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What to see in Munich in 2 days or 3 days?

CHto posmotret v Munhene za 2 dnya?

In Munich there are numerous memorable places, architecture, museums and cultural values. In order fully to enjoy them, not enough for the month. We will try to highlight the most basic of them and to answer the question: what to see in Munich in 2 days?

This city with a population of almost half a million in Germany , the third largest after Berlin and Hamburg. It is the capital of Bavaria.

In the minds of most of us Munich is synonymous with beer brewing. And not in vain, because he has been famous for the best Breweries, which provide the world's biggest festival - beer festival Oktoberfest, held in Munich annually.

Advanced brewing – only a small fraction of that can boast the capital of Bavaria. Many tourists consider Munich the most interesting European city in terms of entertainment, shopping, cultural events, but first and foremost - sites.

The trip to Munich: day one

On the first day guests can visit a wealth of attractions squares of Munich – Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz, and visit located betweenequi Frauenkirche, the Church of St. Peter and the Bavarian national Museum. If time permits, should visit the hofbräuhaus beer hall or the Viktualienmarkt. To finish the first day with a hike in the national theatre.


To start exploring the city is the Central square Marienplatz. Our tourists call it "Maria square". Here are several interesting architectural structures:

  • column Mariensaule,
  • fountain Fischbrunnen,
  • Old and New town hall.

Marble column of the virgin Mary (Mariensaule) is the Central topographic point of Munich and can say that the heart of the city. It is crowned with a gilded bronze sculpture of the virgin with the child Jesus.

Fischbrunnen fountain, decorated with bronze figures – the oldest in the city. It was built in the 14th century, but since then he altered several times. This fountain is called Fishing, because before him was placed around the fish shop and the market. There is a tradition to rinse in the fountain empty wallets in order that they rather was filled.

New town hall – the most beautiful building in the square. It is built in neo-Gothic style. Tourists can climb to the observation deck of the 85-metre town hall tower and enjoy the gorgeous city views from the height of bird flight.

The old town hall was formerly a seat of the city government. Now this building is the toy Museum. When the clock struck in the tower of Old town hall, tourists are always watched with interest as the figures are rotated under the bells, pretending to joust.

 CHto posmotret v munhene za 3 dnya?


Vintage square Odeonsplatz underground station also attracts tourists. Here are situated the wonderful masterpieces of architecture - the Church of Theatinerkirche, loggia Feldherrnhalle Palace complex the Residence and the famous café Munich Tambosi.

Luxurious yellow building topped with a copper roof towers and a magnificent dome, immediately attracts the eyes of tourists. His completely white interior, similar to the intricacy of lace, leaves no one indifferent. This is Teatinerkirhe (Holy Trinity Cathedral) - one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Munich. It is built in the style of the Italian late Baroque.

An exact copy of the Florentine Loggia dei Lanzi the Loggia Feldherrnhalle is like a piece of Italy within Germany.

Its second name - arcade generals. On the front stairs of the tourist meet the majestic stone lions. The figures of generals Tilly and Wrede, made of gunmetal, and the monument to the Bavarian army are reminded of the victories of the Bavarian troops.

The Palace the Palace complex is a Grand monument of architecture. It is located opposite Theatinerkirche. Here lived the Dukes and kings of Bavaria. The Residence buildings combine beautiful courtyards, and the outside stretches the court garden Hofgarten. Numerous halls amaze with their wealth. Of particular interest are a Treasure trove of Royal regalia and jewelry, a chapel with a mosaic of semiprecious stones and with the miniatures.

Grab a bite to eat in the oldest and yet most popular of the Munich café Tambosi. The building is made in Venetian style. The tables in Tambosi almost always busy. Tourists are attracted by the hearty Bavarian cuisine and affordable prices.

The Frauenkirche

The late Gothic Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary (Frauenkirche) impresses with its size – it can hold up to 20 thousand people. Two majestic 99-meter tower of the Cathedral, surmounted by a green dome, like a huge follicles, are the hallmark of the city. On one of the towers has an observation deck. In the walls of the Frauenkirche priceless works of art.

See in this video the main sights of Munich:

St. Peter's Church

The oldest operating temple of Munich - the Church of St. Peter, popularly known as "Alter Peter" ("Old Peter"). St. Peter forthe Munich congregation is the epitome of papal authority. His sculpture is set on a majestic Gothic Church altar. Breaking the nearly 300 steps, visitors can climb to the observation deck of the 92-meter-high belfry of St. Peter. It offers a gorgeous view of the city.

Bavarian national Museum

In the Bavarian national Museum you can get acquainted with cultural-historical treasures of Bavaria, masterpieces of painting and sculpture. Here are the collections of porcelain, watches, textiles, ivory carvings and precious metals. The Museum has become world famous thanks to the largest collection of Nativity scenes - sculptures history with the manger in the stable.


Hofbräuhaus beer hall is located a few steps from Marienplatz. It is the oldest Brasserie. Built in the early 17th century, for two centuries it was the Royal brewery. The restaurant has several rooms, open area, a beer garden, and can accommodate 4 thousand visitors.


Old food market, Viktualienmarkt is an extraordinary colorful place of huge proportions, where you can feel the flavor of Bavaria. Passages, fountains and benches with Munich delicacies brought from farms, make a stroll through the market is very exciting.

National theatre

A visit to the National theatre Munich is a worthy end of the first day. This is one of the best theatres in the world. It is the main venue of the Bavarian state Opera and ballet. Here was presented to the audience the masterpieces of Wagner and Strauss. In our days on this stage Shine the stars of Opera and ballet of the world class, famous composers and conductors.

The theater building was created in the image of the Paris Odeon in the classic style of a Greek temple. The facade is decorated with a colonnade and a sculptural composition on the porch. Luxurious room has a capacity of 2 thousand spectators.

The trip to Munich: day two

The second day should be devoted to the visit phorse Station, three Pinakothek, the English garden, the columns of Friedensengel and German Museme.


Modernity, neo-classicism and antiquity combine the incredibly beautiful square of Königsplatz (Royal square). Here are the Propylaea gate square, copied from the entrance to the temple on the Acropolis, the Museum and the building of collections of antiquities from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. The area impresses with monumentality and Majesty of the buildings.


Pinakothek der Moderne, Old and New Pinakothek are the three picture gallery of world significance, which must be visited by every connoisseur of painting. They are located in the Museum quarter area of the arts.

In these galleries are paintings of famous artists since the middle ages and the present day. In the Old Pinakothek contains such absolute masterpieces as:

  • a self-portrait of dürer,
  • Rubens,
  • Van Dyck,
  • Portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour (Boucher),
  • The Lamentation Of Christ (Poussin),
  • Susanna and the elders (van Dyck),
  • The Golden age (the Cranes)
  • The Crucifixion (Cranach),
  • The Lamentation Of Christ (Botticelli),
  • The vision of Saint Bernard (Perugino),
  • Madonna and child (Da Vinci),
  • The Land Of Cockaigne (Bruegel),
  • The seven joys of virgin Mary (Memling).

English garden

Relax on the second day of the trip in Munich can be a huge English garden, which stretches along the river ISAR. It covers an area of about 4 sq km and is one of the world's largest parks. This name he received because of used when designing the style of an English natural landscape Park.

 CHto posmotret v munhene zimoj?

Rich in fish major lake Kleinhesselohe with three Islands divides the Park into two parts – the busy South and the quieter North. Walking in the English Park, it is impossible to lose sight of the most beautiful streams, Japanese tea house and historic sights such as the Chinese tower, Monomer, Rampagious. The Park has beer gardens and meadows where you can sunbathe in the Nude.

Column Friedensengel

The majestic 38-meter-high column Friedensengel (angel of Peace) was built to commemorate the victory of Germany in the German-French war. On top of it "hovers" a gilded statue of the goddess of victory, Nike. Friedensengel, in addition, is another excellent viewpoint.

German Museum

Tourists should not look at the world's largest Museum of science and technology – Munich German Museum. There are more than 28 thousand exhibits and presents over 50 areas of science. If conventional museums the visitor is a spectator, in the Deutsches Museum, the visitor is an active participant in scientific experiments. Here are allowed to touch many of the exhibits.

The corridors of the Museum stretches for 19 kilometers, so a full inspection can not be considered. Tourists should study the plan and choose to visit only the most interesting rooms.

A trip to Munich for 3 days

What to see in Munich in 3 days? Compared to a two-day tour with one extra day gives the opportunity to visit more distant from the center, but no less interesting sights of the city. Depending on personal preference you can choose from three tour options for day three:

  • BMW Museum and Olympic tower
  • Botanical garden
  • PalaceNymphenburg
  • zoo District

The BMW Museum

In the building of the BMW Welt is the BMW Museum. Here are all ever released (and not even released in the series) cars. In the World of the BMW you can ride on the simulators of modern BMW models. Nearby BMW factories.

Olympic tower

Built before the Olympics-72, the Olympic tower is located in the eponymous Park in the North of Munich. The height of the tower 291 metres, a thickness of 40 meters. It is equipped with high-speed Elevator that takes tourists to a height of 190 meters to the panoramic viewpoints of the city.

They say that with the Olympic tower in good weather you can even see the Alps. The Olympic Park is also a huge modern stadium, swimming pool and skating rink.

Nymphenburg Palace

The luxurious Palace complex in Munich half a kilometer wide– is the former summer residence of the monarchs of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Tourists can visit the museums of carriages, porcelain, nature. Of particular interest are the Gallery of beauties, the Tapestry room, Heraldic room, Chinese lacquer Cabinet.

 CHto posmotret v munhene s detmi?

Picturesque forest and the gorgeous Nymphenburger Park with a huge water channel, cascades and small lakes cause unprecedented admiration.

Botanical garden

New Botanical garden - a beautiful Park area, which merges with the Park of Nymphenburg. This is one of the richest gardens of Germany. It combines conifer-deciduous forest, a collection of southern trees, ferns and rhododendrons. The garden features a collection of wood, water, Alpine, exotic plants from around the world. Also, there are departments of conventional agricultural plants. Only here there are about 14 thousand plants.

Zoo District

On the right Bank of the river ISAR surrounded by extensive meadows. This place is a nature reserve. Here is located the largest European zoo District. The world's first geo-zoo. It was opened in 1911.

Animal welfare here are as close to their natural environment. The territory of the zoo with an area of 39 hectares is divided into areas corresponding to the continents. 18 thousand representatives of the fauna of the nearly 700 species are distributed in the respective zones.

The most memorable places Hellabrunn – the elephant house, tropical house, aquarium, pavilion of bats. The opportunity to feed and touch some of the animals leads the children in delight. Also at the zoo produce public feeding of the tigers, penguins, owls, piranhas. Elephants perform gymnastic exercises, and seals perform tricks. A visit to the zoo is a real event where you might spend the whole day.

When is the best time to go to Munich?

The best time to visit the Bavarian capital to see the sights - spring and summer. Tourists will appreciate the flowering gardens and stunning fountains in Munich. At their disposal – the city of lakes, pools, large parks and lawns with the fresh lush green grass where you can lie down to relax or a mini-picnic. In the warm time of year on the Königsplatz square hosts concerts and movie screenings under the open sky.

Autumn Munich is a wonderful diversity and brightness of natural colors. Especially beautiful in the autumn an English Park. However, the city attracts most tourists is not the scenery of Golden autumn, and the famous beer festival Oktoberfest, which is held in late September - early October. In this fun involved and Bavarians and tourists from around the world. During the festival the city is Packed, and prices in hotels off. Therefore, tourists are not aiming to visit this festival, better to choose another time to visit the capital of Bavaria.

In the cold season, Munich is also very interesting. What to see in Munich in the winter? Almost all the same as in the summer, plus the opportunity to ski, skate, sledge. In the run up to Christmas (advent) before the New city hall for many years set a luxurious tree, and the city is decorated with incredibly beautiful Christmas lights. December – the time of the Christmas markets and fairs. The largest of them – at Marienplatz. Tourists can feel the bustling atmosphere of the holiday, even if spend here a few hours.

 CHto posmotret v munhene za odin den?

Winter in Bavaria are usually not particularly cold and summers are not very hot. So tourists can enjoy the sights of Munich at any time of the year, and the trip is sure to be interesting and will bring only positive emotions.