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What to see in Egypt: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh excursions?

CHto posmotret v Egipte?

Egypt is an incredibly beautiful and mysterious country. Whole life is not enough to reveal at least half of its secrets. But tourists try to do it, feeling its character, and visit the most interesting places. Egypt annually receives travellers from all over the world. And love for this country has not dried up. Still – because in addition to all the well-known Egyptian pyramids and the Great Sphinx there are many other interesting places. It is both natural and architectural, and cultural attractions that just can't not like tourists. So, what to see in Egypt?

First, go to Hurghada. It is the tourist center of Egypt. Beaches, luxurious hotels, coral Islands... array of activities in Hurghada, there is no limit. There are many interesting places which are famous for its uniqueness or rich history. If you are looking for what to see in Hurghada, then our guide is for you.

The red sea is a natural wonder

The main natural feature of Egypt is the Red sea. It warm waves and Golden Sands attract tourists from all over the world. Egyptian hotels are famous for excellent services, so you can swim in the Red sea come as simple vacationers and famous tourists. This sea is the saltiest in the world. Salt helps it to sink, it literally "pushes" man on a surface. Owing to such features, unique flora and fauna of the red sea. So diving enthusiasts will be able to unearthly pleasure, exploring the underwater depths of the red sea.

This pond is surprisingly clean. It does not fall into any one river, so nothing contaminates the Red sea with silt and mud.

Coral island

Morning. From the sea the breeze is blowing, which causes the heart to race. Still – because you have to travel to Coral island. It is not part of the land, it's a whole underwater world that can only be seen immersed in it. Countless flocks of shellfish, intricate corals and reefs that intertwine the beauty of the underwater world of the red sea is fascinating. Even for tourists there is a special ship that morning takes travelers to the Coral Islands waits for them to dive and see a lot of corals. Then lunch on the ship. And after dinner the ship again heading for Hurghada.

CHto posmotret v Hurgade?

If the tourist is afraid of the water or dives, he can ride on specially constructed for tourists the boat with a transparent bottom. This interesting design allows you to see everything that happens in the water, to explore the flora and fauna of the Egyptian sea.

Singing fountains – a riot of sound and colors

This game was created specifically for the many tourists who stay in this city. The variety of colors and classic music, fun water sprays and unusual lighting: all this creates the special atmosphere of positivity and madness, which go into the background all the problems, and in soul settles happiness.

"City of dead"

For many tourists the Great pyramid of Egypt and the Great Sphinx ceased to be the attractions. Particularly savvy travelers even say that the photos with the Pyramids is commonplace of no importance. However, if you came to Egypt and visited Luxor, the Museum under the open sky, it is at least strange.

It will be interesting to fans of history, just ancient. Because you will be able to visit the once-powerful Thebes (now they are "the dead city"), the valley of the kings, Karnak and Luxor temples, then visit other ancient buildings. Everyone will be able to discover Egypt from a new angle, because everything has the air of eternity, and in the air a feeling of the permanence of the ancient country.

Gorod mertvyh

Of course, you will be amazed by the Great Sphinx. Of course, for many thousands of years he suffered from the elements and from human hands. He still stands at Giza, as the guardian watches over the tombs of the pharaohs. Even today, architects are unable to create something like that, and the Egyptian Sphinx is still the largest statue in the world, which is carved from solid stone.

Valley of the kings – a few tombs of the pharaohs, who ruled Egypt. Many tourists are hesitant to go there due to superstitious horror and stories about archaeologists who died from a single touch to the last resting place of the Pharaoh. However, the majority curiously looking at the tombs that they could see only the pictures in a school textbook or a scientific and educational journal.

The Island Of Utopia

Be sure to take a look at this piece of land. An island – another "highlight" of Egypt, and pride. The island of Utopia is part of the Egyptian coral reserve. Once a year the sea is completely flooded Utopia, and the island goes under the water. So, if you are in a time when he over the water, you should visit it.

The Arabian desert and the Great race

The Arabian desert is famous all over the world. She is part of the great and terrible desert of Sahara, situated between the Red sea and the Nile. Herealmost always blows a hot dry wind, so a long journey through the desert for an unprepared tourist threat. But, as entertainment, travelers ride through the Arabian desert on camels, or offer the trip on Quad bikes.

Enjoy the jeep Safari, after which remain the most vivid impressions. This way you can meet local people – the Bedouin, to learn about their way of life, to feel the full flavor of their lives.

Unsurpassed Cairo

This city is the capital of Egypt. It is unique in its kind, as in the Cairo mixed culture and ages, the traditions and mystical rituals. It is a city that has absorbed a lot of cities from different eras, so it can be found and built, and the period BC and the middle ages, and modern buildings. All the wisdom and power of the six thousand years of the life of Egypt and its people embodied in it.

Of special interest for tourists is the Egyptian Museum. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to discover the history of the country, to see the puzzles, the solution of which today beat all scientists and Egyptologists in the world.

The River Nile

The geography of course everyone knows that the Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows into the Mediterranean sea. Previously, Neil was feeding many farmers who expected him to spill as manna from heaven. This action of the river was regarded as the mercy of the gods. If a drought came, the peasants believed that the gods are angry with them, so don't give the command the Nile to flood. This story can remember sailing on a boat along the river, and looking at the surrounding beauty.

Old market Sharm El Sheikh

What to see in Sharm El Sheikh tours? Of course, the famous Old market of Sharm El-Sheikh. He is the heart and soul of the city. There are street cafes, and large shopping centers. The market has absorbed the old and new traditions. Tourists here are treated to a menu of Arabic, European cuisine. Come across connoisseurs of Japanese food.

Here is a Paradise of gifts, both edible and not. The market is full of various sweets, exotic fruits, scrolls of papyrus, vessels of precious jewelry. The most peaceful here early in the morning. The tourists are still asleep, and that means we have an opportunity to choose Souvenirs and slowly bargain.

St. Catherine's Monastery

CHto posmotret v SHarm el SHejhe?

One of the oldest architectural and spiritual monuments of the Egyptian people – the Monastery of Saint Catherine. It is a Christian monastery, patronized by the Turkish sultans, Arab caliphs. That was what saved him from destruction and looting. It is considered to be biblical place. Never in the entire history of its existence, St. Catherine's Monastery has not been captured or damaged. On the territory of this temple is a burning Bush – a Bush through which God gave Moses a message about the need to save the people of Israel. The trip here will be for each kind of pilgrimage.

It is very difficult to describe all what you need to watch tourists in Egypt. Outside of our attention there are still many attractions that are worth to be watched and praised:

  • The Mountain Of Moses;
  • RAS Mohammed;
  • the pyramid of Khafre;
  • Luxor temple;
  • The Colossi Of Memnon;
  • the statue of the sacred scarab.

Come to Egypt. This is a hospitable region, a real Paradise for those who love and appreciate historical heritage, is in harmony with nature, and does not avoid noisy entertainment. If you don't know when to go to Egypt, read here. We are happy to dispel all your doubts.