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What to see in Greece, in Crete, Rhodes and Athens with kids and without

CHto posmotret v Grecii?

All the campers are sent to the Mediterranean with different purposes. Some want to bask on the beach and swim in the warm sea, while others want to visit the many places of Ancient Greece. So what to see in Greece to save the country from the best side? There are a lot of different ancient sites, which just fascinate people with their splendor.

For all those wishing to relax near the sea, need to remind you that geographically, Greece is situated in the subtropics. Thanks to this feature, the swimming season can begin in may. By early summer, the sea water can warm up to +19C. But in the summer the water is warmer, its temperature can reach +25 ° C, fall +23C. So for all beach lovers, better suited to July or August. At the same time, to visit the sights of this great country are not very comfortable because of the heat.

The best time for cultural tourism in Greece is in spring or autumn.

During this period, the number of tourists is significantly reduced, and maintenance becomes much higher, because the customer less. Spring in this country is very interesting because the Greeks celebrate the Orthodox Easter, but here it is celebrated very solemnly. In winter tourists are even smaller, but still fully enjoy all the attractions interfere with the frequent rains. Read more about when to go to Greece is told here.

There is a saying: “Greece has everything”, it is best suited to describe this amazing country. Friendly locals, excellent service in hotels, beautiful nature, excellent climate, ancient sites – all this combines Greece.

First of all I must say that Greece is divided into mainland and island part. If you start your journey from the mainland, it is best to go straight to the heart of the country - Athens.

What to eat in Athens?

The Acropolis

CHto mozhno posmotret v Grecii?

If you decide to visit Athens, this ancient and exquisite city, you must go to the Acropolis, which in Greek means “upper town”. This great fortress, which in ancient times served to protect the inhabitants from invading the city of the enemies. On the territory of the Acropolis is the temple of the goddess of war, Athena, the Erechtheion, and the sanctuary of the goddess of victory, Nike, as well as many sculptures and ancient architecture of the buildings. Their age is more than two thousand years. When visiting the Acropolis, you need to dress suitably, since you have to walk a lot, climb stairs, which are quite slippery.

The Acropolis is a world famous Museum which houses various antiquities, ornaments and coats of arms.

National archaeological Museum of Athens

In this place you can find many works of art that are a must see. In the Museum you can see many sights of Greece, so it will take you a lot of time:

  • The statue of Zeus in bronze, which were brought from the Cape Artemision.
  • Visitors can enjoy the so-called helmet of Agamemnon, which is actually the burial mask of the great king, who died many centuries ago. This exhibit found at Mycenae.
  • Stele, Hegeso.
  • Attention to people are attracted to the part of the statue and it's head walnut goddess, Gigai.

In addition, in the National archaeological Museum of Athens , visitors are presented with a variety of Mycenaean finds, for example, the Golden weapons, and women's jewelry.

The Temple Of Zeus

What to see in Greece with the children, so it is the temple of Zeus, or, as it is called, Olympion which is located in the centre of Athens. In its classic form, this temple was completed in the fourth century BC. For a long time this building was considered the largest temple in all Hellas. During its construction they used marble. The building was supported by 104 columns, each of which was 17 meters tall.

CHto posmotret v Grecii s detmi?

Today, seasoned greatness, but only 15 columns. It is considered that this temple was partially destroyed in the Middle ages, during a strong earthquake. It can be clearly seen from the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus is located only half a kilometer away. In fact, all the historical places not hard to get around on foot since they are close to the Acropolis.

The Oracle Of Delphi

One of the main attractions of Greece is the Delphic temple, which is located in a stone amphitheatre of mount Parnassus. In ancient times the Oracle of Delphi played a very important role in the life of the Greeks, without him was not taken any important decisions about the future of the country. But, unfortunately, today it was only a few colon.

All tourists must visit the archaeological Museum of Delphi, which has many different historical exhibits. “Highlight” of the Museum is the bronze statue of the Delphic Charioteer. Despite the fact that she was cast in the fifth century BC, the statue is well preserved andstriking crisp lines all Museum visitors.

Mount Olympus

For all fans of Greek mythology, the main purpose of travel is the opportunity to climb the great mount Olympus. There is no need to tell much about this place, because probably all know that on the basis of mythology, there lived the Greek gods. Mount Olympus – the highest in the whole of Greece. This is an excellent place to relax at any time of the year, because there are a lot of shops and hotels, and they will add comfort to your mythological journey.

For all lovers of extreme sports have the opportunity to climb the mountain, but you need to be confident in their abilities and in excellent physical shape. Point climb is Litochoro, because it is easily accessible by train from the capital of Greece.

What will interest tourists the island of Crete?

The Palace of Knossos

The most popular architectural attraction of this vast island is the Palace of Knossos. According to legend, it was built by the great designer of the Daedalus for king Minos. The myth says that in the depths of this Palace, which consists of more than 300 rooms, lived a monster with a human body and a bull's head, which was called the Minotaur. He regularly gave at the mercy or the boy or girls.

CHto posmotret v Halkidiki v Grecii?

For all lovers of Greek mythology and lovers of architecture must visit this Palace to have a little dip in the beauty of the ancient life, to breathe life in Ancient Greece. Besides the Palace there is a huge library which contains more than two thousand clay tablets.

The Gorge Of Samaria

All visitors of this beautiful island will certainly need to visit the Park – Samaria gorge, which has a length of eighteen kilometers. It is home to rare species of flowers and plants, animals and birds. This vast preserve is open to the public from may to October. Once you visit it, then take a swim on the warm beach of the Libyan sea, which is famous for its purity and habitat of different species of marine creatures.

Another attraction of this island is the monastery of Toplou, which is located near the town of Sitia. It was built in the fourteenth century, but today with the help of many restorations, the architects returned to its original state.

Walking through the long corridors of this building, you will plunge into real antiquity, since the monastery is made in this style. Approximately thirty kilometers from the monastery is located another attraction – the valley of date palms. This is the only place in Europe where grows more than 5000 trees.

The sights of Rhodes

Its popularity the island has received thanks to the enormous statue – the Colossus of Rhodes. In the middle ages this island was a base for the crusaders, who were periodically carried out the Crusades. This explains the style of all of the attractions that transport visitors back to the middle ages.

What to see in Rhodes all lovers of ancient culture? The tourists be interested to visit the ruins of the medieval castle – Palace of the Grand Master. Will interest all lovers of the little theatre, the temple of Athena polias, as well as the Stadium.

CHto posmotret na Rodose v Grecii?

the Grand Master's Palace in Rhodes

Travelers enjoy visiting the Butterfly Valley, which is located 25 km from Rhodes town. And watch the lush peacocks that live in the Park Applied.


For all those wishing to bask in the sun, swim in the clear waters and just relax from everyday work, better suited to Halkidiki. Halkidiki is the “gold” of Greece, since here every year a lot of tourists from all over the world who want to really feel summer in all its beauty. Many historical monuments, dozens of resorts and excellent infrastructure – this is what you need for quality rest every visitor of Halkidiki.

What to see in Halkidiki? It is best to start your journey with the Peninsula of Kassandra, which is rightly called the “pearl” of Halkidiki. According to Greek mythology, the island was inhabited by the mighty titans, who wanted to overthrow Zeus from his throne, but still they lost the war and paid dearly.

As for the beach area, it is very large, about fifty kilometers in length. This place is perfect for all lovers of hearts, since there are many romantic bays that are simply dazzling. This is a great place to make an offer of marriage to his second half. Gentle waves, soft sand and the clear sky creates a cosy atmosphere.

Greece is a country of myths and ancient legends, magnificent sculptures, and architectural masterpieces, and stunning nature. If you need romantic holidays, then Greece is what is ideal for you. Greece is for those who appreciate bright emotions from the sight of the masterpieces of world art.