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What to see in Spain with children without?

CHto posmotret v Ispanii?

Modern Spain is a real Paradise for tourists with a mild climate, sandy beaches, rugged mountains, green hills and clear waters. It is a country that is able to provide not only the opportunity to relax, but also to become more familiar with the romance of the middle ages, to look deep into centuries, the legacy of which are the numerous monuments and buildings, fascinating in its complicated history.

Deciding on journey, you will definitely find what to see in Spain, while receiving unforgettable impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The number of values that constitute the cultural heritage, Spain is inferior to that of Italy, occupying the second place, as many sights which are located in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Thanks to the favourable climate the country is rich in flora and fauna, the totality of which has become a successful key to creating beautiful parks and Botanical gardens, known for its beauty all over the world. And this fact becomes a major, with the decision to travel with children.

Exquisite architecture of Spanish cities, as embodied in the diversity of architectural styles in itself is a landmark, enthralling, exciting the imagination and not allowing to be bored during your holiday trip. It is not without reason that Spain is considered a favourite choice of travellers who year after year come back to fully enjoy the quiet streets, lush gardens, palaces and alleys.

Cities, resorts and the popular Islands of Spain

Tours in Spain allow you to see the local beauty, but to truly see and feel the unique nature of Spain, its architecture and participate in interesting activities, which are not found anywhere else, you need to visit every corner of this wonderful country.

Especially attractive for tourists are the cities located in the southern part of the country:

  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Malaga

Exotic Arab architecture and unique atmosphere of the middle ages, and echoes of flamenco passion leave an indelible mark on the soul.

Unfading beauty Barcelona is the most visited city not only in Spain but also in Europe. The attractiveness of the area due to the sophisticated architecture of Antoni gaudí, which is the perfect setting for a huge number of attractions.

Madrid. This city is a real pearl of the country. And very much of what you can see in Spain is the Royal Palace, museums, historical monuments and many more will forever steal your heart, drawing its mysteries and unique perfection.

The Mediterranean climate of the Islands and resorts in Spain make a holiday on the coast unforgettable. Excellent infrastructure allows us to provide each guest with everything you need for quality rest. If you want to luxuriate on the warm sand at the beach — perfect option than the Balearicor Canary Islands, simply does not exist. Today the resorts of Spain are famous all over the world and occupy leading positions. To relax from everyday Affairs annually on the coast goes up to 40 million tourists.

Attractions Of Spain

Ancient buildings

Popular Spanish sites among connoisseurs not allow to highlight any architectural monuments. However, among the huge number of assets, it can be noted the most visited among which:

  1. Church of the Holy familylocated in Barcelona (photo at top of article). The facility was built according to the drawings of the famous Antonio Gaudi, and has long been considered the most magnificent structure created in Spain. Unique architectural style, which can be seen a harmonious fusion of Arab architecture, Gothic art and European Baroque, and rich history of this place enchant millions of people and make Church attendance an unforgettable event.

    The highlight gives to the building its incompleteness: in the temple, and to this day is under construction. Holy family Church listed as a World heritage site by UNESCO and is currently open to the public for everyone to climb the tower facades (Passion and Christmas), on top of which offers stunning views of Barcelona.

  2. Gorgeous Palace Alhambra, located in Granada is an interesting object that is considered a model of Persian / Arabic architecture. Surrounded by a fortified wall, the stones of which remember many bloody clashes from the history of the Kingdom of Granada, the Palace also has the more famous name of "the Kalat-Alhambra" or "Red castle". However, the name of the building received not only because of the bloody history, but also the stones have a reddish tint.

    CHto mozhno posmotret v Ispanii?
    The Alhambra is a continuous interest and every year red walls, unique architecture and mysterious history guides come to enjoy more than three million people.

  3. The Cathedral of Seville isone of the largest churches in the world and the largest in Spain. Its dimensions stagger the imagination and, when taking a journey through this country without seeing it, you will lose the lion's share of the impressions from the trip. Today the largest Cathedral can compete except that the St. Paul's Cathedral in London and St. Peter's Basilica, located in Rome.

    However, not only with its impressive walls you know this building. Thousands of tourists are daily attracted significant fact of burial in the territory of the remains of Christopher Columbus, which is located in one of the wings of the transept.

    In addition, the Cathedral is also famous for its collection of paintings, which contained the imperishable works of artists such as: Pedro de Capilla, Zurbaran, Murillo, Jordans, Valdes Leal, Pacheco and others. But, special attention is located in the temple, the tabernacle, recognized by the author himself, the Harp is like the best creation made of silver in its genre. Mesmerized by the sight and the masterpiece, the work of martínez Martinies, Christ is Merciful, and beautiful stained glass Windows created by well-known artists.

    A lot of attention attracted and the Chapter Hall, designed in the Renaissance style, decorated with marble statues, the works of Marcos Cabrera and, of course, the unforgettable and beautiful work of art Immaculate Conception. Fans of history will be of interest not only of the burial of Columbus, but cardinal Cervantes of Dona Maria de Padilla, Alfonso the wise, king of fernande Saint (buried at the foot of the virgin of the Kings) and Pedro the Cruel, whose remains are also in the Cathedral.

Modern museums

  1. Museums Spain is a real find for the connoisseur. For example, in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is the richest collection collected large German industrialist who, during the great depression bought the masterpieces of European masters and returned them to their homeland. Currently, the Museum displays paintings by painters of the English, Dutch, German, and Italian schools, the primitives. In addition, here are masterpieces of a brush of Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Titian, Malevich and dürer.
  2. Being in Spain, certainly worth a visit and the Reina Sofia Museum, which presents paintings by contemporary artists, as well as imperishable masterpieces of Pablo Picasso, Salvator Dalí and Juan Gris. A real gem of this establishment is rightly believed to be a painting by Pablo Picasso "Guernica" which he created in 1937.
  3. Special attention deserves the Madrid Prado Museum, which carefully preserved the works of great European painters of the period XII-XIX centuries. a Distinctive feature of the Museum is the world's largest collection of Spanish painting, which is composed of several parts. Here you will find a collection of Spanish rulers, the paintings created for the expression of the Church, works of art, which became the property of the Museum, as a gift or purchased with donations.

    CHto posmotret v Ispanii s detmi?
    Today, the Museum is ready to present to the judges more than 7600 paintings, okolo13 000 prints, drawings, 1,000 sculptures, as well as a huge number of historical documents and decorative objects. The area of the Prado Museum is impressive even experienced visitors with the opening of new halls at the moment it is 58 thousand square meters.

The monuments of history

  1. Madrid's Royal Palace. Pass by this majestic building, remaining indifferent is impossible. Being the main symbol of the city and concurrently the most beautiful building of Madrid, the Palace is capable of impressing not only for its architecture and rich interior, but also a unique history and invaluable collections that adorn its premises. Today, the Palace consists of 30 halls, has 44 stairs, and 240 balconies, 870 Windows. In terms of the premises of this building is the largest among similar in Europe.

    On the territory of the main attractions of the city functions the exhibition of Galeria de Pinturas, visiting which you can see the works of the great masters of art: Velazquez, Goya, Caravaggio, etc.

    Madrid's Royal Palace, an official residence of the rulers of Spain. Currently, however, king Juan Carlos I does not live in their apartment, and access to visit open every day, except during official events. The Palace is a unique library, which houses the greatest collection of manuscripts, books, maps, and more. Excites the imagination Armory that contains an unmatched selection of all kinds of weapons, from the XV century to this day. The choice of the visitor to the stewards of the Palace there are two version of the acquaintance with the main attraction of the city: tour guide services, or independent study situation.

  2. Montserrat monastery is the oldest place of residence of the Benedictines in Spain. The building is located in a picturesque area of the mountain, the beauty of which has been a symbol of inspiration for musicians, artists, poets. Each year, Montserrat is visited by millions of pilgrims, travellers and rock climbers who dream to see the world from top of the peak.

    The complex of the monastery dedicated to the blessed mother of God and according to legend, was built in honor of a wooden statuette of the Madonna has a miraculous power. Currently, the building became a convent for 80 servants of the rule of Saint Benedict, humbly spend their days in prayer and labor. A huge number of pilgrims eager to worship "Moreneta" and after visiting the monastery you can enjoy not only the wonderful peace, which gives the atmosphere of the area, but also a wonderful singing boys of the choir name of La Escolania.

  3. Spain will delight fans of good literature. While in Madrid, take time and be sure to visit Alcalu, which is the birthplace of Miguel Cervantes, which is known to be created known even to children, the image of don Quixote, the main fighter against windmills. In addition, the area is famous as the birthplace of the writer, it also operates a University and a Museum named after him. Alkali is known for its "Comedy Theatre" which, currently, is considered the oldest in the world, the institution has been operating for over 400 years and one of its attractions are the old stone flooring, and a secret room-a bed designed for Grand people.

    Excellent alkali kindly provided a place for commemorative photos and video images — a monument to "don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza". Picturesque landscapes, against which can be photographed will remain in the memory of unforgettable days spent in Spain.

Interesting attractions Islands, Spain

Trip to Spain — a lot of exciting moments, each of which is waiting for you not only on the continent but also on the Islands of this amazing country. For example, the island of Tenerife ready to please its visitors beautiful scenic area, which is a huge zoo of loro Parque. If you do not know what to see in Spain with kids — the best place to discover the fauna and flora of the area, just no.

The world-famous Ibiza island welcomes travelers with bright sun, clear sea and velvet sand, and lots of comfortable luxury resorts. However, the most vivid impression on Ibiza give night clubs, and this is confirmed by the millions of rave reviews of tourists.

For history lovers, prepare your mysteries of the island of Gran Canaria and Mallorca, which, along with ancient castles, tourists can enjoy a modern water Park, restaurants and other entertainment.

Poetic, cap de Formentor is a place where the waves meet the coast, which is a famous lighthouse, is presented as the trademark of the island of Mallorca. Fans of the risk there is what to do: lighthouse road runs along the slope of the cliff and is considered quite dangerous for Hiking lifting.

Spectacle with the national colors

No matter how many times you visited Spain, thanks to an incredible number of great places, each visit will be accompanied by new bright impressions and acquaintance with the amazing flavor of this country. And even if you are not a fan of ancient buildings, historical monuments and romantic places, which are abundant in this country, here for a rest.

Those who wish to relax in an environment where contemporary art are harmoniously interwoven and history, it is recommended to visit a professional "Flamenco Show", which is their vocals, rhythm guitar, palms and heels, undoubtedly, will ignite in your heart the fire. Dance, once come from Roma, is the embodiment of the soul of Spain and there is no place better than this.

And, of course, to visit Spain without visiting a bullfight is nonsense! Today, to the delight of tourists, this action ceased to be so cruel and bloody. Visiting a fascinating show, you will likely witness the so-called "good bull", which still involves three elements: human, animal and red Cape of a Matador. Modern concepts are a demonstration of true power and agility, flexibility and agility Torero, which is opposed animal power animal. There the passions, and excitement, and the risk of defeat, but the result of the battle no one dies, which is good news.

Holidays in Spain

Holidays in Spain is the most favorite pastime of local residents who are willing to hold them for any reason, regardless of place of residence. Ready to honor the universal Holy and heavenly patrons, the achievements of world-known compatriots, "stars", all kinds of sporting achievements and much more, the people of this country cordially welcome guests, who are ready to share their joy. And if your trip coincides with any holiday, consider yourself lucky. The Spanish are so welcoming, friendly and hospitable that are striking in their immediacy even Russians. That is why, having plunged into the atmosphere of a holiday you will never forget the kaleidoscope of emotions that will be associated in the future, the real Spain.

Choose a time to visit you will help article on when to go to Spain.