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What to see in Germany by car with children?

CHto posmotret v Germanii?

On the topic of what to see in Germany, perhaps you can write impressive dimensions of the book. It's a wonderful country in which harmoniously combines history with new technologies, where the number of museums, theatres, palaces, parks and gardens so large that to examine them all is not enough. That is why, going to Germany by car, plane, families, and alone, should certainly route so as not to miss anything then you can regret.

Berlin and Hamburg, Aachen and Frankfurt am main, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, Duisburg and Cologne, Bremen and Hannover – list can be listed for a long time, but the essence remains the same: all of these towns are a Paradise for tourists, places in which the vacation is not enough to fully enjoy their atmosphere, history and sights.

Travel around Germany by car

Having your own transport, of course, opens up more opportunities. What to see in Germany by car? In one day you can drive around quite a number of sites and cover large areas of the country, but about all under the order.


To begin with, it should be from the heart of Germany, Berlin. The journey so wonderful the city is, of course, start with a business card of the capital, namely the Brandenburg gate. In addition to the interesting architectural ideas, and grandeur, which impresses this structure is remarkable in them is, and the adjacent fragment of the Berlin wall. The latter is the symbol of the Second world war, when the territory of Germany was divided into Western and Eastern parts.

Visiting the capital, don't miss the following places:

  • The biggest zoo in the world;
  • The Arsenal Building;
  • The Building Of The Bundestag;
  • German Opera;
  • Castle Charlottenburg;
  • Cathedral Of St. Hedwig.

CHto posmotret v Germanii na mashine?

castle Charlottenburg in Berlin

While vacationing in Berlin, you should definitely leave on the day the car and walk on the following sites: Treptower Park, Plaza, Breitscheidplatz and Alexanderplatz. The beauty and grandeur of these places is amazing.

Worth a stay and that in Berlin there is a large number of museums. Art lovers should definitely visit the Gallery.Bode, the New National Gallery and, of course, in the Art Gallery in Dahlem.

But to enjoy the peace and quiet to admire the beautiful palaces that if descended from the pages of fairy tales in the suburbs of the capital, Potsdam.

Learn more about the attractions of Berlin can be read in this article.


Berlin is viewed, then make sure you pay attention to Munich (of course if you do not mind to travel more than 600 km). This city is the second largest in Germany and it is the capital of the most visited region of Bavaria.

To start with the fact that the difference between Munich and Berlin is huge. The first is not a typical representative of Germany, there is neither the old pre-war buildings and you will not see skyscrapers, but you will be surprised and amaze with the following attractions:

  • The Frauenkirche Church or the Cathedral of the Holy virgin. Here is located the tomb of Emperor Ludwig IV the Bavarian;
  • St. Peter's Church;
  • Church Of St. Michael;
  • The heart (a masterpiece of European late Baroque).

Note that even if you are not an ardent fan of churches, then visit the above mentioned is only because they are really beautiful.

If suddenly in Munich caught you bad weather, you should certainly visit the Residence Museum (it will be enough for the whole day). If, however, the cultural heritage of Germany you are interested in more than, say, parks and architecture, then pay attention to the following museums: the Pinakothek, the German technical Museum and the Glyptothek.

And now in the best traditions should leave their vehicles and walk in the following places:

  • Munich town hall;
  • Food market Viktualienmarkt ,which is not here, you can experience the full flavor of the country;
  • English Park;
  • Olympic Park.

Munhenskaya ratusha

Munich city hall

We can assure you that walking in these places, you will experience so many emotions and excitement that will last for a very long time.


Hamburg is a city with a rich history. Its main attraction is, of course, of the Hamburg yard, which is the beginning of the longest streets in Europe.

It should be noted that Hamburg is a bright representative of cities with a long history.

Here you should visit the historical part of the city, where you will be able to observe the beautiful buildings of the middle ages. In addition, should certainly visit the town hall, the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Michael, as well as the Opera house and the Museum Kunsthalle.

But, to visit Hamburg and enjoy the beautiful, picturesque landscapes of lake Alster, where you can enjoy boating, visitBotanical garden with collections of plants collected from various corners of the world – is simply impossible.

ozero Alster

the Alster lake in Hamburg

The Hagenbecks zoo, located in the town of Stellingen (near Hamburg) is the answer to the question of what to see in Germany with children. He is considered one of the largest in Europe, its luxury, panache and beauty are striking. While representatives of even the most rare animals on the planet, will surprise and please both the youngest guests and people, it would seem, is no surprise.

In addition, children should definitely bring in Heide Park, which is one of the most popular in Germany. The path to it from Hamburg will be 70 km., but here has a huge number of attractions for children and adults of all ages. In addition to a large number of roundabouts and swings, rides "Downhill on a mountain river", "roller coaster", "Giant loop" and other restaurant and cafes, it regularly hosts shows with parrots, sea lions, crocodiles and other animals. Be sure that your child is visiting here will want to return again and again.


If the path of your route is the city of Nuremberg, you will certainly need to note on your map of places to visit following attractions:

  • The old town with its lovely architecture;
  • King's gate, which is a huge watchtower
  • The Church Of St. Lorenz;
  • The Germanic national Museum;
  • The house-Museum of Albrecht dürer;
  • The Nuremberg toy Museum.

At first glance, the attractions are not so many and most of them are located in the old town. But, we assure you to experience all the emotions fully, may not be enough for one day. You can't imagine how wonderful is the old town with its small and quiet streets, crowned with flowers, houses with lovely mouldings, and many small churches. Also, if you're travelling with kids, you just have to take their child to a toy Museum, I assure you, the child will come to the indescribable delight, and will continue to talk excitedly about what he saw there.


Florence on the Elbe – that is the second name is Dresden. And not surprising, because the city collected a lot of art treasures during the Second World war. Here you can enjoy a fertile atmosphere created by creative people, who make up a large part of the population.

Start your acquaintance with the Dresden, to be a heritage of the kings of Saxony and of the highlights of the Saxon Baroque Palace of Zwinger. Next, your route must pass through an Art gallery with a unique collection, the Semper Opera house, Kreuzkirche Church, the "Balcony of Europe" (terrace Boryla).

But, certainly you must see the big picture in the world, composed of porcelain tiles. The name of his "Royal procession" and that it depicts the 35 Saxon rulers of the Wettin dynasty. Note that the period of their rule at all is as much as 800 years.

Knyazheskaya processiya

If you prefer a more deep insight into the history of the city and Germany as a whole, for you are such museums:

  • Military-historical Museum;
  • Dresden Armory;
  • The Museum "green vault", with a huge amount of jewels;
  • Zoological Museum;
  • Museum of man;
  • The transport Museum.

The above presented list is far from complete, but it covers the most interesting museums of Dresden.

Entertainment for children

Numerous museums, architectural masterpieces and churches for children to be too tedious. And despite the fact that we have already mentioned about what to see in Germany with a child is not the whole list of places where kids of all ages will come to indescribable delight.

Of course, kids of all ages are most attracted to amusement parks. And it is fair to note that in Germany quite a number of them. We only list the most interesting, noteworthy among them:

  • Europa–Park, largest parks. It is located in the South-West of Germany in rust. If you are vacationing by car, it is not a problem for you to get from Frankfurt am main. The first that hits you about this Park is that it is divided into 11 themed areas, each dedicated to one of the European countries. The abundance of water slides, rides, extreme rides here will surprise even the biggest in this field are skeptic.
  • chto posmotret v Germanii s detmi

  • The "Phantasialand" amusement Park near Cologne. Here similarly, there is a division into zones, but they all have different themes, such as Wild West or Old Berlin. For this reason, it will be interesting for both children and adults.
  • Hyde Park – about whom we have already mentioned, but he should be recalled as a great place to stay with children.

About the toy Museum and zoos you already know, so you'll be able to quickly navigate with the fact that to show the children. We will tell you about one more exciting for children,and the aquarium Sea Life, located in Munich. Its area is 2000 sq. m. and there is certainly any child will be able to find the extraordinary beauty of the fish, which is sure will impress his imagination. Collected here are almost all well-known representatives of the underwater world, namely algae and sea stars, sharks and exotic fish, turtles and other inhabitants of seas and oceans.

Thus, it is possible to say that Germany is a great country for lovers of history and architecture, and for small children, who, above all, interesting amusement parks. Unfortunately, in this article we have not listed all of the city's abundance of attractions which are off the charts. As a Supplement I recommend to read an article about where to go in Germany.