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What to see in Kaliningrad in winter and summer in 3 days?

CHto posmotret v Kaliningrade?

There is in this world of the city beautiful, unique and unique.Kaliningrad (Tvangste, Konigsberg), it is an amazing place, which for many years attracts tourists and attracts the attention of foreign guests. What may be attractive ordinary city of Russia? – you might think. Today we will take you on a little trip to this fascinating corner of Russia. We begin our journey with, that will tell you what to see in Kaliningrad, if you are lucky enough to get here.

Why this city is the most beautiful?

Many have heard that recently the city has repeatedly declared the most beautiful in Russia.

Carried out ratings and surveys were conducted and many studies and they all confirmed the status of Kaliningrad - as unusually beautiful cities of the Russian Federation (2012, 2013 and 2014 year).

Feature of its location is what makes it unique. The vastness of Kaliningrad situated on the banks of the river Pregel, which is rather unusual for the area.

The romantic atmosphere of Kaliningrad

It is justly called romantic, because there are a lot of parks. Each of them is a charming place that was created by nature. Therefore, the first thing we will tell you about the most romantic places of the city parks.

The most visited of all Park "Yunost", which is located between the two biggest streets - street Telmana and Azov. He is the one and only, original and very unusual. Only here there are first dates, I love to walk in love and very often you can meet an elderly couple who once upon a time met each other here. A feature of this area is that every place has its romantic name. Many monuments and special designs created by human hands, has turned the Park "Youth" in a great place for relaxing and walking.

Confirmation of the fact that the Park is the main attraction of the city can serve a multitude of tourists, who freely spend their time here. Often here you can meet newlyweds who "the lovers 'bridge" the castle – a symbol of eternal love. From the point of view of the tourist value,and Park "Youth" in the first place.

 chto posmotret v kaliningrade zimoj

The second largest and most visited Park is no less interesting to visit the Central Park of Culture and Rest. It differs from all others in that walking here is good anytime, but in winter the hotel has a wonderful winter ice-skating rink. There is always a lot of children and young people annually adopts a skating rink and a considerable number of tourists. So the Park called "ice fairy tale", where to go on weekends parents with children. But since the roller may not be a major tourist attraction – we present you the list of the most interesting places on this site:

  • The Church, erected in memory of Queen Louise in the years 1899-1901 (currently it is a functioning puppet theater).
  • The two most famous monument to Vladimir Vysotsky and Baron Munchausen.
  • Unmatched outdoor gazebo.
  • Some amazing architecture and fountains.

chto posmotret v kaliningrade za 3 dnya

So if you get here, you can admire the wide panorama of natural beauty and architectural excellence of the most famous sculptors of the last century.

Is there another place in the city, which is called the Botanical garden of the University of Immanuel Kant, which is located on the territory of the once existed königsberg gardening. Earlier it was the venue for practical training for students, and now is an enchanting place where you can feel not only the beauty of the landscape, but also to see the incredible scenery. Every corner here is more like a sketch artist than on reality. It also remains a unique place where you could take your lessons to the students, but now it has become a favorite place to visit.

In the garden there are:

  • greenhouses;
  • a wide variety of greenhouses;
  • great pond;
  • one nursery of woody plants;
  • extensive collection of grassy areas, woody plants.

The garden is open for visiting and viewing visitors from 1.04 to 31.10 from 10 to 17.00.

Now it is time to find out what to see in Kaliningrad else, in addition to the stunning gardens and parks.

On the territory of Kaliningrad once a very long time has passed a lot of battles, so the city represents an area with a complex history. In this regard, there are many important architectural structures and there are many memorable places. If we continue our tour, then being here is extremely important to visit:

  • Appelscha and Brandenburg gate.
  • The Tower Wrangel.
  • A great and famous Victory Square in Kaliningrad.

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It's completely different, but interesting places. Each of them is the last of the seals that holds all the secrets of the past years.

Going to Kaliningrad, every tourist must know the history of the city, and accurately to define for itself an important place. The assertion that you only need to visit very famous places is wrong, because to see with their own eyes the wealth of the country must every. Next, we will describe each place in order.

Appelscha gate. Amazing design, which in its time was the basis for the security of the whole city. In Kaliningrad the gate to score seven, but only Appelscha managed to withstand all the transformations as a whole and kept his old. In the entire history of existence, they several times changed its purpose: some time they were used as lookout point, later as a chapel, then as a warehouse and a bomb shelter. At present, the city authorities made a solid decision about their restoration, which means that they will be able to delight tourists.

Brandenburg gate (1657). The position of gate – edge Bagration street, they delight the eyes of local residents in its scale. The gate has not lost its purpose and virtually the entire period of existence, remained the main defense of the city. Date of establishment buildings – 1657. It was then that the decision was made to create the most thorough gate in the city. Because they are adjacent to the castle of Brandenburg – and their name was in tune.

In the distant, 1843 legitimize the power of the restoration project, after which, they completely changed its initial, original state. They now share two lanes for vehicles and every time demonstrate passing his greatness. Outwardly of the wall gates are decorated with ornaments and flowers that turned them into unique piece of architectural excellence of the new time.

Tower Wrangell. Again, the story dictated to the designers of the building all the parameters. This building is not like others, because many years was a protective variant of the castle. Created in the distant 1853 the tower was named after the famous chief of the Prussian field Marshal, who then, in those old days, was the chief of the famous cuirassiers. The tower is 12 meters with a diameter of 34 meters, a fairly complex architectural design survived for over 200 years.

chto posmotret v kaliningrade za 1 den

The amazing historical fact proving that the design of the ideal is the fact that in times of war, it has not been destroyed. In modern times, the tower Wrangel is entertainment and historical centres, are allowed and available to look traditional, very interesting and spectacular jousting battles. In addition, for children and adults are given the opportunity to visit a very strange and stylized cafes. Inside the structure is located and very modern shops and boutiques where you can buy amazing handmade Souvenirs. Address - street of Professor Baranova 2A.

Victory square in Kaliningrad.As expected, its territory covers the Central part of the city. In comparison with other Central areas of Russia, it is not the biggest. Here is the main transportation hub, dozens of important agencies and organizations and the main Orthodox Cathedral of Kaliningrad - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The name she got after the events of the Second world war, and carries it to the present time. In the years of reconstruction, with three fountains and a magnificent triumphal column, which is always identified with the Alexander, located in the city of St. Petersburg. Now under the area of the square is laid railway tunnel, which ends at the North station. In General, the Central Square is an example of original architecture of the city of Kaliningrad.

This list allows you to see exactly what to see in Kaliningrad in 3 days regarding a longer period to Supplement it with visits to the most exotic, mysterious areas in the city.

Mysterious and fascinating corners of Kaliningrad

What is "Drunken trees"? Many who managed to visit this wonderful place will always remember those feelings that I felt. Perhaps he will not leave you a special impression, but will definitely be able to please. It is located on the protected Curonian spit. It is a charming and mysterious place gives the answer, what to see in Kaliningrad in winter, because its charm is evident in the cold season. Why? – Everything is simple, there are dozens of rather strange, spirally twisted pine trees in the snow sameth look superb. The mystery of the forest is not known today, but its uniqueness is confirmed.

Many wish to visit this wonderful place, so how in the world anything like that anymore. An amazing feature of the forest and that it is always cold. The air temperature in the territory and outside is always different, it is impossible to explain from the point of view of science.

chto posmotret v kaliningrade

The third Fort is the best place for filming a movie is also not the usual place. In Kaliningrad there are more than 11, but thishas a list of wonderful events and quirky stories. Maybe they are all legends and could actually. Since there is no evidence that it gives you the opportunity to experience the mystique.

Here were hundreds of shots of Soviet and foreign films that only add to the popularity of the place. Once here were found the treasures and the treasures, many museums have values that were found here. Now, many say that the Fort is shrouded in age-old history and find something interesting perhaps that is why many people visit a local attraction of interest, others for money. In any case, to walk through this construction it is necessary, because it is curious and very extreme.

Depending on what is of interest to you - you can go in the great and beautiful Kaliningrad. Perhaps you are intrigued by puzzles, and maybe more like to visit parks and squares, but in any case, you now know what to see in Kaliningrad.

chto posmotret v kaliningrade zimoj

Useful tips

Before to complete our journey, we should say that the city is really unusual. Go here just for one day, unfortunately, does not make sense. To see the most interesting places you will not have time, and therefore it is better to create the most complete and informative tour for yourself. In principle, three days may be enough if to make a list of important places to clarify the address. As befits a tourist, you should have your personal plan of visits and activities which follow.
Recall that the city is divided into three major administrative districts:

  • Leningrad;
  • Moscow;
  • Central.

Tip # 1

When you arrive in Kaliningrad will definitely buy a map, on which are marked all the sights of the city and region.

Tip # 2

Make schedule visits to museums and cathedrals, and castles were opened to the public.

Tip # 3

Don't forget to choose where in between excursions, you can taste delicious dishes from local chefs.

Tip # 4

Remember that the tour and the trip is considered successful, where you have time to see all of the impressive places and to understand that each city is a unique story, this unique place is a part of life of great Russia.