street.

CHto posmotret v Dubae s rebenkom?

The main street leads to the lake of the Mists on the water surface which in the evening broadcast the video. Among the attractions not only of the carousel and roller coaster. There is paintball, go-karting, trucks and boats.

Places for entertainment and shopping

Dubai Mall

Next to the skyscraper is located the biggest Mall of the Middle East - a world of shopping Dubai-Mall (Mall of Dubai). Its area is just incredible - more than 1.2 million sq. m. For comparison, this is approximately 50 football fields! This building is a Paradise for shopping lovers, foodies, gourmets and fashionistas. And also, the perfect place to experience fun and families with children.

In Dubai Mall is more than a thousand stores, 220 stalls "Gold Souk" (Gold Souk), Department store "Galeries Lafayette", "Island fashion" with 70 boutiques of famous brands:

  • Versace,
  • Burberry
  • Roberto Cavalli,
  • Galliano,
  • Hermès, etc.

After a tiring shopping you can relax in one of the cafes. Dishes are for every taste: from the national Arab dishes to gourmets all over the world. Especially will like the hike in Dubaimall sweet tooth. The Vedas here is the most extensive in the world a candy store.

After the rest of the time be given to entertainment. Everyone will find something for the soul. You can have fun in the fascinating amusement, or to wander through the Aquarium (which, moreover, listed in the Guinness Book of records). Ideal for children - a children's edutainment center Kidzania (KidZania) and Park SEGA. Young people can relax in one of the 22 cinemas or visit the ice skating rink of impressive dimensions.

Park flowers - Dubai Miracle Garden

Open 14 Feb 2013 Park flowers can surprise the most experienced travelers. On the territory of 72000 sq. m. more than 45 kinds of colors. Exquisite floral arches, tiered flower beds and perfect lawns will not leave anyone indifferent. The highlight of the Park are vintage cars, decorated with floral arrangements. On creating an amazing landscape design worked the best florists around the world.

CHto posmotret v Dubae za 2 dnya?

Attractions in floral Park is a ten-flower pyramid, which was in the Guinness Book of records and a portrait of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, made entirely from flowers.

Jumeirah Beach residence

Jumeira beach residence - a two-kilometre long beach located in the city centre in one of the most prestigious areas. This beach not only to sunbathe and swim. Brave tourists can rent a surfboard, a catamaran or a kayak, go for boat ride on water skis or feel the sea breeze on a parachute.

Spice market

"Spice Souk" takes visitors back to the Arab past. There is a market in Deira. Here you can find not only the finest spices, and all kinds of sweets, fruits, spices, flowers, dried fruits, and barberry. For spices you can buy only the Eastern spices, for example, the root of the Orchid, or black lemon.

The Al-Mamzar Park

The al Mamzar Park is located in the eponymous Peninsula, covers an area of 99 hectares. Has a huge number of beaches, pools and barbecues. Plenty of relaxing, you can devote time to tour gardens. Trees and bushes decorated with beautiful flower beds and statues. You can rent a bike and enjoy the scenery, riding down the path to two-wheeled transport. Or relax in the café. There are many playgrounds for children with all kinds of entertainment.

Ski resort "Ski Dubai"

Maybe hard to believe, but the desert is also possible to go skiing on snowy hills. Ski resort "Ski Dubai" welcomes guests to 22.5 square metres. Located on the territory of the Mall.

pokatatsya na gornyh lyzhah v Dubae?

Planners and designers have tried to make the complex as realistic as possible: over the head of visitors see winter cloudy sky, and the height of artificial snow reaches70 see, There are 4 mountain trails for aces of different levels, snowboard and toboggan. In a snow cave can be played with children in hide and seek. The advantage of the complex is that it is accessible no need to buy special clothing and equipment. The ticket price includes the full equipment and lifting the yoke.

In General, we can conclude that Dubai - the centre of leisure, entertainment and shopping. Here is an exclusive place for every taste. Obviously, a weekend is not enough to fully enjoy the grandeur of the city, its sights, beaches and parks. Be sure to bring kids, because for them, created a real fairy tale where they are the main characters.And adults can feel like kids again, visiting a water Park and entertainment center. Romantic mood, fun and extreme guaranteed.