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What to see in Italy: Rome, Venice, Rimini and Florence for 1-2-3 days?

CHto posmotret v Italii?

Visiting Italy is always a feast. Hard to find in Europe a second country, which would be so fond of tourists. No wonder they say that "all roads lead to Rome". With him and begin the wonderful journey through Sunny Italy, full of architectural masterpieces and memorable historic sites on a global scale. So, what to see in Italy?


Rome received the status of "the eternal city" even in pre-Christian times. His second name – "the city on seven hills". What to see in Rome in 3 days? The city has preserved for posterity one of the oldest monuments of ancient culture – the famous Roman Pantheon "Temple of all gods". The inscription on the Pantheon reports who erected this magnificent temple – mark Agrippa, who lived in the first century BC. Military leader, statesman, son of the famous Augustus. Everyone who is coming to the majestic columns of the Pantheon, feels the thrill of his direct involvement in ancient times.

Center for the whole Catholic world, of course, is St. Paul's Cathedral in the Vatican. Millions of pilgrims annually visit this Catholic Shrine. But not only religion is the attractive force of this extraordinary architectural monument. Majestic, fairy-tale beauty of the building with rich interior decoration attracts visitors of all faiths. The entrance to the Cathedral is free and to enjoy the divine grace is available to anyone.

Another, no doubt, recognized by the world community as a symbol of Rome, the monument of pre-Christian culture is the Colosseum. The story of two thousand years is etched in the stone of the Colosseum. And, despite the fact that the current Coliseum is today in a dilapidated condition, its power plunges into the atmosphere of the landmark gladiatorial contests. No wonder the Coliseum is one of the seven new wonders of the world. Still energy of this place a mystical effect on visitors.

Roman Forum – the most amazing sights of the "eternal city". In those days, when Rome was proclaimed a Republic, the Forum was the center of social life of the Romans. And today the ruins, which got the modern inhabitants of the capital of the once grandiose building of the ensemble, shocking in its power and Majesty.

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Roman Forum

The Trevi fountain is an obligatory place for tourists. This unique incredible beauty of the sculptural composition in the world. Stone Neptune, seated in a chariot, made in the form of shells, located in the emerald lake and shakes admiring spectators of the mighty splendor. He is surrounded by his subordinates from the world of the underwater Kingdom, and the whole ensemble is on the background of the Palazzo Poli – the unique beauty of the monument in the Baroque style. Photographed on the background of the Trevi fountain, throwing coins is a long tradition of tourists from all over the world.

Rectangular area, elongated from South to North, called Piazza Navona, was once a market square, where the Romans conducted their brisk trade. Today you can't visit Rome and not visit the famous "fountain of the Four Rivers", designed by "second Michelangelo's" genius of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's marble and travertine. Piazza Navona is the permanent meeting place of the Roman Bohemia. Here, in a cozy coffee shops, talking to musicians and artists, there are crafts fair, where you can buy original Souvenirs.

The most legendary of the seven hills, the world – famous Capitol. He became famous for the grandiose temples built by the Romans in honour of their gods and goddesses. In the center of the square on the Capitoline hill stands the only miraculously preserved to the present day, the sculpture of the pre-Christian era. And at the foot of the hill lies a white stone Palace of Venice, built during the reign of Paul II. Behind the scenes of the Piazza Venezia, where the incredible beauty of the Palace is considered a tourist center of Rome. It is here parked horse-drawn carriages and tourists are offered to take a horse tour of Rome. There is hardly a traveler who can deny myself the pleasure to ride around Rome in a chariot.


Venice is a small Italian town in comparison with modern cities. The population of 65,000 people in some mysterious way manages to host at least 12 million tourists a year. The world's only "city on water". I mean, it's not that little pieces of surface transport – he is not here at all. All movement around the city is by boat or gondola. When you first get to Venice and face this factor and it is a bit shocking. However, walking in Venice is so unusual and delightful that the lack of transport is soon ceases to excite. What to see in Venice for 1 day?

Any more or less educated person at the mention ofVenice instantly arises in mind the phrase "St. Mark's Square". To be in Italy and not visit Venice St Mark's square, an unprecedented mistake. However, judging by the daily number of tourists, there are few who makes it. St. Mark's square is a European tourist Mecca. You know this place, of course, due to the architectural ensemble. But not only that. Doves – here's another symbol of Venice. The manual feeding thousands of pigeons, good-sized chicken is a traditional ritual for visitors to the city.

CHto posmotret v Venecii?

St. Mark's Square

Another symbol of Venice and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Doge's Palace, for many years served as the residence of the rulers of the Republic of Venice. Today it is a Museum and everyone can enjoy a magnificent interior by visiting this unique monument of the era of the Venetian Republic.

Leaving Venice is impossible in any case, not having an evening stroll along the Grand Canal – the famous Grand canal, which divides the city into two parts. The boat ride costs 3 Euro and for this small money travelers are guaranteed to get a great pleasure. The unique beauty of the Venetian bridges, splendid facades is an unforgettable spectacle will be a good end of a visit to Venice.


A small Italian town in the Tuscan region is known to every student in all corners of the planet. Perfect architect Bonanno Pisano about eight years ago, the mistake was in a good way "fatal" for Italy. The famous "Leaning tower", the construction of which took more than two hundred years, is the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Despite the constant attempts of modern designers to "stop the drop" - the prognosis is not good: sooner or later the leaning tower of Pisa will collapse. So hurry tourists to marvel at this one of a kind wonder of the world.

But in fairness, it should say that in Pisa, except the tower is something to see. However, as in any city of Italy. The Cathedral, i.e., the main Cathedral, built in honor of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary and is a much more Grand spectacle than the leaning tower. From the point of view of architecture is a magnificent work of art. There, in the Square of Miracles, is the famous baptistery, dedicated to John the Baptist. The architectural ensemble of the Square of Miracles is the most attractive place for tourists in Pisa, of course, after the famous leaning tower.


Another city of Tuscany – Florence. From the word itself is already breathtaking, after following the city name, the Association is the name, the name of the greatest of the great Leonardo da Vinci. To visit Italy without visiting Florence is just impossible. Florence – a city-Museum, it the air was filled with a great Renaissance, and it seems that today there is a spirit of the great masters. What to see in Florence in 2 days?

The world famous Museum of Florence – the Uffizi gallery. Truly unique and one of a kind, a collection of masterpieces. The architectural complex itself is a Museum treasure, filled with paintings and sculptures by Italian and Dutch masters is the pinnacle of enjoyment for the "connoisseurs of art".

CHto posmotret vo Florencii?

Uffizi gallery

Enjoying the cultural heritage of your ancestors, you can move to the famous Piazzale Michelangelo and enjoy the opening on Florence view. In the center is emblazoned a copy of the immortal work of the great sculptor David, made of bronze. View over Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo – the perfect material for lovers of photography visited beauty.

Those who came on holiday to Italy with the whole family, necessarily the question arises: "What to see in Italy with children?". In Florence for children of preschool and school-age children founded the Museum, he is called "child". The creators of the Museum turned it into a gorgeous old mansion that once belonged to the Medici dynasty. The Museum offers a series of entertainment and educational activities for children ranging from three years and finishing high school. There is a lesson for parents – will not miss anyone.

And in the evening when the city lights up with colorful lights, a favorite pastime of children becomes a famous children's carousel at the Republic Square. Evening light and pleasant music will delight any child.

The Adriatic coast

Sated cultural program, guests can relax on the coasts of the Adriatic. The region of Emilia Romagna is considered one of the most picturesque in Italy. It - "the Italian Adriatic Riviera". The most visited resort town of Rimini. For Russian tourists Rimini is attractive as a solar city with incredible sandy beaches, clear blue water and excellent infrastructure. In Rimini plenty of entertainment and excursions, but in addition a huge exhibition complex, the rendezvous point of Russian businessmen. What to see in Rimini?

Be sure to take children in the famous children's Park Mirabilandia, located between Ravenna and Rimini. 850000square meters of land gave the Italians under the arrangement the best in Italy and one of the best in Europe, the children's town. The Park entrance is decorated in the gates of the medieval castle and from the first minute it becomes clear that these gates are incredible miracles. Mirabilandia is a world in which there are:

  • more than 40 types of different rides
  • modern cinema
  • circus
  • water slides
  • theatre on ice

CHto posmotret v Rimini?

A child of any age will long dwell in the indescribable delight of visiting children's fairy tale city.

In Rimini, despite the fact that this resort area has something to offer to all lovers of antiquity. Those whose rest is solely on the Adriatic coast, there is something to pamper your aesthetic curiosity. First of all there is the city Museum. It is located in a somewhat gloomy, but very solemn building that once belonged to the monks Jesuits. The Museum carefully collected the entire history of the city and its surrounding neighborhoods – from the collection of Roman epigraphy and ending with a section dedicated to famous contemporary local celebrity fashion designer Rene Gruo.

Cellar of the former monastery includes archaeological findings of modern scientists. The artifacts presented in this collection date back to prehistoric times and late antiquity. On the second and third floors of the Museum is a wonderful art gallery, which exhibits paintings by artists working in the period of XIV-XIX centuries There are frescoes and works of pottery. History lovers visit the Museum in Rimini is a real pleasure.

Town square Tre Martiri remembers the speech in the Forum of the Emperor Julius Caesar. Now the Forum has only a few columns of the porticos – the memory of a great commander, who visited Rimini. But in Rimini there is one unusual attraction that will help to comfort all those who have not had the opportunity to tour the cities of Italy. Welcoming Rimini will introduce everyone to the attractions of the whole country in one Park "Italy in miniature".

270 exhibits in this unusual theme Park, acquaint with almost all architectural masterpieces located in Italy. Models Italian made modern masters in 1:25 scale with reliable precision. Excursion in the Park is, perhaps, the whole day. Those who came to soak up to the Adriatic sea on the Golden sand, you can take a guided overview of all of Italy without leaving your beloved Rimini. Isn't it wonderful?